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Study of student activities office in boston college

  1. Study of Student Activities Office in Boston College of Technology Xia He May 3 2013 1
  2. Interviewees • Names are made-up names • Dates: Mar.4th and Apr. 2nd • Lilac, Associate Dean and Director • Andrea, Assistant Director for Leadership Programs • Cathy, Financial Assistant • Dylan, Assistant Director of Finance 2
  3. 33 President Chancellor Dean of Undergraduate Education Dean of Graduate Education Dean of Resident Life Director of Digital Learning Administration Athletic Department Resident Life and Dining Student Development and Support Student Activities Office Organization Chart of Boston College of Technology
  4. Organization Chart of Student Activities Office 4 Assistant Dean and Director AD for Leadership Program AD for Diversity & Inclusion Program Coordinator Assistant Director of Finance Administration Dean for Student Life Student Development and Support AD for Community Events
  5. Structural Frame • Not viewed important in the institution • Lateral • Finance role • Hard for promotions --faculty involvement --budget 5
  6. Human Resource Frame • Open communication --one-on-one meetings, staff meetings, annual review • Respect • Restructure responsibilities • Confrontational issue 6
  7. Political Frame • Conflicts are healthy • Conflicts are resolved through open communication • Authority needs to be emphasized at times 7
  8. Symbolic Frame • Develop students as a whole person • Bring balance to students’ lives • Improve communication and leadership 8
  9. Conclusion • Lean and healthy • Authority is not exercised strongly • Is it true about promotions? • Finance dilemma? 9