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The Future in One Picture

In this talk at Maker Faire Kansas City (private talk for sponsors and business leaders), I focused on the Google Autonomous Vehicle as a way to talk about the conjunction of sensors and cloud data/machine learning as a key to future applications.

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The Future in One Picture

  1. The Future In One Picture Tim O’Reilly O’Reilly Media Maker Faire Kansas City June 24, 2011
  2. 2005: Stanley Wins the DARPA Grand Challenge
  3. DIY Meets the Global BrainThe “intelligent” devices of the future are connected toreal-time data services in the cloud
  4. “We don’t have better algorithms. We justhave more data.” - Peter Norvig, Chief Scientist, Google
  5. “The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” - William Gibson
  6. A device with eyes andears, with a sense ofplace, and motion, andproximity, with memoryof what it’s seen andwhere it’s been, aconnection to the peoplewe know and love.
  7. Beyond informationretrieval: real timeconnection with otherpeople and what theyknow.
  8. Android + Arduino
  9.  Ford and Google prediction API
  10. Google KC Fiber deployment wireline to wireless transition - free up spectrum - Negroponte comment - FCC initiative
  11.  Entrepreneurship
  12.  Online sharing of designs - thingaverse, ifixit, instructables Saul’s stuff
  13. Vannevar Bush’s Memex - 1945