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Launch Event FrameMaker 10 Overview

  1. Users can access from Framemaker interface all the core CMS functions such as upload, check-in/out, versioning and labeling
  2. Extensive dependency management capabilities for DITA as well FM book formats
  3. Identify and upload dependencies
  4. Show dependencies in the repository view
  5. Batch publishing enables an admin to schedule multiple tasks at the same time
  6. Opening and saving a file
  7. Accessing basic objects and their properties
  8. Scripts involving events
  9. Registering for events using scripts
  10. Suppressing alerts
  11. Creating dialogs using ScriptUI
  12. Creating FrameMaker dialogs
  13. Communicating between TCS products
  14. Modifying an image in PhotoShop from FM
  15. Utility script