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Feminism And Libraries

  1. Image: Playbill for The New Woman (1894) by Sydney Grundy. From the Sally Fox Collection. Feminism and Libraries
  2. Feminism is, at its simplest, the belief that women should have equal access to the resources that are available to men. Librarians have a unique opportunity to recognize and support social movements that attempt to level the playing field for disadvantaged groups.
  3. Feminism in the ALA Feminist Task Force --Founded in 1970 to address issues of sexism in libraries and librarianship. Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship --Monitors issues of discrimination involving pay and resources Amelia Bloomer Project --Recognizes children’s literature that challenges gender stereotypes and promotes strong female characters
  4. ACRL Women's Studies Section The mission: "To discuss, promote, and support women's studies collections and services in academic and research libraries." The WSS provides links to: •  Archives •  Collections •  Databases •  Related Organizations
  5. Sophia Smith Collection •  Founded in 1942 •  Collections include primary documents from the Suffrage movement and women's labor history through contemporary feminist movements •  Digital collections and exhibits including the Population and Reproductive Health Oral History Project
  6. Schlesinger Library •  Founded in 1943 with the donation of Radcliffe alumna Maud Wood Park's collection of Suffrage memorabilia •  Archives include the papers of Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the records of NOW •  Culinary collection including the papers of MFK Fisher and Julia Child and the archives of Radcliffe, 1879-1999
  7. Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture •  Permanently endowed in 1993 as part of Duke's Special Collections library •  Focus is on Southern women, girl culture, church women, women authors and publishers, women of color •  Zine collection created in 2000 featuring over 4,000 zines mostly published from 1985 to 2005
  8. Additional Resources Radical Reference: Answers for those who question authority Revolting Librarians Redux: Radical Librarians Speak Out Progressive Librarians Guild