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February presentattion bsmg tdb v10

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February presentattion bsmg tdb v10

  1. 1. Physician  Referral  Management  Digital  Communica7ons  P R O G R A MC R E A T I N G A S U C C E S S F U L E M P L O Y E DA N D
  2. 2. Somer  Lorenz  Administrative Director,Marketing & Community Engagement          Elizabeth  Yarbrough  Founder & President
  3. 3. The  Se5ng  POPULATION:•  450K in primary market•  Over 1 million in primary +secondary marketsCOMPETITION:•  Large, academic hospitalsystem with 167 employedphysician practice sites•  Small community hospitalsBon Secours St. Francisis the only faith-basedprovider in the region.
  4. 4. A growing majority of St. Francisaffiliated physicians are membersof BSMG.•  More  than  250  providers  •  1226  employees  –    63  locaDons  •  330,000+  paDents  each  year  Bon  Secours  Medical  Group  
  5. 5. Notable Specialty Services•  Joint  Camp    (Joint  Replacement  Program)  •  Hip  Fracture  program  •  Adolescent  Young  Adult  Oncology  Program  •  AffiliaDon  with  New  York  Presbyterian  heart  specialists  •  Minimally  Invasive  Surgery  for  GYN  Bon  Secours  Medical  Group  
  6. 6. Bon  Secours  Medical  Group  
  7. 7. Changing  Environment  
  8. 8. Nationally, the percentage of independentphysicians has dropped from 57% in 2000 to aprojected 36% in 2013.Independent  Physicians  Number  of  American Medical News2000   2013  %  Independent  Physicians  
  9. 9. Market  Trends  -­‐  Residents  Nearly one-third of final year residents list hospitalemployment as their first choice of practice setting.Hospitals  Other  - Merritt Hawkins
  10. 10. Market  Trends  -­‐  Surgeons  Surgeons are opting for employment overprivate practice, with 68% of general surgeonsand surgical subspecialists reporting they areemployed.- Archives of SurgeryEmployed  Private  Prac7ce  
  11. 11. Market  Trends  –  Est.  2014  •  Hospitals will employ 75% of physicians.•  One in three of remaining independents willresort to subscription-based models, such asconcierge, direct pay, or online consultationsto sustain profits.- Merritt HawkinsEmployed  Private  Prac7ce  
  12. 12. Market  Trends  –  thru  2016  Nearly 70% of healthcare leadersanticipate the number of employedphysicians to grow by more than 5% overnext three years.- HealthleadersMedia450,000  460,000  470,000  480,000  490,000  500,000  510,000  520,000  530,000  540,000  2012   2013   2016  Est.  #  of  Employed  Physicians  
  13. 13. the  shi  Why
  14. 14. Why  the  shiN:  Physicians  •  Flat  or declining reimbursement•  More regulatory and administrativepaperwork•  Malpractice insurance costs•  Health IT implementation•  Health reform
  15. 15. •  PopulaDon  health  management      A vehicle to provide healthcare neededby the marketplace.•  Market  share      Through internal expertise and range ofcontinuum of care.•  PaDent  referrals      Both patient-centered and economicallyrational.Why  the  shiN:  Hospitals  
  16. 16. •  Fundamental  way  to  increase  ROI  •  Lifeblood  of  the  organizaDon  •  Should  be  Managed  &  OpDmizedImpact  
  17. 17. •  70%  of  referrals  go  unscheduled    •  25%  of  scheduled  appointments  are  missed  Challenge  
  18. 18. Step  1  First and foremost,Understand  Your  Referral  Sources.  §  EMS  §  Consumer  Directed  §  Primary  Care  Physician  §  Specialty  Physician  §  OB-­‐GYN  §  Business  Health  Services  
  19. 19. Step  2  Determine the touch points foreach Referral  Source  §  Pa7ents  §  Referring  Providers  §  Referral  Coordinators  §  Receiving  PCP/  Specialty  Physicians  §  Hospital  Staff  or  Managers  
  20. 20. Step  3  Provide Physician Practices with aPhysician  Referral  Management  System  (PRMS)  §  Track  referrals  by  type,  physician  and  condi7on  §  Allow  users  to  schedule  appointments  §  Allow  users  to  manage  appointments  §  Communicate  with  all  involved  §  Track  and  measure  referrals  
  21. 21. Step  3  (conDnued)  Provide Physician Practices with aPhysician  Referral  Management  System  (PRMS)  §  Online,  real-­‐7me  visit  scheduling  §  Automated  phone/email  appointment  reminders  §  Pa7ent  informa7on/prep  sheets  at  point  of  referral  §  Automated,  template-­‐driven  PCP  le]ers  §  Automated  physician  updates  §  Referral  tracking  and  trending  §  Financial  repor7ng  and  projec7ons  
  22. 22. Benefits  of  PRMS  §  Iden7fies  network  leakage  §  Maximizes  service-­‐line  u7liza7on  §  Facilitates  physician  collabora7on  §  Improves  pa7ent  care  quality  &  safety  §  Increases  referral  volume  &  revenues  §  Analyzes  referral  pa]erns  and  trends  
  23. 23. Step  4:  Referral  Genera7on  §  Requires  Comprehensive  Plan  with  Physician  Prac7ce  Groups  §  Assess  Outsource  for  Marke7ng  §  Develop  Strategic  Plan  to  be  implemented  among  targeted  prac7ce  groups  
  24. 24. Step  5:  CommunicaDon  Strategy  §  Strengthen  &  manage  the  brand  in  the  community,  among  physicians  &  pa7ents  §  Maintain  website  &  other  content  relevant  to  current  healthcare  informa7on  §  Establish  physicians  as  specialists/local  experts  in  their  fields  of  medicine  to  advance  their  reputa7ons  §  Adopt  &  incorporate  leading  edge  technology  §  A]ract  new  pa7ents  through  referral    &  self  referral  §  Foster  be]er  communica7on  with  exis7ng  pa7ents  for  reten7on    
  25. 25. enhancing  your  web  image.    W E A R E I N T H E B U S I N E S S O F
  26. 26. §  Medical Web Development§  Social Media Specialists§  Digital Marketing Campaigns§  Medical Content Writing§  Search Engine Optimization§  Healthcare Strategic Planning§  Specialized Medical Software§  Web & Traditional CommunicationStrategiesThe  Doctor’s  Bag  
  27. 27. I S T H E N A M E O F T H E
  28. 28. Change  in  Healthcare  Doctor visitsIncomeIn today’s market, doctor visitsand income are declining.How do we stop decreasing numbers?
  29. 29. Change  in  Healthcare  Doctor visitsIncomeHow do we stop decreasing numbers?§ More  Pa7ents  
  30. 30. Change  in  Healthcare  Doctor visitsIncomeHow do we get more patients?§ More  Referrals  
  31. 31. Case  Study  Understand  Your  Referral  Sources.  §  EMS  §  Consumer  Directed  §  Primary  Care  Physician  Directed  §  Specialty  Physician  §  OB-­‐GYN  §  Business  Health  Services  
  32. 32. Referrals    A R E B U I L T O NRela7onships    
  33. 33. A R E B U I L T O NCommunica7on  Rela7onships  
  34. 34. C H A N N E L S H A V EEXPLODED.    Communica7on  
  35. 35. Referrals:    Consumer  Directed    
  36. 36. Socialnomics:    T H E D I G I T A LWord  of  Mouth    
  37. 37. §  More than half of smartphoneowners (45 % of all U.S. adults)have used their phones to searchfor health information in the pastyear.Socialnomics  
  38. 38. Health  dominates  online  search.  Socialnomics  Consulted  online  rankings  of  hospitals  and  other  facili7es  Consulted  online  rankings  of  doctors  and  other  providers  Found  others  with  similar    health  concerns  Consulted  online  reviews  of  par7cular  drugs  or  treatments  Watched  an  online  video  about  health  or  medical  issues  25%  24%  18%  16%  15%  
  39. 39. Women are the main healthcaredecision makers in familiesSocialnomics  
  40. 40. The fastest growing segment usingsocial media are over age 55.Socialnomics  
  41. 41. New  Marke7ng    I T ’ S C R E A T E D ALandscape    T H A T S P A N S T H E E N T I R E G L O B E .
  42. 42. Your  Voice  Heard    S O , H O W D O Y O U G E TA B O V E T H E D I N O F B I L L I O N S O FP I E C E S O F I N F O C O M I N G I N O V E RH U N D R E D S O F D I F F E R E N TC H A N N E L S ?
  43. 43. Integrated  Marke7ng  Y O U N E E D A NA N DCommunica7ons  P L A N T H A T U T I L I Z E SMul7ple  Plaiorms  
  44. 44. One  One  prac7ce  group  at  a  7me  A N A L Y I S a n d E V A L U A T I O NG O A L – R E N E W E D W E B H E A L T Hr e s u l t i n g i n I N C R E A S E D R E F E R R A L S
  45. 45. OS  •  Stale  marke7ng  •  Dated  web  presence  •  Out  of  date  content  •  No  calls  to  ac7on  •  Broken  links    D I A G N O S I SG O A L – R E N E W E D W E B H E A L T Hr e s u l t i n g i n I N C R E A S E D R E F E R R A L S
  46. 46. F O R B S M GStrategies  &    Recommenda7ons  IMPROVED  WEBSITE  DESIGN  • Fresh  website  design    • Engaging  content  • Fix  broken  links  
  47. 47. F O R B S M GStrategies  &    Recommenda7ons  INCREASE  TOP  OF  MIND  AWARENESS  • Incorporate  Engaging  Content    • Establish  Physicians  as  Experts  • Incorporate  SEO  strategy  and  Google  PPC  Campaign  
  48. 48. F O R B S M GStrategies  &    Recommenda7ons  INCORPORATE          SOCIAL  MEDIA  • Facebook  • EducaDonal  arDcles  and  healthcare  informaDon  to  current  paDents  
  49. 49. Who  do  we  trust?  •  Peer  recommendaDons:  90%  of  the  7me  AdverDsements:    14%  of the time    •  Online  reviews  trusted  as  much  as  personal  recommendaDons:  72% ofconsumers  •  PosiDve  online  reviews  make  them  more  likely  to  use  local  businesses:  52% of consumers    Source: Search Engine Land
  50. 50. Choosing the best Tool for the JobSocialnomics  
  51. 51. Choosing the best Tool for the JobSocialnomics  
  52. 52. F O R B S M GStrategies  &    Recommenda7ons  GO  RESPONSIVE!  
  53. 53. §  30% increase in mobile internetuse from the same quarter2011-2012§  125% increase in mobilehealth information usefrom over thesame quarter2011-2012Socialnomics  
  54. 54. F O R B S M GStrategies  &    Recommenda7ons  TRACK  CONVERSIONS  
  55. 55. One  Review  targeted  prac7ce  groups  A N A L Y I S a n d E V A L U A T I O NG O A L – R E N E W E D W E B H E A L T Hr e s u l t i n g i n I N C R E A S E D R E F E R R A L S
  56. 56. F O R B S M G• Review  &  Refresh  physician bios.• Cross  Brand  with BSMG.• Training  on various social media vehicles.• LinkedIn  &  Doximity:  Encourage all BSMGphysicians to join.    • Cross  MarkeDng:  Encourage cross marketingamong physician groups within BSMG• UDlize  St.  Francis  TV  channel for practicesinformation and content• Cross  Linking:    Create a BSMG spotlight page oneach website for cross linking among websites• Highlight  RecogniDons:    Establish a fixed scrollbutton on each website that lists recognitions receivedby Bon Secours St. Francis Health SystemAddi7onal  Recommenda7ons  
  57. 57. F O R B S M Gü  Greater  top  of  mind  awareness  of  physician  pracDces  ü  More  traffic  driven  to  BSMG  and  St.  Francis  Health  System  websites  ü  Increased  awareness  of  BSMG  ü  Strengthened  brand  value  ü  Enhanced  collaboraDon  with  pracDce  groups  ü  ForDfied  common  mission  among  pracDce  groups  ü  Strengthened  relaDonships  among    physicians  and  hospitals  ü  Increased  referrals  across  pracDce  groups  Projected  Results  
  58. 58. Referrals:    PCP  Directed    
  59. 59. Physician  Referral  Management  Making physician to physiciancommunication easy.
  60. 60. Not  only  easy,  it’s  beker.    •  Improved communication -Enhanced relationships•  Stronger relationships - IncreasedreferralsOp#mized  Referral  Rates  Physician  Referral  Management  
  61. 61. The Powerof Linking
  62. 62. somer_lorenz@bshsi.org  Administra7ve  Director,      Marke7ng  &  Community  Engagement  Bon  Secours  St.  Francis  Health  System    Greenville,  SC  www.bshsi.org            elizabeth@thedoctorsbag.com  Founder  &  President  The  Doctors  Bag  Greenville,  SC  www.thedoctorsbag.com      Somer  Lorenz