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Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing
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Social Media Marketing

  3. 3. Examples of social mediaINTRODUCTION Social media “describes a variety of new sources of online information that are created, initiated, circulated and used by consumers intent on educating each other about products, brands, services, personalities, and issues”. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation Social media are also referred to as Web 2.0, consumer- generated media, citizen media and new media. Quirk eMarketing, 2015  Social network (Facebook)  Content creation/Social Streaming (Youtube)  Social Forum (Tinhte)  Social customer services (Firm’s community) SOCIAL MEDIA MAJOR CHANELS Social Media Blackshow & Nazzaro, 2004 o Social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Faceparty) o Creativity works sharing sites: o Video sharing sites (YouTube) o Photo sharing sites (Flickr) o Music sharing sites (Jamendo.com) o Content sharing combined with assistance (Piczo.com) o General intellectual property sharing sites (Creative Commons) o User-sponsored blogs (The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Cnet.com) o Company-sponsored websites/blogs (Apple.com, P&G’s Vocalpoint) o Company-sponsored cause/help sites (Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, click2quit.com) o Invitation-only social networks (ASmallWorld.net) o Business networking sites (LinkedIn) o Collaborative websites (Wikipedia) Virtual worlds (Second Life) o Commerce communities (eBay, Amazon.com, Craig’s List, iStockphoto, Threadless.com) o Podcasts (‘‘For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report’’) News delivery sites (Current TV) o Educational materials sharing (MIT OpenCourseWare, MERLOT) o Open Source Software communities (Mozilla’s spreadfirefox.com, Linux.org) o Social bookmarking sites allowing users to recommend online news stories, music, videos, etc. (Digg, del.icio.us, Newsvine, Mixx it, Reddit) Blackshow & Nazzaro, 2004
  4. 4. Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn allow users to create personal profiles and then interact with their connections by sharing media, sending messages and blogging. YouTube may be the first content-creation (sharing) site that comes to mind, but users share images, audio and other media, too. Content creations site include image, audio, video and blog/microblog.. Key trends & number 2015 o 1:4 (28%) minutes spent on the internet is on a social network (and content creation). o people now have accounts on 5.39 social networks and are actively using 2.75 of them. o Facebook still has the most members (82%) and active users (42%) o Facebook is the “coolest” platform for Internet users. Youtube is the “coolest” platform for teens, Instagram is the second. > 1.5 BILLION SOCIAL NETWORK USERS GLOBALLY 2015 Monthly active users Simply Measured, Aug 2015. GROWTH IN ACTIVE USERS DURING LAST YEAR Global Web Index, Q1, 2015 Social Network & Content Creation Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  5. 5. VIETNAMESE ON FACEBOOK 2015 Vietnamese Facebook users spend more time on the network than any other website every month. They spend about 2.5 hours on the platform every day. This is equivalent to twice the amount of time they spend on TV and at least one hour more than activities on other media. Number of Facebook User by time Moore Corp, Mar 2015. Facebook in Viet Nam TNS, Fer 2015.
  6. 6. PROMOTION ROLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA Social media has two interrelated promotional roles in the marketplace. o enables companies to talk to their customers o enables customers to talk to one another (new communication) Social media also enables customers to talk to companies, however, this role is market research-related rather than promotion-related. “Conventional marketing wisdom has long held that a dissatisfied customer tells 10 people. But that is out of date. In the new age of social media, he or she has the tools to tell 10 million consumers virtually overnight”. Gillin, The new Influencers, 2007 Social Media’s hybrid role in Promotion mix But that is out of day! Example: Starbucks Employee Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation THINKING ABOUT COMMUNICATION PROCESS Traditional: the content, frequency, timing, and medium of communication are dictated by firm (and paid agents, such as ads agency). New: information about products and services also originates in the marketplaces. This information is based on the experience of individual consumers.
  7. 7. New Communication Model Blackshow & Nazzaro, 2004 Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  8. 8. DEFINITION Occurs when a product’s customers create and disseminate online ideas about product – text, video, photo, or music. 3 key characteristics: o Contribution by users of product o Creative in nature o Posted online/accessible Trust in advertising – Global consumers Nielsen, 2013 o 84% of customers trust recommendations from people they know o 68% trust consumer opinions posted online o 62% trust ads on TV o 48% trust ads on Social networks o 42% trust online banner ads o 37% trust text ads on mobile phones USER GENERATED CONTENT Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation What motivates consumers to write a product review? Benefits of UGC o Low cost promotion – Product sale – Keep content fresh
  10. 10. Marketing Strategy Production Orientation (Product-centric) Marketing Orientation (Customer-centric) Experience Orientation Persuade customer to want what firm has Persuade firm offer what the customer wants Manage customer’s entire experience with firm Generic Product Differentiated Product/service Experiential value Lowest cost Customer knowledge Quality & Service Customer as co-creator of value Competitive Advantage Market Offers Market share Customer share Customer loyalty Buzz, W-o-m, Referrals Profitability Drivers Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  11. 11. Introduction Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the way of promoting a website, brand or business by interacting with or attracting the interest of current or prospective customers through the channels of social media. SMM is primarily internet-based but has similarities with non- internet-based, marketing methods like word of mouth marketing. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation Social Media Marketing Online Social Communication The basic function of marketing promotion has changed. It is no longer enough to simply grab attention, you need to be able to hold attention and that’s where social strategy comes in. Greg Satell, Fobes.comSaravanakumar, Life Science Journal Some of the ways social media marketing can improve your business: brand recognition, brand loyalty, reach/conversion, inbound traffic, cost efficiencies, SEO, customer exp., and customer insight. A Mistake Most managers still consider social media applications as “just another” traditional marketing communications vehicle. That is a mistake. The social media environment is largely consumer- — not marketer- — controlled. Donna L.Hoffman, MIT Sloan Management Review Kotler and Amstrong, Principles of Marketing Marketers can engage in online communities in two ways: They can participate in existing Web communities or they can set up their own. Jayson Demers, Forbes.com
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing o Increase Revenue o Cost efficiencies o Innovation Attract and retain target customers…: o Lead/Sales o Customer Investment Business Goals Social media Goals o Personal channels o UGC o Buzz o Non-personal channels o SM channels o Advertising o Public relations o Direct marketing o Sales promotion o Personal selling Communication channels Tools (Promotion mix) Moore Corp, Aug 2015. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  13. 13. STAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 2015 Social media is integrated closely with many other marketing activities, and its share of attention, budget, and staffing needs is only continuing to grow. 71% of social marketers said that brand awareness is their number one goal. Simply Measured, Aug 2015. Adoption YouTube is used by 100% of the top brands in the world, with Twitter and Facebook close behind. Simply Measured, Aug 2015. Challenge 60% of social media marketers say showing ROI is their greatest challenge. Simply Measured, Aug 2015. The stage of the Social Media Organization Simply Measured, Aug 2015. Stage of Social Media Marketing 2015 Top 3 goals of social marketers Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  14. 14. Social Media Marketing Activities Listening and manage reputation (Amazon Kindle) Community management (Nike+, Toyota Forum) Support and customer service (BT, Dell, Amazon, HSBC) Search engine optimization Advertising and Buzz marketing (Warby Parker Home Try-on) Sales and lead generation Insights and research Communication and outreach (Coca-cola, Metro) Affiliates marketing Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation Relationship marketing
  15. 15. Communication & Outreach Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  16. 16. Advertising & Buzz Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  17. 17. How KFC India Boosted its Social Media Presence Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  19. 19. BUSINESS Goals Define exactly what you want to do o Increase sale o Cost efficiencies o Product development o Market research MARKETING Goals o Reach o Conversation o Retention o Trust SOCIAL MEDIA Goals o Awareness o Engagement o Lead/sale o W-o-M SOCIAL MEDIA TACTICS o Social listening & feedback o Build an Online community o Viral contents/contest o Sponsored posts & ads Example Increase sale Increase Reach Increase Advertising Sponsored post (Viral cont.) WHY? WHY? WHY? Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  20. 20. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS - PLANNING Social analytics is a critical step in the social marketing process, allowing marketers to plan and measure the actions they take to execute on their social strategy. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation Listen and Analysis Audience Analysis = Behavior + Demographic Audience analysis is the process of profiling, segmenting, and grouping people by demographics, interests, and behaviors. Conversation analysis = Volume + Sentiment + Relevance +Influence Conversation analysis is the process of identifying and understanding conversations surrounding your brand, specific topics, or any selected area of interest. Competitive Analysis = Industry Competitors + Main Competitors Competitive analysis is the process of looking at specific companies within a chosen industry or segment, focusing on competitor activity, benchmarks, and tactics to gain critical strategic insight.
  21. 21. SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING A good first step to understanding the landscape is to listen. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation Listen and Analysis ANALYSIS OUTCOME: SHOULD INCLUDE Online monitoring services such as BuzzMetric (buzzmetric.vn) or Younet (www.younet.vn) can help you with the listening part of your planning, but in the early stages you may want to start with free tools such as Google Alerts (www.google.com/alerts). Benefits of Social Media Listening o Market understand o Brand mention o Influencer identification o Partner development o Content and campaign ideas o Product and service development Dave Chaffey & PR Smith, 2013 Quirk eMarketing, 2015 Facebook Analysis services such as Datasection (Datasection.com.vn) or FanpageKarma (Fanpagekarma.com) can help you understand facebook fanpages and fans. o A list of the social channels and platforms your brand should be in. o Non-official groups or communities that already exist, which may have been created by fans. o An overview of the existing conversation (volume, frequency and sentiment) o An overview of what your competitors are doing in this space. o A list of potential brand evangelists and influencers in your industry.
  22. 22. Listen and Analysis Datasection , Report sample 2015 Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  23. 23. Listen and Analysis Share of Voice Sentiment Sources by mentions Positive and Negative Feedback Younet , Report sample 2015 Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  24. 24. Listen and Analysis BuzzMetric , Report sample 2015 Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  25. 25. Keep in mind Your Goals are the desired outcome of your social media strategy. These should be based within the context of your marketing and business challenges. Firstly, you need to address how you will use social media for your organization. You then need to set Goals for each of those. To make them tangible and measurable, establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your Goals, with benchmarks and targets where appropriate. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation Set Social Media Goals and KPI Major Social Media Marketing Goals o Awareness o Engagement o Lead/sale o W-o-M Your social media goals and resulting strategies must align with your platforms. Some fan bases are primarily on Twitter, others on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Find where your audience spends their time so you can position your plan to be successful. o Who are they? o What social media platform(s) do they prefer? o How much time do they spend on social media? o What mind set are they in when they are spending time on those social platforms? No matter what your company sells, you have to start by examining your target market. Melissa Leiter, 2014 Social media major Goals: awareness, engagement, and word-of- mouth. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO DETERMINE THE RIGHT PLATFORMS
  26. 26. Metrics by KEY Goals
  27. 27. INTRODUCTION Once you have a clear idea of what you want, you can begin compiling an action plan to get there. Quirk eMarketing, 2015 You will need to: Quirk eMarketing, 2015 Create an action plan THE SOCIAL MEDIA CHECKLIST o Decide on the roles and responsibilities of the project team and other stakeholders. o Determine what social media tools you will make use of. o Commit to a frequency and volume of activity, as well as how quickly you will respond. o Develop a conversation plan. o Create tone of voice guidelines, frequently asked questions, community guidelines and content plans. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  28. 28. COMMUNITY GUIDELINE Quirk eMarketing, 2015 Create an action plan THE SOCIAL MEDIA RESPONSE CHECKLIST Quirk eMarketing, 2015 Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  29. 29. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT Social media measurement involves understanding the relationship between our brand activities, audience engagement and business results. Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation Social Media Measurement Brand Activities Including campaign execution, posting volume and frequency, content type/attributes, network distribution, and audience targeting. Audience Engagement The analysis of how your brand activities and earned media are received, interacted with, and amplified by your audience. Business Results Brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, and business outcomes like revenue and sales.
  30. 30. Business Results
  31. 31. Returns from social media investments will not always be measured in dollars, but also in customer behaviors (consumer investments) tied to particular social media applications. The narrow focus ignores more qualitative Goals — such as the value of a tweet about a brand — that flow from the unique capabilities of the Internet and have no obvious analogues with traditional media metrics. Strategic options for social media measurement TURNING YOUR THINKING UPSIDE DOWN Follow Your Goals Simply Measured, Aug 2015. Donna L.Hoffman, MIT Sloan Management Review Measure Social Media ROI o Lead generation/Sales o Customer Investment Donna L.Hoffman, MIT Sloan Management Review Moorman, Forbes.com ROI (%) = (Net profit / Marketing Costs) × 100. By 2013, only 9% of marketers were using this ROI metrics, down from 17% by 2010. The Death of social ROI Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  32. 32. Lipton – Refresh a Snap Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  34. 34. Metro – Dumb ways to die Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  35. 35. Evian – Baby and Me Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  36. 36. Dove – Real Beauty Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation
  37. 37. P&G – Thank You Mom Social Media Marketing 2015 by Moore Corporation