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ThinkInkPR Brochure

  1. t 1.877.5THINKINK e: INFO@THINKINKPR.COM w: WWW.THINKINKPR.COM Welcome to a new era in Public Relations where less is more. Less words, more story. Less talk, more action. Less money, more visibility. Less hype, more impact. Are you ready to score some ink? And broadcast, online and new media coverage? Then stop thinking. ThinkInk. We get your story in front of the people who need to see it, hear it and read it ™
  2. The ThinkInk Difference Based in Miami with partner offices in the Caribbean, Europe and Australia, ThinkInk is a creative and dynamic public relations and marketing firm with a skilled and vast knowledge base that is reflected in the diversity of our clients. What makes ThinkInk different is that we are not press release driven or entrenched in old-school PR - like so many agencies. We use today’s tactics, to meet the needs of today’s organizations and media. We never stop thinking about the most meaningful and impactful ways in which to promote our clients’ businesses and achievements. And we have an entrepreneurial spirit that comes from having started and grown our own businesses and raised capital for worthy causes. Our experience and understanding of businesses’ needs – not just PR - enables us to increase the visibility of our clients where it counts, using fresh and fertile ideas that What makes ThinkInk produce results. Really. different is that we are not We don’t rest on our laurels. We are an independent firm that has grown by providing quality and effective communications strategies, in a timely and cost-efficient manner. press release driven or entrenched in old-school PR - We are dedicated to increasing the visibility of our clients through strategic and targeted communications and public relations campaigns and have solid relationships with like so many agencies. media outlets around the country and on three continents. We develop and execute strategies that bring our clients closer to their goals and their target audiences. Less words, more story. Less talk, more action. Less money, more visibility Less hype, more impact.
  3. Why Us? Unlike larger firms, we focus our resources in the service of select companies in specific industries which we understand. That allows us to center our efforts on intensity and reach, exhaustively pursuing newsworthy story ideas that get picked up, developing a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ operations and strategies, and establishing valuable relationships with media contacts from which our clients will benefit. And unlike some PR agencies that have clients in disparate fields and rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, we pool our industry knowledge into braintrusts that become an asset for each client. ThinkInk is comprised not only of talented public relations experts, but also of individuals with extensive backgrounds in hospitality, international relations, finance, business and travel. This gives us a much greater understanding of the nature of many businesses and allows us to develop strategies and placement tactics suited to their needs. The ABC of industries we cover: We pool our industry knowledge Think Beyond the Text: The Creative, Crazy and Fast-Paced World of Marketing: Advertising, Direct into braintrusts that become an Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Technology, New Media, Social Networking Tools asset for each client. ThinkInk Travel: Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Airlines, Cruise Industry, Hotels, Hotel Revenue Management, Meetings, Incentives and Events, Travel Technology, Vacation Rental Industry The ThinkTank: Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs: Healthcare, Nutrition, Public Health Policy, Drug Prevention Education, Youth Programs, Social Welfare Programs, Community Enrichment Programs
  4. What can we do for you? How about we start off by a bit of talking? Because a menu of generic services doesn’t really say a great deal about what we can do. Of course, we could fill this page with a very long list of every single service we offer, but we don’t. Why? Because that is boring and we have a strict company policy against boring. Every business is unique. Each story requires a different combination of programs to effectively reach the people who need to hear it, read it or see it. We’ve only just met; we want to preserve a little mystery for later… Let’s be real. Sending out a press release is not going to cause customers and new business opportunities to magically appear at anyone’s doorstep. That’s why we do more. That’s why we pace the floor to come up with new ideas, new angles and new ways to align our clients’ business with news, events and stories that are most interesting to their target audience. Our strategies will include many In this era of over-stimulation and over-saturation, we take the time to cultivate ideas and stories that can make activities, some traditional, an impact—stories that actually get covered. How about that? others not so much, all aimed at Our strategies will include many activities - some traditional, others not so much - all aimed at creating meaningful creating meaningful visibility visibility that translates into transactions. But our MO is simple – work with each client to create a really powerful visibility strategy according to their resources and needs, to support individual business goals. that translates into transactions. We do that by: Maximizing awareness and attention from consumers and media Developing compelling and interesting press materials that editors want to read, and better still, publish Creating new story ideas for media; print, broadcast, online and everywhere that customers are Always looking for timely and relevant opportunities
  5. Our Role To our clients, we act as publicity, marketing and media consultants. We wear other hats too - event planner, copywriter, agent, speaker bureau, babysitter, business advisor, designer – or just a good, old-fashioned sounding board. We also become a partner to our clients, one who understands their industry and speaks their language. Because we don’t think that great results can be accomplished without the kind of in-depth interaction and substantial industry knowledge that a partner can provide. And at ThinkInk, we understand that effective public relations and communications can make a significant difference in how our clients are perceived, how they attract new customers and ultimately, how they grow their business. On that basis, we provide our clients with the opportunity to retain an independent and dedicated firm that is experienced and skilled in all aspects of communications including crisis management, marketing and design, event planning and day-to-day media relations. The Perks of Partnership with ThinkInk: Strength in (small) numbers We use lead generation and Strong media relationships in targeted industries sales tools through better PR – Attention to and quick identification of emerging trends in key markets because we know it’s the Exemplary communication with every member of staff Identify and create new angles in response to changing business, media and market needs bottom line that pays our bill. Lead generation through better PR, because we know it’s the bottom line that pays our bill Increased recognition and visibility where it counts
  6. Think Global, Act Global...And Local Too At ThinkInk, we possess substantial experience in providing regional, national and international media outreach to clients with partner offices around the globe. ThinkInk founder and Chief Visibility Officer Vanessa Horwell has spent more than 15 years working with companies on three continents, developing and executing strategic marketing, communications and public relations strategies. That experience, together with a growing team of Visibility Specialists who come from diverse backgrounds, speak several languages and have worked in other regions including the UK, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada, has been serving ThinkInk clients since 2004. Organizational Structure As ThinkInk is a flat organization, there are no layers of account managers to get through. Each client has a dedicated team, one that is familiar with their industry, and well-versed in the operations, needs and goals of the organization. Our Chief Visibility Officer oversees the development of all client campaigns and is ultimately responsible for ensuring on-time, quality performance and the execution of effective and efficient communications strategies. We possess substantial Visibility and Media Specialists carry out day-to-day media and communications activities. The creative development team works on case studies, newsletters, copywriting, design, branding and advertising initiatives. experience in providing regional, Language Capabilities national and international media Although ThinkInk is a US-based organization, we are multilingual with French and Spanish speakers in the organization. We work with companies outside of the US and successfully execute non-English campaigns on a outreach to clients with partner regular basis, drawing upon our partner resources around the globe as and when needed. offices around the globe. Supporting a Global Communications Outreach Program Through our extensive experience, media contacts and business partnerships around the globe, we are able to deploy resources to offer rapid, effective and cost-efficient communications programs in many international markets.
  7. Why Being Visible is More Important than Ever At ThinkInk, we believe this slowdown can create new opportunities, so it’s more important than ever to remain visible over the coming year. PR can be a key driver for generating revenues and retaining customers, as it’s your company’s face to the world. If your business cuts its visibility during a recession - or at any time - you stop the conversation with your customers. You’re telling them that your business is no longer in play, and you’re putting your business and brand at risk. Businesses that survive this downturn will be those with the shrewdest PR and marketing strategies. They’re the businesses that remain in the spotlight - keeping their brands alive and their customers engaged – which can be achieved through cost-effective and cost-efficient PR programs, like ours. We’ll work with you to develop strategies that get your story placed where it counts most. We approach your needs from a fresh and value-based perspective – we don’t “cookie cutter” our work and hope that it fits your needs. We learn about your business and what challenges you face in order to achieve your goals and deliver what you need – through better PR. There is a whole lot more to PR than sending a press release. That’s why we think beyond the press release™ and use today’s tactics to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing media and business landscape. If your business cuts its Remember...out of sight really is out of mind - this isn’t the time to be quiet, so let’s go visibility during a recession, make some noise together! you stop the conversation To learn more about how we can help significantly increase with your customers. the visibility of your company today, please call us at 1.877.5THINKINK, send an email to INFO@THINKINKPR.COM or visit our website at WWW.THINKINKPR.COM We get your story in front of the people who need to see it, hear it and read it™