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Travel Leaders - Travel Management Overview

  1. - - Packaged Business Travel Solutions Program
  2. - - Travel Management Overview for :
  3. Travel Leaders Group Businesses - -
  4. Company Benefits Benefits to the Company as a Whole Include: - - Service to Company Benefit to the Company Simple Fee Structure No guessing, no nickel and diming Registration into Vendor Loyalty Programs Accrue savings, free travel and upgrades for air, hotel and car rental Customer Care Desk Ensures your travelers are satisfied VIP Priority Telephone Desk Provides your VIPS with “extra” care Traveler Locator Capabilities Know where employees are at all times Discounted Hotel Program Savings of up to 40% at over 24,000 hotels Monthly Management Reporting Used for budgeting, forecasting and vendor negotiations E-Ticket Management Identify unused e-tickets for future travel
  5. Savings Additional Savings Opportunities: Through management reporting, travel policy compliance will be identified and areas for change in travel patterns and traveler behavior can be realized, resulting in further cost containment. - - Area for Savings Percentage Domestic Air Savings 2% - 5% International Air Savings 10% - 40% Hotel Savings 20%-40% Car Rental Savings 10%-20% Unused E-Ticket Recovery 3% - 5%
  6. REPORTS – Air Activity - -
  7. REPORTS – Management Summary - -
  8. REPORTS – Monthly Executive Summary - -
  9. Why Partner with Travel Leaders? - - CUSTOMER SERVICE High touch, high quality, customer service driven attitude EXPERIENCE Highly experienced and diverse personnel, with a low turnover rate of employees LEADERSHIP Attentive, hands-on management COST MANAGEMENT Proven cost-savings experience and cost avoidance programs TECHNOLOGY Utilization of industry technology, with proprietary development of customized solutions where existing technologies don’t exist

Notas do Editor

  1. © [2005] Carlson Travel Group, Inc. There are many benefits to using an online booking tool and these are just a few. The site can be customized based on your needs, travel policy and hierarchy. Almost any situation can be accounted for whether it’s a group of rogue travelers that need to have all travel authorized or if it’s a group of executive management that gets to fly business class domestically and first class on flights over 6 hours. No matter the situation we will work with you to design a solution to fit – should it be technological, a manual process or a combination of both.
  2. © [2005] Carlson Travel Group, Inc. Any time you are changing the way travelers do things, the only way to get the kind of adoption you want, is to communicate what’s in it for them. These are some direct benefits they will see using an online booking tool. The product we are offering you will allow travelers a 24/7, user-friendly booking tool with the flexibility for them to easily define parameters without disregarding company policy or preferences.