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Collaborating for STEM Education, Research and Commercialization Forum VII master slide deck

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These slides were presented at the 8th annual Collaboration for STEM Education, Research and Commercialization Forum at the University of Notre Dame, March 1 2014.

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Collaborating for STEM Education, Research and Commercialization Forum VII master slide deck

  1. 1. Forum VII master slide deck Jordan Hall of Science March 1, 2014
  2. 2. Research Education Elements of STEM Community
  3. 3. Research Education Segregated elements of STEM Community K-12
  4. 4. Integrating STEM Community Research Education NDQC NISMEC NDeRC RE(HS,U,T)
  5. 5. Integrated STEM Community Research Education Commerce
  6. 6. Programs that integrate STEM Community Education ESTEEM enFocus MSTCi Innovation & Ignition Parks PLTW Internships W FD CommerceResearch NDQC NISMEC NDeRC RE(HS,U,T)
  7. 7. Project Lead The Way is the nation’s leading provider of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.
  8. 8. Our mission is to prepare students for the global economy.
  9. 9. Why PLTW? Why now? The United States ranks 17th in science achievement; 25th in math ability out of 65 countries.1 By 2018… – STEM jobs will grow by 17 percent2 – 1.2 million STEM jobs will go unfilled3
  10. 10. How do we prepare students to have the right skills and the right interests to fill those 1.2 million jobs and close the United States’ skills gap?
  11. 11. Engage their minds and their interest early.
  12. 12. …through rigorous, relevant learning. Hands-on learning Real-worl d problem solving Dedicated , passionat e teachers Open-en ded problems
  13. 13. It’s what Project Lead The Way does on a regular basis. We engage students’ minds while inspiring their interest in STEM subjects through hands-on learning and real-world problem solving. Here’s how.
  14. 14. Preparing Students For the Global Economy
  15. 15. World-Class Curriculum Our curriculum is developed and consistently reviewed and improved by: • PLTW teachers • University educators • Industry experts • School administrators
  16. 16. World-Class Curriculum • All PLTW curriculum is activity-, project-, problem-based. • PLTW curriculum aligns with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.
  17. 17. PLTW’s curriculum creates a classroom experience unlike any other.
  18. 18. PLTW offers a K-12 solution through five programs of study.
  19. 19. Launch Students decide as early as second and third grade whether they like, and think they are good at, math and science.  We need to reach them first.
  20. 20. Launch Topic-based modules engage students in design problems, collaboration, analysis, problem solving, and computational thinking.
  21. 21. Gateway Challenging, inspiring, and flexible, the PLTW Gateway program engages students’ natural curiosity and imagination through creative problem solving.
  22. 22. Gateway Independent units: • Design and Modeling • Automation and Robotics • Energy and Environment • Flight and Space • Green Architecture • Science of Technology • Magic of Electrons • Medical Detectives
  23. 23. Engineering Collaborative, rigorous, and relevant, PLTW Engineering students solve open-ended problems; learn and apply the engineering design process; and develop teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills.
  24. 24. Engineering Courses: • Introduction to Engineering Design • Principles Of Engineering • Digital Electronics • Aerospace Engineering • Biotechnical Engineering • Civil Engineering and Architecture • Computer Integrated Manufacturing • Engineering Design and Development • *New in 2014: Computer Science and Software Engineering
  25. 25. Biomedical Science Students play the roles of biomedical professionals as they investigate and study the concepts of human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and public health.
  26. 26. Biomedical Science Courses: • Principles of the Biomedical Sciences • Human Body Systems • Medical Interventions • Biomedical Innovations
  27. 27. High-quality professional development prepares teachers to get students engaged in STEM.
  28. 28. High-quality professional development for teachers • Three phases: – Readiness training – Core training – Ongoing training • Conducted in partnership with approximately 50 colleges and universities across the country. • More than 3,500 teachers trained in summer 2013.
  29. 29. PLTW partners with leading corporations, philanthropic organizations, and educational institutions.
  30. 30. An engaged network of partners
  31. 31. So, does it work? YES. PLTW students achieve significantly higher scores in reading, mathematics, and science, and in some cases, have the opportunity to receive college credit.
  32. 32. So, does it work? PLTW alumni study engineering and technology in greater numbers than the national average, with a higher retention rate in college engineering, science, and related programs than non-PLTW students.
  33. 33. So, does it work? “We need to cultivate, nurture that (STEM) interest early, and that’s what Project Lead The Way does…It does it with the nuts and bolts of teaching.” -William Bennett, U.S. Secretary of Education, 1985-1988 “If I had to say what got our name out there as a school, it would be Project Lead The Way. I don’t understand why schools would not use Project Lead The Way. The curriculum is there. The training is there. It’s extensive. It’s detailed. The success we’ve had here at Toppenish is in large part due to our relationship with Project Lead The Way. -Trevor Greene, principal, Toppenish High School, Washington “We’ve been very, very impressed by both the quality of the materials and the training they’re able to provide to educators.” —Tim Fliss, Vice President of Human Resources, Bemis Company
  34. 34. We continue to improve. Every day. PLTW follows a continuous improvement model. Teachers can expect to see improvements in course material each year. New, future-reaching programs and delivery models are constantly in development.
  35. 35. America’s STEM Solution Nearly 6,000 programs More than 5,000 schools more than 10,500teachers trained 100sof partners
  36. 36. Unpublished work © 2013 Project Lead The Way, Inc. PLTW LAUNCH AMAZING DISCOVERIES START HERE 39
  37. 37. Unpublished work © 2013 Project Lead The Way, Inc. KINDERGARTEN 40
  38. 38. Unpublished work © 2013 Project Lead The Way, Inc. FIRST GRADE 41
  39. 39. Unpublished work © 2013 Project Lead The Way, Inc. SECOND GRADE 42
  40. 40. Unpublished work © 2013 Project Lead The Way, Inc. THIRD GRADE 43 IN PROGRESS!
  41. 41. Unpublished work © 2013 Project Lead The Way, Inc. FOURTH GRADE 44
  42. 42. Unpublished work © 2013 Project Lead The Way, Inc. FIFTH GRADE/LASALLE ACADEMY 45
  43. 43. Riley High School Technology and Engineering Magnet
  44. 44. Introduction to Engineering Design – Train Tutorial Students create a model train from a set of drawings provided by the teacher.
  45. 45. Principles of Engineering-Marble Sorter • Students are given 3 different colored marbles and must use fischertechniks to sort them by color.
  46. 46. POE – Student Work • Marble sorter programming o Students must program their marble sorter to perform the sort automatically when marbles are dropped into the hopper
  47. 47. Digital Electronics Date of Birth • Students design and build solutions to electronic problems • Students study Boolean logic and apply it to electronic solutions
  48. 48. Civil Engineering and Architecture - Commercial Project • Design a 10,000 sq. ft. Building • Calculate o Heat Loss o Water Pressure o Size Structural Steel o Rainwater Runoff Pre and Post Development • Soil Analysis • Percolation Test • Renderings
  49. 49. Engineering Design and Development - Senior Design • Students design a solution to “Gee I hate it when….” and “I wish that this product would…” • Students follow a design process throughout the school year to design and prototype their solution
  50. 50. Engineering Equipment • Z-Corp Rapid Prototyping Machine • Dimension Rapid Prototyping Machine • Universal Laser Engraver • Mill • Lathe • 42” wide full color printer • Color Laser Printer • Structural Stress Analyzer • Extensive Fischertechniks equipment • Breadboards and electronic equipment • Auto-Level – for surveying • Soil Sieves – for soil analysis
  51. 51. Music Together®
  52. 52. Positive Parenting Program
  53. 53. High-Quality Pre-School
  54. 54. PAX Good Behavior Game
  55. 55. STEAM
  56. 56. “Early College High School” Initiative
  57. 57. HEA Stackable Curriculum
  58. 58. HEA Lifelong Learning Literacies
  59. 59. HEA Business-Education Roundtable Visit a school... Visit a Business... Roundtable Discussion
  60. 60. 73 OrthoWorx and STEM Education March 1, 2014 Brad Bishop, Executive Director
  61. 61. Key Products Designed and Manufactured in Our Region The Warsaw-based orthopedic cluster Shoulder replacement Hip replacement Knee replacement Trauma/fracture and spine products
  62. 62. Direct Kosciusko County Employment: 6,800 Indirect Employment: 6,200 >>43% of county employment Why We Exist
  63. 63. 76 The Warsaw-based orthopedic cluster
  64. 64. • Average Wage per Medical Device Jobs and All Jobs, 2009 Orthopedic Industry Wages
  65. 65. • Biomet • DePuy • Zimmer • Paragon Medical • BioCrossroads • Grace College • Kosciusko County Community Foundation • Lakeland Financial and Lake City Bank • Medtronic • Symmetry Medical • City of Warsaw • Kosciusko County • Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership OrthoWorx Members 78
  66. 66. • Education and Talent Development • Community Enhancement • Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Transportation and Logistics • Branding and Awareness OrthoWorx Initiatives 79
  67. 67. A Focus on STEM Education • Funding for orthopedic/life sciences curriculum at Warsaw Washington Elementary STEM Academy • “Moving STEM Forward” plan to drive STEM education into all elementary grades at all WCS schools; will include a Mobile STEM Laboratory • STEM Mentor position 80 Education Initiative
  68. 68. A Focus on STEM Education • Project Lead The Way Regional Partnership • CELL/EWIN grant collaboration with WorkOne, Ivy Tech, Warsaw Area Career Center and KEDCo • Regional Works Council efforts to develop innovative CTE pathways 81 Education Initiative
  69. 69. Talent Development Ivy Tech OAMTC – OrthoWorx Advanced Manufacturing Committee • Orthopedic Quality Standards and Technical Skills Certificate Program • NIMS Certification • Incorporation into industry 82 OAMTC
  70. 70. Talent Development OrthoWorx Center of Excellence at Grace College • Orthopedic Regulatory & Clinical Affairs (ORCA) Graduate Program • New program in Medical Device Quality Management—Certificate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels University | Industry Advisory Board 83
  71. 71. 84
  72. 72. Add people; stir vigorously
  73. 73. Elements of STEM Community
  74. 74. A Vibrant STEM Community Education PLTW Internships W FD NDQC NDeRC RE(HS,U,T) Innovation & Ignition Parks ESTEEM enFocus MSTCi Research Commerce
  75. 75. Everybody who does anything with us comes to a Forum
  76. 76. Over time, we’re building a good ember bed of collaborators
  77. 77. We need some really good network maps (sociograms)