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Accessibility is not for screenreaders

This will be a quick overview of the accessibility problem space to help people realize how important it is and how Drupal can help. We'll see why there is no excuse to not make a website accessible if you're developing for IE8 and under.

Topics include:

How many people we're talking about
What kind of needs have to be addressed by web a11y
Which specifications apply to which scenario
How to read a11y specifications
What can be used to help make a website accessible


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Accessibility is not for screenreaders

  1. 1. Accessibility is not for screenreaders Théodore'nod_'Biadala
  2. 2. Accessibility is about people in real life.
  3. 3. Like security, accessibility is a process.
  4. 4. alistapart.com/article/reframing-accessibility-for-the-web
  5. 5. alistapart.com/article/reframing-accessibility-for-the-web
  6. 6. Add accessibility scenarios to your user stories.
  7. 7. « Steve began losing his vision about six years ago, but he’s not completely blind. He has the screen text on his tablet zoomed all the way up, but he’s prone to headaches if he tries to read for too long. Steve uses the screen reader built into the tablet to read him long emails or messages. »
  8. 8. Web Accessibility
  9. 9. Web Accessibility Initiative WCAG — Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ATAG — Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines UAAG — User Agent Accessibility Guidelines WAI-ARIA — Accessible Rich Internet Applications
  10. 10. Summary
  11. 11. WCAG 2.0 Guiding Principles Perceivable— Available through sight, hearing, or touch. Operable— Compatible with keyboard, mouse, touch… Understandable— User-friendly, easy to comprehend. Robust— Works across browsers, assistive technologies…
  12. 12. Checklist trap
  13. 13. Drupal WCAG 2.0 AA ATAG 2.0 AA WAI-ARIA drupal.org/about/accessibility
  14. 14. Drupal 8 tools Core JavaScript API drupal.org/project/devel_a11y CKEditor (Soon) Future: Quail JS library for testing
  15. 15. Accessibility documentation drupal.org/node/394094 drupal.org/node/465106
  16. 16. Questions? Théodore BIADALA @nod_ theodore@biadala.net