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Beverages products

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Beverages products

  1. 1. Welcome to the Presentation on Beverages
  3. 3. Banana pseudo stem juice Banana pseudo stem juice is extracted overcoming the problem of browning. The juice is made palatable by blending it with other fruit juices, fruit juice concentrates. The product has a good shelf life and higher export potential due to the availability of the raw material in large quantities.
  4. 4. Process consists of collecting the coconut sap early in the morning in a hygienic condition, transporting immediately to the laboratory in a chilled condition, clarifying the sap, adjusting the pH of the sap, blending with certain additives followed by fillingin glass bottles, sealing with crowns and pasteurization Neera
  5. 5. Coconut Water Concentrate The coconut water is extracted from whole nuts using a high-yield drain conveyor that allows continuous water recovery at high capacity. The extracted water then goes through as strainer to remove excess coarse solids and is then collected to a sanitary tank. To concentrate the water, it is moved to a vacuum evaporator.
  6. 6. Coffee concentrate Technology
  7. 7. Cola flavour concentrate • The cola flavor blend consists of natural essential oils from spices and citrus fruits and • Certain organic flavoring substances. All the ingredients that are used in the manufacture of the cola concentrate are permitted either with limits specified or as per good manufacturing practice.
  8. 8. Fruit squashes, crushes, cordials and syrups PLANTS AND MACHINERY • Principal Equipments: Pulper fruit mill, screw extractor, SS Steam jacketed), kettles, bottling filling machine, capping machine, etc • Auxiliary Equipment: Boiler, weighing scales, working tables, vessels, knives, paddles, funnels, etc.
  9. 9. Ginger beverage concentrate • Ginger candy-cubes, Ginger candy titbits and Ginger powder are other products that can be made from fresh ginger during the process. • Shelf life of the product is about 4 months.
  10. 10. GINGER TEA The ginger tea is granulated free flowing dry mix dissolved in water/ carbonated water and used as a beverage in place of other flavored beverages. Also it can be used in tea preparation in place of sugar
  11. 11. Concentrated lemon-lime flavour Process: Lime/Lemon oil Shaking Layer separation Extraction Deter enation Blending Packing
  12. 12. Litchi squash/syrup Litchi squash/syrup is an easy to prepare beverage based and ready for use by dilution, pack, storeand consume.
  13. 13. Superfruit juices Superfruit is a marketing term that refers to fruits with exceptional nutritional qualities, and usually refers to types of fruit with high levels of antioxidants and anthocyanins Superfruit juices are often used as ingredients in mixed juices instead of single strength juices. Ingredients in powdered form are also used in the production of other types of beverages, such as smoothies and soft drinks.
  14. 14. Mixed Fruit & vegetable juices To blend vegetable juices for their goodness with fruit juices for their flavours to produce four different formulations of blended Ready to drink beverages with higher levels of vegetables and fruits juices.
  15. 15. Packaged nutria beverage To design a beverage composition fortified with a nutritional amount of minerals, which has palatability while preserving the bioavailability of the metal ions
  16. 16. ORANGE FLAVOUR CONCENTRATE The soft beverages are generally aerated or carbonated and offer themselves for quenching thirst and also as a source of energy.
  17. 17. Pomegranate RTS beveragePomegranate RTS beverage alone or as a blended beverage with other fruit juices like lime juice, orange juice, pineapple and flavoured with lime/orange oil can also find good acceptability. Pomegranate squash/syrup and jelly are the other products that can be made commercially.
  18. 18. RTS (ready- to-serve) beverages. A variety off soft drinks are being presently produced in the country such as sweetened carbonated (aerated) soft drinks, still beverages containing fruit juice/pulp and soda water
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?