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The visual web and what it means for you

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This presentation looks at the growth in smartphone adoption, the different categories of visual social networks and then has some recommended next steps for anyone working in brand marketing

@dirktherabbit originally gave this talk at the Social Media 2013 conference in Athens (http://socialmediaconference.boussiasconferences.gr/).

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The visual web and what it means for you

  1. 1. Dirk Singer http://about.me/dirktherabbit Twitter - @dirktherabbitsocial photography and videoThe rise of visual social media and what it means for you, 9 April 2013@dirktherabbit #SMCgr
  2. 2. I like stats I’m a Rabbit I take pictures with my phone(liesdamnedliesstatistics.com) (London ambassador EyeEm) three things you should know about memore about visual social media - 8mpx.co.uk. On social media - @dirktherabbit
  3. 3. 2005 2013spot the difference
  4. 4. “The mobile is the most important technology in your life....except possibly the respirator” Doug Grinspan (Say Media) SXSW 2013lets take a step back
  5. 5. Changing human Our gateway to the The way we express development outside world ourselvessmartphones are...
  6. 6. the rise of the smartphone Most EU5 mobile phones are now smartphones Making a phone call is only the 5th most popular activity on a phone
  7. 7. five consequences of phones being our new canvass
  8. 8. "The top end camera -we think this will survive - but the point andshoot lower end model will not survive in the future" Keitaro So, Fujifilm1 - the point and shoot camera: going the way ofthe (print) newspaper, VHS, LP.....
  9. 9. According to ICS Research, last Digital camera shipments out of year camera phones outsold Japan dropped 42% last year, standalone digital cameras 6:1. with entry level cameras By 2016 the smartphone camera particularly hard hit market will pass the digital camera market in value as well as volumemost entry level cameras - smartphones
  10. 10. 10% of all of humanity’s Every 2 minutes we take 3.8 trillion images was more photos than in the taken in the past twelve whole of the 1800s months2 - this has led to a photo explosion
  11. 11. • 20% of the photos taken every day end up on Facebook http://is.gd/ H9kkan • 300 million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook http://is.gd/ 1vJ1il • In November 2011, 20% of (Facebook) news feed stories were photos, now its 50% - http://is.gd/ YjlyUN3 - that now means online, we communicate throughpictures
  12. 12. Posts on Facebook that include an The most common factor when album, picture or video increase buying online? The photo (67%) engagement by 180%, 120% and ahead of the product info (63%) 100% and ratings (53%) - http://is.gd/p0qMkl4 - people respond to images over words
  13. 13. 5 - photo sharing is now photo broadcasting,with its own social media Photo-sharing Short form video / gifs Story-telling and curation Longer form video
  14. 14. a look at the different categories
  15. 15. story-telling andcuration platforms• Everything from blogging platforms, to notice boards, to ways to tell stories via pictures• Tumblr - the world’s largest blogging platform. Highly visual. Better favourability ratings among the under 25s than Facebook• Jux - a new entrant, a more visual Tumblr• Snapguide - create how to guides with a series of photos• Pinterest - the online equivalent of putting magazine photos on a board or the fridge
  16. 16. "A do it yourself dream. A tool that makes producing how to guides insanely easy" Salon.comone to keep in your sights - snapguide
  17. 17. long formvideo• Use the video camera on your smartphone to capture and share• YouTube - not a mobile social network as such, but has a new app allowing you to capture and upload• Socialcam, once touted as the Instagram of mobile video. Put your video through filters• Frameblast, splice together videos to create video stories
  18. 18. short videos andanimated gifs• Create gifs or very short videos. Put through filters. Share. Mobile friendly (creation and data)• Vine - six second videos on a loop. Owned by Twitter, arguably already the most popular mobile video networks• Cinemagram - animated gifs, you create from mobile video• Viddy - 30 second (up from 15) video with filters
  19. 19. the rise of the gif• An art form with its own influencers (for example ‘Mr Gif’)• Driven by Tumblr, which now owns the SEO around it• Has moved into the political mainstream, from specialist tumblrs, to Buzzfeed, to the Guardian• Gifs are....”the political cartoons of our generation....in the past people were making cartoons for the New Yorker. Now maybe they’re making gifs on tumblr” (Jessica Bennett, Tumblr)
  20. 20. the rise of vine So far, Twitter’s attempt to have its own ‘Instagram’ is paying off
  21. 21. Music brands from Rolling travel - the six second vining and dining Stone to Enrique Iglesias postcardsub-culture and community - the vine wayof doing things is quickly evolving
  22. 22. Doritos Bacardi ASOSvine - who is doing it right?
  23. 23. watch out! the copyright police has this in theirsights
  24. 24. photo sharing• Take a photo with your phone, filter it with the in-app filters, or any 3rd party app, tag it, upload and share• There is now consolidation in this space: Facebook owned Instagram with 100+ million active users• Other major players - Berlin based EyeEm, a distant second but focuses more on content and community. The relaunched Flickr. And Hamburg based Tadaa• There is now an eco-system and sub- culture of meet-ups, exhibitions, prizes, promotions and courses
  25. 25. photo-sharing networks now have social media maturity. They have:so many social networks - how do I know theywill be around in a year?
  26. 26. Instagram has 100+ million active users. BUT - critical mass isnt the same as the big numbera critical mass of users
  27. 27. #greece - 1.03 millionimages tagged#athens - 245k images#igersgreece - 74k images#smcgr - 26 images! (As of2pm)@steliobin Greece?
  28. 28. #findingbeautyoutofshit #powerlineporn #sneakycommutershot @brandonturner80 @chrysti @linalemontreea distinct sub-culture and language
  29. 29. @brandonturner80its own influencers
  30. 30. the Instagramers and EyeEm ambassadors
  31. 31. "It used to be that you needed darkroom Twitter - the "pulse of the planet" skills to make your photos look great. (Evan Williams 2009)Then when things switched to digital, you at least needed to be able to make your Instagram - will usher in a "bold way around Photoshop. new era of citizen journalism" and will "tell the worlds stories in a Now, Instagram handles it all. And it rich, visual way" (Kevin Systrom looks great for editorial purposes" 2012) (Business Insider)as an aside - consider how it changesthe news
  32. 32. @cloclathwhat should you do now
  33. 33. 1 - adopt a picturefirst strategy• People communicate and share via photos. They respond to images. So why use heavy text based posts to make a brand point?• Text still has a role, but use engaging photos to draw people in• Consider blogging platforms such as Tumblr (or even Jux), which are highly visual• Encourage people to share - they will do so anyway
  34. 34. 2 - use hash-tags toprovide prompts• People are going to post anyway, the first step to make sense of what they are saying and to channel the activity is the hash-tag• Twitter (+ Vine) and Instagram already use them, Flickr and Facebook are introducing them• Publish on your marketing material and on pre event social media• Use it with physical prompts• Make it easy to remember and short• Use an album name for EyeEm
  35. 35. #finalshowdownchoose your hash-tags carefully
  36. 36. 3 - find out who theinfluencers are• Social photography, social video now have their own influencers. They are often not one and the same as your A-list of bloggers• Find out who they are, start inviting them to events to take photos• Court them early - find out who is active on Vine. Right now, working with them will be low cost. That will change
  37. 37. 4 - build it intocustomer services• We all work with people - people do stupid things sometimes. If someone in a customer facing role acts in a strange or erratic way, chances are it will be captured on photo / video• The flip-side of that, have a sensible mobile photo policy when it comes to members of the public. A flat no to taking and sharing photos is unrealistic and counter- productive
  38. 38. 5 - experiment!• The cost to entry is still low, now is a good time to try something new and to experiment• You still get PR value out of it, the cost of a six second Vine is far below that of a decent YouTube video, let alone an ad. Mediums such as Vine also lead on creativity
  39. 39. finally - the barrier to entry doesnt have to be high andcomplicated
  40. 40. My visual social media blog - http://www. 8mpx.co.ukthank you for listening!