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Khmer Wedding Program

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Khmer Wedding Program

  1. 1. Khmer Wedding program
  2. 2. Wedding Ceremony Day: <ul><li>The make-up girl arrive at the bride’s home to make-up for the bride, changing the traditional dress for the bride and groom for Pithi Hae Chamnoun. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Pithi Sout Mon (Monk Chanting) <ul><li>The start of the ceremony, invite monks to pray and give wishes to both the bride and the groom. This is normally celebrated among families, relatives and neighbors. We believe that the prayer will also indicate to the soul of death relatives as message to let them know that we are celebrating the wedding and become wife and husband from today… </li></ul>Pithi : Program
  4. 4. Family dinning <ul><li>After the monk’s chanting, the bride and the groom change their dress and the first day is end up with eating together with families and relatives of both families, and whoever else presented. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Pithi Hae Chamnoun ceremony <ul><li>The groom escorted by his Best Men, parents and his relatives arrive at the bride’s house. The groom  with Best Men, parents and relatives wait outside the bride’s house until she comes out The groom offers the wedding flowers to the bride and together enter the house. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Khmer traditional singer sings the song (Fruit song) <ul><li>Offering the fruit to the bride’s parent after the bride changed her dress while the groom and Best Men relax and wait for the Pithi Exchange Ring </li></ul>
  7. 7. Pithi Exchange Ring <ul><li>Bride and the groom exchange their wedding ring. Rings are presented in the nicely ring box </li></ul>
  8. 8. Pithi Kat Sok (Hair cutting ceremony) <ul><li>The parents and the respected guests perform “Pithi Kat Sok”(haircutting). The Bride and Groom sit next to each other while the bridesmaids and the best men sit beside them. On the table are the wedding gifts that the groom brought for the brides parents. Two singers dance around the bride and the groom and pretend to cut hair from them. The cut hair is placed into the Khang Thong (the golden bowl). Later this cut hair is discarded as this is believed to get rid of the unhapiness from their lives. All the rest of the falmily and friends and do the same.  </li></ul>
  9. 9. Pithi Liang Choeung ( Feet cleaning ceremony) <ul><li>The wife cleans her husband’ feet. The groom give a money envelope to the bride and the bride enters a room. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Pithi Sen (Pray ceremony) <ul><li>The groom wait for the bride to come out of the room for the next ceremony, Pithi Sen. The Moha start to play the KMOUS to ask for the bride to come out from her room and to sit close to the groom for Pithi Sen. Singer sing the song Beak Veang Noun. </li></ul>Beak Veang Noun: Open the door and let the bride out
  11. 11. Pithi Bangvil Popil (TurnPopil) ceremony <ul><li>In this ceremony, currently married couples are asked to gather in a circle around the bride and groom. Three candles are lit and handed from person to person. Each participant passes his or her right hand over it in a sweeping motion towards the couple, sending or throwing a silent blessing to them. Only married couples are asked to participate, as it is believed that they will pass along the special quality or essence which has preserved their union. The candles are passed around the circle clockwise seven times to complete the ceremony. </li></ul>Popil: Candles light
  12. 12. Pithi Jong Dai Ceremony <ul><li>First, the groom is invited to greet the parents and the elderly people. A musician sings song and dances in front of the bride’s room. When he has finish he says “Chay hang! Sous hang!” A woman takes the brides hand and lead her out of the room. </li></ul>Jong Dai: Put the red rope around the wrist
  13. 13. Pithi Preah Thoung Toung Sbay Neang Neak <ul><li>The groom hold the bride’s Sbay(Scarf) and follows her to enter the room. </li></ul>This follows by this legend…
  14. 14. Legend <ul><li>There are many legends concerning the ceremony, but the most famous one is the story of Preah Thong (the first king of Cambodia) and Princess Nagi (daughter of the famous Naga). Preah Thong was offended by his father and was exiled to the Kok Thlok Island, where resided the king of Cham. One night he saw a beautiful lady on the beach and he immediately fell in love with her. This lady was the daughter of the king of Naga. In order to marry her he had to travel to the underground kingdom of Naga. As a human being he did not know how to get there. The young princess told him to hold her scarf and follow her. Between them, they mysteriously descended into the ground. The King of Naga admitted him and inhaled all the sea, sending his troop of soldiers to enlarge the Kingdom of Kok Thlok. This new kingdom is called Kampuchea . </li></ul>
  15. 15. Reception All families, relatives, friends, are invited to joint the reception. And usually held in the Restaurant where reserve enough space. Guests were invited by invitation card and the envelop, so they will come along with that and put the money inside as gift. Big drink, big celebration for old friends and dance to keep the party entertained.
  16. 16. End of ceremony <ul><li>Thank you ! </li></ul>