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Financial Tombstones | The Corporate Presence

Financial Tombstones, also known in the investment banking and financial communities, as “deal toys” and “Lucites”, have served a vital role in the deal making process for almost four decades.

The immediate purpose of “tombstones” is to reward the bank’s own employees for their work in consummating the deal. Their other, far more important function, though, is to provide a memento of the deal to their client---a memento that, unlike the typical “business gift”—would resonate immediately with recipients, as well as for years to come.

It is for this reason that financial tombstones are so frequently customized, with design details creatively springing from the deal itself.


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Financial Tombstones | The Corporate Presence

  1. 1. Financial Tombstones | The Corporate Presence
  2. 2. Boston Celtics – Financial Tombstone
  3. 3. CIT Group – Financial Tombstone
  4. 4. Capital One – Financial Tombstone
  5. 5. Manufactured in our North American factory
  6. 6. Process of Pouring Lucite
  7. 7. First Niagara Bank - Financial Dealtoy
  8. 8. Groupe Casino Financial Tombstone
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