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Freemium Decentralized

  1. Pitch THE How I learned to stop MOV- managing and love EME- the decentralized NT organization jan 15 2009 est FEB 1st 2006 .
  2. 5 focal points
  4. Everyone Evange- lizes, Ev- ery day
  5. People need to know that this is happening. But it’s gotta be sincere, honest, & related to actual people and actual ideas. Don’t talk: do & showcase.
  6. Q How can you create awareness of a decentral- ized organization without budgets?
  7. A Use the de-centralization to your advantage. And then... centralize anyway!!!
  8. A=T*M
  9. A=T*M Awareness Touchpoints Movers
  10. Conversations, Links, Videos, Photos, Blogposts, etc. Use people and their interestingness as ad’s and awareness for what The Movement is doing (be- cause it’s doing what it’s people are doing). So Where does it all go?
  12. Photo Pools Tag Sets #convos Channels Affiliations
  13. Carry on.
  16. Profile bio Friends = Favorites... Links to... = What is Movers All content by Movers Profiles on other sites Aggregate content pools holding The Movement? content by Movers Have links to friends within that web-service. Use the Bio information on all Augmented Profile Pictures make these pages to spread the word it easy to see who’s who. about what The Movement is so people can get it without having to ever see
  17. ?
  18. Aggregate everything that can’t be aggregated anywhere else. ATOM aggregate blog feed. A list of all the years of experience people in The Movement have worked for. Something holding all the unique skills of each individual has. A full list of values held by Movers. Fields Movers work in. A list of all current proj- ects & clients of TM. All the “tags” representing each individuals interests. A list of all the profiles the Movement has. A full Mover directory. etc...
  19. Two trends here: 1.Use PEOPLE (profiles) in ex- isting networks. 2.Aggregate people’s relevant CONTENT.
  20. People bound together for a common purpose are an organization. By collectively creating thousands of links, we’re creating awareness of the common purpose we share: Work that means something.
  21. Everyone Evange- lizes, Ev- ery day
  22. BREATHE.....
  23. First: Freemi- um, Fund- ing
  24. This organization can’t run itself on volunteer labour alone. It will need money for external services and expenses. Without creating more work for Movers, we can turn their current activites and goals be into revunue.
  25. Q How can this thing pay for itself?
  26. A Build a scale of Free, to Fee, to Exorbitant Fees.
  27. Zero Digits: $ Give away digital content that we’re creating already.
  28. Double Digits: $$ Create physical versions of the same content and sell them.
  29. Triple Digits: $$$ Charge for affiliation.
  30. 4,5,6 Digits +: $$$$$$$ Seek organizations with fund- ing and similar mandates to give Sponsorships, Grants
  31. Dividing funds amongst Champions: Give them some money, target goals, and say “Spend it or Keep it, but either way you meet or exceed the goal.”
  32. 5$ per net/product and 10,000 units. 500 per membership and 100 members. 10,000 per sponsorship and 5 sponsors. = 150,000$ per year
  33. First: Freemi- um, Fund- ing
  34. ...but there’s more.
  35. Bravely Branding Better- ment
  36. Forget traditional approaches. Forget consensus. Forget orginality.
  37. Q How should you drink wine?
  38. A From a wine glass, of course.
  39. • Business Cards • DVD Jackets • Grant Proposals • No 10 • Powerpoint • 5 Styles / types Envelopes Pitches of websites • No 8 Envelopes • Research Books • Web-Profiles • Standard • Printed Pitches • Rationalle & letterhead • Contracts & Le- Guidelines • Thank You gal Documents • Invoices & Cards • Signage Financial • TM Currency statements • Annual Reports • Standard CD • “About” • Mini-Case- Cases Documentation studies • Client Testimonials
  40. 500 hours of refinement & tooling from senior designers. The billing for that expertise and alone would be $75,000
  41. Universality. Flexibility. Proven Appeal. Appropriate Concept. Huge Base. + Diversity. Unique Structure. Additional Touchpoints.
  42. Bravely Branding Better- ment
  43. ...could this get any better?
  44. Questions Quicken Quality
  45. Strip out the politics. Forget creating definitions. Illicit great behaviour.
  46. Q Would you be proud to tell tell your grandkids your grandkids? you did this?
  47. Q Are you feeling good about Would you be proud to tell how grandkids? your many people this will help?
  48. Q Is there more proud to Would you bethan one tell bottom line being your grandkids? met here?
  49. Allow folks to define betterment for themselves by making sure they have tools to remind them of what’s worth doing.
  50. Questions Quicken Quality
  51. The last section? say it aint so!!!
  52. Faster, Farther, Funner
  53. Nobody wants to measure stuff. It’s not fun. But we need it to fix things and to brag later. So, lets just make sure it’s easy and all in one spot.
  55. People, People & People.
  56. Be striving for Be willing to Use design make new thinking in Betterment. rules. their work.
  57. Recap.
  58. 1 2 3 Awareness Funding Branding decentralize it free for digital build on a good thing recentralize it fee for physical use “container/content” lead by example big fee for particpation evolve throughout year The first is simple Digital strat- The first part is done. We’re all There’s been work done already on egy executed by a large group of doing it already. this and it’s dead on appropriate people. and proven. The second part is an organiza- The second is a traditional body of tional challenge to create physical The evolution of this work will be work and ideas if it were computa- embodyments of the digital con- in clever computational messag- tionally generated. tent and bill for it. This takes some ing and aggregate presentation of effort, but works well with engag- values, skills, and body of work. The third, is more tricky. We need ing and awareness. to run a few collaborative projects under The Movement name and Last one is simple. You want to be budget that show by example a part of this? It costs money. what our values are, and by their very nature touch many appropri- ate organizations to raise aware- ness.
  59. 4 5 6 Betterment Measurement People let people judge multiple metrics design thinkers give them tools one collection point striving for betterment strip out finger pointing use for mid-term decisions making new rules We can’t point fingers here. If it We’re going to have to measure Simple. If you’d say you use design can be accepted that people can more than one thing and it’s gotta thinking in your work. If you’re be primed into defining better- be all measured in one place. striving for betterment through ment themselves, we can skip def- People don’t have time to be using your work, and you are comfort- initions and jump to elicitations. 5 different systems and already able playing by a new set of rules don’t enjoy measurement. and fixing them when they’re bro- ken, you’re in. We need the info, so we need to do it.
  60. Thanks! Pitch Prepared by Alan Smith for THE MOVEMENT Pitch-off event, Thursday, January 15th, 2009