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The Dangers of the Wrong Mobile Strategy

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Presented at the IT Leaders Forum- Executive Networks. 20 minute intro used to start a discussion on mobile strategy.

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The Dangers of the Wrong Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. The Dangers of theWrong Mobile StrategyTheresa NeilFebruary, 2013
  2. 2. I work with companies on UX strategy + design.Theresa Neil Twitter: @theresaneil Recent Book: Mobile Design Pattern Gallery
  3. 3. What Are The Dangers of Building theWrong Mobile Strategy?•Wasted Time/Money•Brand Degradation•Increased Customer Attrition•Falling Behind the Competition
  4. 4. Retail Example: Showrooming Phenomenon 38% of people who research an item on their mobile device will go into the store and buy itPhotos: http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeswomanfiles/2012/04/20/how-the-great-recession-strengthened-the-american-woman/ http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/new-west-elm-store-opening-in-154871
  5. 5. Retail Example: Showrooming Phenomenon 42% of people who use their phones at the store use them to track down a better deal elsewhereData: http://www.retail-digital.com/consumer_trends/bad-mobile-strategy-a-retailers-lossPhotos: http://lemurims.com/showrooming-show-me-the-money/ http://www.journal-advocate.com/sterling-local_news/ci_22531860/postal-service-announces-new-delivery-schedule
  6. 6. The Right Mobile Strategy Covers the Bases Companion Channels http://www.bizreport.com/2013/02/foresee-showrooming-as-much-of-an-opportunity-as-a-threat.html#
  7. 7. The Right Mobile Strategy Covers the Bases Companion Channels + New Ideas
  8. 8. How Can You Build an EffectiveMobile Strategy? •(Re) Research your customers •Explore how mobile can transform your business (update your business strategy to align with your new mobile objectives) •Select the right technology combination •Follow mobile best practiceshttp://blogs.sap.com/innovation/mobile-applications/dont-get-left-behind-with-a-bad-mobile-strategy-024238
  9. 9. Technology OptionsResponsive Web Optimized Sites Native Apps
  10. 10. Responsive Web UIWindow 768 x 1024 Cisco London 2012
  11. 11. Responsive WebIdeal ForInformational Web SitesPromotional SitesContent Consumption Sites • Newspapers • Magazines • Blogs • Galleries • Portfolios Starbucks
  12. 12. Optimized SitesSome companies have only two variations:Amazonʼs Classic Web Site & Tablet Site Mobile Web Site
  13. 13. Optimized SitesBut trending towards three distinct experiences:Classic Web Site Tablet Web Site Mobile Web Site
  14. 14. Responsive vs Optimized SitesWeb Sites Web Apps SearchInformational TravelContent Heavy Retail • Newspapers SaaS • Magazines Productivity Tools • Blogs (light-weight) • GalleriesResponsive Optimized Sites
  15. 15. Native AppsDefined An application that has been developed for use on aparticular platform or device.Typically native apps are coded with:Objective C for AppleJava for Android and BlackBerryC# or Visual Basic for WindowsBut there are also other options:Ruby MotionMonoTouch and MonoDroidOr a Hybrid:HTML apps in a wrapper likePhoneGap or Titanium
  16. 16. Optimized Sites vs Native AppsWeb Apps Web Apps & SoftwareSearch Everything on the left +Travel Games or Tools w/Retail • Complex CalculationsProductivity Tools • Reporting/Charting(light weight) • Native Functionality • Offline Access Optimized Sites Native Apps
  17. 17. Lufthansaʼs SolutionMobile Optimized + NativeClassic Web Site Kiosk Enterprise ApplicationsNative Tablet App Native Mobile Apps Mobile Optimized Site
  18. 18. Netflixʼs SolutionClassic Web + Native AppsClassic Web Site Hybrid Tablet Apps Hybrid Mobile AppsTV (Boxee) Game Console (XBox) Game Device (Playstation)
  19. 19. Starbucks SolutionResponsive Web + Native AppsResponsive Web Site Point of Sale Grocery Store Integration?Payments Loyalty Program Games
  20. 20. Gap: In the Danger Zone Optimized websites look good and work well!
  21. 21. Gap in the Danger Zone compared to Native Apps Fail: Donʼt just wrap your website!
  22. 22. Thank YouFollow me on Twitter @theresaneilFollow me on Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/theresaneilRead my OʼReilly books