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How to deliver better, leaner field service

  1. How to deliver better, leaner field service Mike Dobbertin and Joe Lampinen
  2. Better, leaner engineering field services is here Do you deploy technical field service talent for repairs, upgrades, installations, remediation, break-fixes or calibration of medical devices? If you do, you are no doubt managing increasing administration, compliance and regulatory requirements, alongside the need to find talented engineers to do the work on time and on budget. As a supplier to one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, the quality and timeliness of the technical support your customers receive is critical—not just when things go wrong, but every single day for routine tasks too. Recalls, product upgrades, government mandates and scheduled quality checks or repairs all take significant resources to staff and project manage. As compliance requirements and product complexity increase, so too does the task of properly installing and maintaining the medical devices that millions of patients rely upon each year across the US. Introduction /02
  3. There is a better, leaner way to manage this growing task. /03 Here are the six key benefits to outsourcing the field service task in the medical device industry.
  4. Receive a one-stop and single point of contact solution /04 01
  5. Therearehundredsofoutsourcingprovidersinthemedicaldevicefield acrosstheUS.However,thereareonlyaselectfewthatprovidea one-stopapproachtotrulystreamlinetheentireprocess,endtoend. Unlike traditional outsourcing providers, we project manage, as well as source and deploy technical talent for engineering field service tasks every single day. Once our customers validate and approve a fix or upgrade to a device, we will schedule, deliver and quality control the entire process. It is a one-stop solution that requires nothing more than approval and validation from the client. We coordinate client projects centrally to source technicians, manage the project plan and provide customized reporting for every program. Our clients also receive a dedicated Program/Project Manager as their single point of contact for all queries and updates. Over the past 16 years, we have managed critical business processes on our clients’ behalf with a commitment to operational excellence, innovation and world-class customer service. Receive a one-stop solution & a single point of contact /05 Our one-stop solution: • Significantly reduces the administration burden of both routine and remedial field service tasks • Ensures robust scheduling of, and access to, the right resources • Allows clients to retain full control through a simple validation and approval process.
  6. /06 02Lower costs through specialist resources centralized
  7. A large, globally networked organization can offer the backing of more resources and more experience to streamline both routine and remedial maintenance tasks. Our due diligence and implementation processes have the benefit of being honed over years, across multiple client industries. We understand the trends that are emerging in field service and how to best manage the task as it stands today. Our clients also receive the benefit of the additional corporate resources that come with being part of a much larger global outsourcing organization. We can tap into the expertise of legal personnel, as well as risk management, quality assurance and contract administration resources. When we identify efficiencies or process improvements that can lower costs, we act. Lower costs through centralized specialist resources /07 Our field service teams: • Have extensive experience in managing end-to-end field service programs • Ensure process and resource consistency • Provide predictable costs for budgeting.
  8. /8 The ability to scale at will 03
  9. Growth that is sustainable and profitable is what most businesses are seeking. And, the opportunities for growth in the medical device field are clear. When we take on the end-to-end field service task for you, we come with the ability to scale your program, regionally, nationally or globally. Strong, secure systems and processes are part of how we do this, but so too is our access to the best talent across the world. Whether you are implementing a new program or shifting from a self-managed technical field service team, we will work with you to establish a roadmap to help your organization understand and adopt change. The ability to scale at will /9 We bring to the table: • The confidence of working with a financially stable partner • Global reach and networks in almost every industry.
  10. /10 A customized solution 04 that fits your business
  11. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in field service engineering solutions. That’s why we customize our approach for each client. We add or delete features based on customer requirements and design our client programs from the ground up so that they are scalable and respond to changes in our clients’ businesses. We deliver field service as a managed solution, therefore it can be deployed for a one-off or an ongoing program of work. We have the largest dedicated implementation team in our industry. We manage successful implementations by clearly understanding our customers’ needs, challenges, and requirements prior to designing the processes. A customized solution that fits your business /11 We can provide: • Customized reporting to fit with your compliance requirements • The ability to interface with any technology you use • An implementation plan that suits your business and delivers continuous improvement and cost savings plans.
  12. /12 Quality that is measured 05 by outcomes
  13. Quality is at the core of all our operations. Whether it is a recall for a medical device or regular maintenance, our clients rely on us to deliver the best quality talent and services. We do this by establishing clear deliverables in a collaborative way. With our clients, we establish a well-defined scope of services with clear levels of ownership and responsibilities, agreed-upon deliverables (SLA and KPIs) and cost-saving objectives. Quality that is measured by outcomes /13 Every managed solution is contracted as a multi-year program, which delivers year- over-year process improvements and is measured by: • Lower cost of ownership to the customer • Quicker work outcome delivery cycles • Improved HR and working capital utilization.
  14. /14 The best talent, when you need it 06
  15. The right people are still critical to the success of any field service program, and we have the recruiting strength and experience to find them. Our Fortune 500® business has been built on talent-sourcing excellence. We can ‘lift and shift’ existing talent or we can find additional resources in the places you need them. We deliver: • Recruitment and retention of top-level engineering and technical field service talent • Direct training for staff, or facilitation of training through your existing processes • All related administrative processing from initial contract and onboarding through to every day issues, such as employee travel expense management and the administration of contractor benefits • Project management, talent acquisition and management of talent regionally or nationally • Scheduling of the deployment of all engineering field services resources, including travel coordination. We will even issue, track and collect equipment, if necessary. The best talent, when you need it /15 Our solution combines disciplined operational management with core staffing expertise to deliver increased productivity and reduced overall costs for your field service program.
  16. /16 Case Study: How one global medical device manufacturer managed a major, voluntary recall through outsourcing.
  17. A global medical device manufacturer was a leader in specialty generic injectable pharmaceuticals. Helping their clients to lower the costs associated with administering injectable medications and improving patient outcomes remain key drivers of their business success. After a considerable period of strong growth and high performance, the client began experiencing two significant issues: 1. Supply-chain delays regarding specific replacement components for their products 2. Declining pipeline of new engineering talent. When faced with an FDA recall that affected some 300,000 pain-management pumps at over 4,000 sites, the client looked to outsourcing to manage the recall and to maintain the highest quality patient care. /17 The story:
  18. The recall program required specific hardware and software upgrades on medical devices. The program was time sensitive and potential reputational impacts for the client. We established centralized, traveling teams to provide technical support wherever the client needed. We provided LPNs and technicians as well as program managers, project managers and field service engineers to manage remedial and ongoing maintenance tasks. At the outset of the program, Kelly was one of three suppliers. At the conclusion, of phase two of the project, 100% of the work had been awarded to our team due to consistent out-performance of our competitors. /18 what we did:
  19. The success of the recall program created efficiencies for the ongoing maintenance and installation teams. The client now has the following: • One centralized project management group to efficiently manage each task through a single point of contact • Reduced complexity of logistics for their remedial and ongoing maintenance tasks • A strong partnership approach with shared accountability for outcomes • The ability to attract and retain the right skill sets of individuals across three countries • Significant cost savings of around one-third per employee • Better reporting leading to cost savings and efficiencies. /19 the benefits:
  20. EXIT About the authors Mike Dobbertin is Vice President, Centralized Operations Management (COM) with global responsibility for service delivery of all STEM-related projects and engagements in the Global Managed Solutions group of KellyOCG. Mike has worked for Kelly Services for over 26 years and joined the Outsourcing & Consulting Group in May 2013. Mike is based in Western, NY and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York at Fredonia. Joe Lampinen is a Director in the Engineering Services Group with Kelly Services, serving as a technical workforce strategist and solutionist, working with industrial clients to prepare scope and plans for engineering engagements. He holds an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University, a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Law and Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently completing a Master of Science degree in Technology at Purdue University. Mr. Lampinen is credentialed as a Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE), Project Management Professional (PMP) and is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP). About KellyOCG KellyOCG® is the Outsourcing and Consulting Group of workforce solutions provider Kelly Services, Inc. KellyOCG is a global leader in innovative talent management solutions in the areas of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Contingent Workforce Outsourcing (CWO), including Independent Contractor Solutions, Human Resources Consulting, Career Transition and Executive Coaching, and Executive Search. KellyOCG was named in the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® 2014 Global Outsourcing 100® list, an annual ranking of the world’s best outsourcing service providers and advisors. Further information about KellyOCG may be found at For more thought leadership go to