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Web 2.0 in Recruitment

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Presentation on Web 2.0 in Recruitment by Thomas Shaw from Recruitment Directory http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/blog for the Inspecht HR Futures Conference

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Web 2.0 in Recruitment

  1. Web 2.0 in Recruitment February 2009 Thomas Shaw Managing Director Recruitment Directory (03) 9018 5722 thomas@recruitmentdirectory.com.au http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au Page 1
  2. Page 2Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Video Introduction IBM TV Commercial on Collaboration/Social Networking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obCHKPYHuhA
  3. Thomas Shaw Recruitment Directory (03) 9018 5722 thomas@recruitmentdirectory.com.au http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au Follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thomasshaw Subscribe to my Blog http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/blog Presentation is available for download on our site Page 3Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Contact Details
  4. • Recruitment/HR Org Dev. background • e-marketing, programmer • Consult to Recruiters, Employers, Job Boards • I blog • I twitter • I engage • I am social Page 4Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Who am I?
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  6. Page 6Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  7. • Recruitment 1.0 & Recruitment 2.0 • Social Networking • Blogs, Micro-blogging • Search Engines • Video • IM/Chat • Mobile • Measurement & Management • Candidates 2.0 • How to become “social” • Future of Recruiting Page 7Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment WTF 2.0 is he talking about?
  8. • Synchronous (virtual worlds, IMs) • Asynchronous (email, forums) • One-to-many (blogs, broadcast channels) • Few-to-Few (Facebook, Twitter) • Many-to-Many (Forums, Virtual Worlds) • One-to-One (PMs/DMs, IMs, Chat) Cater for different communication styles Source: http://www.laurelpapworth.com Page 8Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment What are you doing?
  9. • Blog - A web-based journal created by single or multiple writers. Blogs allow for interactive feedback and comments from readers. • Wiki - A website created by a group of collaborative users. Wikis are constantly updated and edited by select users, keeping it fresh and up-to date with the latest information. • Instant Messaging (IM) - Real-time communication between two or more people. • Podcast - An audio file distributed over the internet. Podcasts can be downloaded onto portable media devices, for playback anywhere, anytime. • RSS (Real Simple Syndication) - Allows subscribers to receive automatic updates whenever new website content is available. XML is a structured format of data. • Search Engine - Retrieves information based upon specified keywords, i.e. Google, Live, Yahoo • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - The process of increasing the website traffic produced from search engines. • Social Network Services (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Ning, LinkedIn, Twitter) - Web based services that allow users to create online communities based upon shared interests and activities. They provide different methods for interaction including messaging, email, blogs, video, and discussion groups. Terminology Page 9Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  10. Page 10Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Recruitment 1.0 • Typical resume shuffling service • Post job to job board or newspaper • No interaction, stale • Information push • Dictated by the Employer/Recruiter “wait and see who applies” • 1:1
  11. Page 11Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  12. • Many to many dialogue • Built trust • Rich media experience • Minimal data connection to organization • Companies are deluged with “digital wannabees” as the print sector continues to dwindle. • Recruitment Agencies are now just shifting into the digital space • Investing in media, pay-per-click, advertising and social media is useless unless you can track who, what, where and how. • Aggregation or “syndication” of content • Aggregate jobs from career sites, recruiters, job boards into 1 search Page 12Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Recruitment 2.0
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  14. Page 14Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  15. Virtual Career Fairs Page 15Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Second Life $ Resource intensive Usually open for a limited amount of time Requires the users to immerse themselves within the Virtual World Time Wasting Gartner – “90% of businesses who try to set up a presence in Second Life fail within 18 months” http://www.working-worlds.com http://www.slentre.com/second-life-business-only- 10-of-real-life-businesses-succeed-in-second-life/
  16. Page 16Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment What is Social Networking? Social networking websites are online communities of people who share interests and activities, and who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. They typically provide a variety of ways for users to interact through chat, messaging, email, video, file-sharing, blogging, discussion groups, images.
  17. Over 2,000+ web 2.0 sites http://www.go2web20.net Page 17Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Web 2.0 sites
  18. • Content Syndication - Submitting articles, press releases, RSS feeds, through social search engines and news aggregators. • Display Advertising - Based on traditional cost-per-click or cost-per-impression model. PPC • Gadgets and Widgets (Applications) - Networks provide development APIs for third-party applications. Creates brand awareness through an interactive experience. • Social Ads – Integrated alerts through feeds to target users by characteristics, such as age, gender, location and interests. • Social Network Pages – Create a profile or group to represent a business, brand or product. May be customised to leverage the viral strengths of Social Networks. Page 18Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Advertising Models on Social Networks
  19. Page 19Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Why are we using it? • Embracing Social Networking as a tool to attract and retain talent • Creating Pages, Groups, Profiles, Applications • Connecting Alumni • Promoting EVP, Employer of Choice • Careers NOT Jobs • User Generated Content • Publishing news, photos, events, podcasts • Interactive • Fun • Exciting • Evolving
  20. http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/02/14/facebook-surpasses-175-million-users-continuing-to-grow-by-600k-usersday/ http://mashable.com/2009/01/22/business-facebook-apps/ Page 20Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Facebook Feb 14th 2009 175,000,000 active users 45% of Facebook’s US audience is now 26 years old or older. The fastest growing segment in the US: Women over 55, up 175.3% in the last 120 days. Facebook growing faster with women than men in almost every age group. The number of people on Facebook grew by over 10% monthly in 52 countries in January. It grew by over 20% monthly in January in 13 countries. Facebook’s monthly growth accelerated by at least 25% in 30 countries in January vs. December 2008.
  21. Page 21Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment LinkedIn http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/02/14/as-the-economy-sours-linkedins-popularity-grows/ http://www.linkedin.com • Professional • Searchable • Social • Resourceful • Groups • Q&A • Exchange Ideas • Connections • 6 degrees of seperation
  22. Page 22Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Where should you start?
  23. • Establishing a simple Web presence • Promoting specific products or services • Creating loyalty with your products and services • Consolidating existing, unofficial social networks related to your organisation • Informal outreach that blends the personal and professional • Researching candidates, employees and other users • Strengthening relationships between people who already know each other • Encourage and respond to feedback quickly Page 23Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Opportunities with Social Networking
  24. • Embracing Social Networks – Connecting with passive and active job seekers. Engaging with users on a social level • Groups – Employers, Agencies, Alumni, Interests, Private or Public • Applications – Job Search, Latest Jobs, Refer a Friend, Job Mail, Competitions, Graduate Recruitment Programs • Pages – Advertising product or service, Connecting with users Page 24Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment What are other Recruitment Agencies, Employers, Job Boards doing?
  25. Page 25Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment http://www.usernamecheck.com/ Is your username taken?
  26. Page 26Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment What are other Recruitment Agencies, Employers, Job Boards doing?
  27. Page 27Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment What are other Recruitment Agencies, Employers, Job Boards doing?
  28. Page 28Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment What are other Recruitment Agencies, Employers, Job Boards doing? http://apps.facebook.com/revealingtalent http://apps.facebook.com/alliedhealthjobs
  29. Page 29Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment What are other Recruitment Agencies, Employers, Job Boards doing?
  30. Page 30Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Using Ning.com platform http://www.ning.com
  31. Ed Moran from Deloitte 2008 Survey • 6% of businesses put over $1m into branded online community building efforts • 35% have less than 100 members, < 1/4 have more than 1,000 3 Reasons why: • Business are being enticed by fancy technology • Lack of proper Management • The wrong measurements metrics http://blogs.wsj.com/biztech/2008/07/16/why-most-online-communities-fail/ http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2008/07/18/study-why-most-online-communities-fail/ Page 31Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Why Most Online Communities Fail
  32. Page 32Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  33. • Write Well and Write Often • Answer questions with blog posts • Invite guest blog posts • Highlight your success • Conduct feedback surveys • Encourage comments • Build a community of clients, prospects, partners, etc • Submit Your Blog to Search Engines • Submit Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites • Promote your blog via social media and network sites • Promote your blog via email • Be a resource - link to other relevant articles • Blogging creates a discussion - you are the host. • Tag Your Posts • Don't Forget Images • Search Engine Optimization • Promote Outside Your Blog Page 33Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Blogs http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/review-of-oracle-recruiter-a81.html http://blogs.oracle.com/jobsatoracle/
  34. http://www.twitter.com • Fastest growing, hottest social media property right now • Potential to be as big as/bigger than Facebook and MySpace and even takes on Yahoo and Google for news. • Basically SMS over the internet – limited to 140 characters • 1 to many, 1 to 1 • Searchable, Free, Easy to set up and use Opportunities for Recruitment • Post hot jobs, or latest job links on twitter back to the employers or agencies web site • Recruitment news updates.. ie "Looking for a PHP developer in Melb, Top rates apply" • Speaking/networking functions.. ie "Speaking at XXX on how to find a job", "Meet us at the Careers Expo" • Links to career content - employee profiles, videos, articles, etc. • Follow discussions on various topics or trends • Connecting with job seekers via twitter • Market Intelligence Page 34Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/twitter-and-recruitment-a13.html
  35. Page 35Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Recent tweets Avatar USER PROFILE BIO People I am Following People that are following me
  36. Page 36Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Recent tweets by the users I am following What should I say? USER DASHBOARD People I am Following People that are following Me DM’s sent RSS
  37. Page 37Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment http://search.twitter.com Have A Job? (#HAJ) Need a Job? (#NAJ) http://www.hashjobs.com #job, #jobpost, #NAJ, #HAJ, #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #rtjob, #career, #staffing, naj, haj, hiring
  38. Frequently Used Phrases • The Twitterverse, or the Twitosphere - the community of Twitter users • Tweeter, or Twitterer - a Twitter user • Tweeple - Twitter Users • Tweet - a post on Twitter. Tweets - the updates you, and everyone else, post • Followers - people who have chosen to receive updates for a particular Twitterer • Twitterati - the members of the Twitter A-list that everyone wants to follow. • Twitterstream - the public, or friend, timeline - the posts on Twitter are chronologically listed • Mistweet - an accidentally posted tweet - may have errors or be incomplete ie a mistake • Retweet - the action of reposting another user’s post, crediting them for it • Retweeter, or Retweetist - someone who retweets • Twisticuffs - the posts when 2 or more twitterers have a disagreement • Twetiquette ( or Twitetiquette) - the right way to behave on Twitter Page 38Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment cont..
  39. Twitter Shorthand • Because each post can only contain 140 characters, shorthand is used lots when tweeting: • RT = Retweet, followed by @ then the person you’re retweeting’s username e.g. RT @thomasshaw indicates you are retweeting one of my posts • OH – Overheard • DM - Direct Message • @ - Send/Reply to e.g. @thomasshaw - sends a message to me on the public timeline • BTW - By The Way • JV - Joint Venture • IRL - In Real Life • LOL - Laugh out Loud, or Lots of Laughter depending on who you ask! • FTF - Face to Face • IMHO - In My Honest Opinion • abt - about Page 39Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment cont..
  40. Twellow http://www.twellow.com • Is a service to help Twitter users find people to follow. From Accountants to Yoga, Twellow categorizes and organizes Twitter into hundreds of niches to make your searching easier. So go ahead, Connect with people who matter TwitterFeed http://www.twitterfeed.com • Here’s how to get your jobs/blog (or any other RSS) sent to popular microblogging platforms: • Decide which network(s) you want to post to - twitterfeed can post directly to twitter, identi.ca, custom laconica installations, and via Ping.fm, simultaneously to the many services supported by Ping.fm • Login to twitterfeed using your OpenID, Provide us with the URL for your blog's RSS feed, and how often we should post on your behalf • Our servers will check your blog's feed at the specified interval and post any new items to your specified service. You just sit back and relax! Page 40Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment cont..
  41. Page 41Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  42. Page 42Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  43. Page 43Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment http://ping.fm/
  44. Page 44Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  45. • Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, Live • Submitting Content http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools • SEO, SMO • Advertising PPC, banner ads • Trends http://www.google.com/trends http://www.compete/com • Analytics, ROI http://www.google.com/analytics Page 45Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Search Engines http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/social-media-optimisation-%28smo%29-say-what-a22.html
  46. Page 46Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  47. Page 47Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment http://flickr.com/
  48. RSS / XML • Standard XML/RSS feed • Aggregate/Mashup multiple feeds • Allows users to keep up with their favorite website, receiving updates in a constant, automated, and organized manner. • Candidates can easily receive constant updates on new positions that fit their qualifications. RSS Job Alerts allow recruiters to stay constantly connected to candidates and ultimately reduce time-to fill costs and other expenses. Page 48Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  49. • Target your audience • Engage with the audience • Be honest in your presentation • Integrate with the rest of your recruitment campaign • Short and sharp • Encourage feedback • Share via YouTube, social bookmarking, widgets etc http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/2009-year-of-the-recruitment-videos-a59.html http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/the-difference-between-a-video-interview-and-video-resume-a64.html Page 49Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Video
  50. Page 50Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBf8GWTiz3s
  51. Aggregation • Google is a search engine, which spiders websites for new content • Job Aggregators ie SimplyHired, Recruit.Net, Jseeker.com.au aggregate (mashup) the job listing from leading job boards, career sites etc. • The aggregation occurs reading a XML/RSS feed for the new jobs, and updating its existing content. • Using these tools, recruiters have become more connected with candidates and clients. • Candidates no longer have to wait for the newspaper, or conduct searches on job boards. • Social networks continue to grow in number as well as intelligence. • Emergence of these tools has allowed employers/clients the same opportunity to use these tools as a recruitment agency. • 2 fields – Job Title, Location http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/q%26a-about-simplyhired-launcing-in-australia-%26-linkedin-applications-a9.html Page 51Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  52. Page 52Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  53. • AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Skype • Integrate into your website? Page 53Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Chat/IM http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/chat-and-im-use-for-recruiters-a113.html
  54. • Push/Pull • Advancements in technology – ie iphone, android, HTC • SMS, MMS • Optimized websites • Application compatibility • Costs $$ • iPhone does not currently have Flash, Java and other plugins that work in PC based browsers. • Are candidates going to use mobiles? Page 54Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Mobile http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/optimising-your-job-site-for-mobile-devices-a107.html http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/using-sms-in-recruitment-a61.html
  55. Page 55Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Check mobile optimization of your site http://ready.mobi/
  56. • Ethical? Legal? • Spokeo, Wink, Google • 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know http://www.allfacebook.com/2009/02/facebook-privacy/ Page 56Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Background Checking http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/conducting-free-background-checks-on-search-engines-and-social-networking-sites-a102.html http://jobadder.com/blog/2009/02/10/Is-it-ethical-for-a-recruiter-to-Google-a-candidate-I-think-so.aspx
  57. Page 57Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  58. Page 58Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment http://www.spokeo.com
  59. • Connected & informed • Multiple profiles across social networking sites • Candidate will engage with potential employer before submitting interest in a role • Interactive resume – VisualCV.com, YouTube.com • Candidate will champion their job 24/7 • Network of friends Page 59Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Candidates 2.0 http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/the-difference-between-a-video-interview-and-video-resume-a64.html
  60. Page 60Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  61. Page 61Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  62. Page 62Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  63. Measurement & Management http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/using-google-analytics-a95.html http://www.buzznumbers.com.au http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/monitoring-your-business-or-competitors-using-google-alerts-a76.html http://www.fistfuloftalent.com/2009/02/roi-metrics-of-social-media-recruiting-draft.html Page 63Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  64. Page 64Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  65. • Be transparent, honest and open • Refer all links, jobs, content back to your website • Use other web 2.0 sites to disperse content • Conversation - Engage with users • Recruitment blogs are a great way to interact with candidates and provide them with a sense of a company’s culture and work. • Blogs add an element of humanity to the hiring process and allow recruiters to find candidates that are qualified and that fit within their company’s culture. • Devote enough time to maintain their social networks. • What are our competitors doing? • Rich media interface? Mobile optimization? • Create a short video on why you should work with XYZ Agency/Employer? Podcasts? • Use social networks as a sourcing tool to reach passive candidates and for hard to fill positions. • RSS Page 65Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment How? http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/Blog/web-2-0-recruitment-sites-a50.html http://inspecht.com.au/wp-content/uploads/52_Social_Media_Ideas_for_HR.pdf
  66. • Be a leader, not a follower • Understand the medium • Identify your target market • Create integration not fragmentation • Engage with users! • Manage your reputation • 360 Degrees of Technology • ROI, Feedback, Comments • Work smarter, not harder! Page 66Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment Where are you headed?
  67. Page 67Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment
  68. Page 68Thomas Shaw - Web 2.0 in Recruitment