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Informative speech adoption

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Informative speech adoption

  1. 1. Blood is thicker than water. Physically that’s true. But what about emotionally?I’d like to start off by telling you a story of a precious little boy. Conceived by parentswho’s lives revolved around raves, alcohol, and drugs. He was unwanted from thestart but the mother was convinced not to get an abortion. She carried him for 9months but continued her habits. He was born addicted 3 different drugs. He waspassed around from family member to family member for the first 6 months of life.A family, with no relation to him, who already had 5 girls, who longed for a babyboy, had been watching from afar and had fallen in love with him. After 9 months,countless hours of paper work, home studies, lawyers, crazy family members, andlots of tears this little boy was given a forever home.Is blood really thicker than water? For most it’s hard to understand. How is itpossible to love someone else’s child? That’s the question that continues to baffleeveryone. Adoption is a very complex process but is full of benefits. Not only to theadoptee but to the adoptive parent’s as well.What exactly is adoption? According to adoption.org, adoption is “legally takingparental responsibility of a child and raising it as one’s own.” Easy, right? You pick akid, raise it, and life goes on. When defined, adoption, doesn’t sound so complex,does it? It kinda sounds like a piece of cake. Wrong. You don’t get to just ‘pick a kid” ,its not that simple and the adoption process itself take time… Lots of time.But thelonger you wait the more you appreciate.Now you know that adoption is much more complex than just picking a kid;so wecan move on to the benefits of the child being adopted.A family is a group of people who love and support you regardless; they’re yourbuilding block. They teach you how to love and be loved. Which leads us to the mostimportant benefit of a child being adopted: the gain of a family. Can you imagine nothaving your family? Are they the reason you are who you are today?The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute(CCAI) states that there are 163million orphans. I was shocked to learn that 13,000 of those orphans live in Texasalone. When I first read this information I was speechless. I was unaware that ourstate had so many children in need of a family.Another major benefit to an adoptee is education. Children who lack thestability of afamily tend to struggle with education. The CCAI also stats that an average orphanedchildren have an IQ of 20 points less than a child with a family. Not to mention 25%of all orphaned children do not have a high school diploma.Now on to the benefits of being an adoptive parent.Like I stated previously adoptinga child is not only beneficial to the adoptee but to the adoptive parents as well.There are many reasons an individual may choose adoption. Not being able to bear
  2. 2. children is one of the most common. Infertility is the leading reason couples chooseto adopt. According to Statisticbrain.com, 72% of all adoptions are due to infertility.Adoption gives the couple a chance to become parents. To have the family they’vealways dreamed of.As you can see adoption is a win-win situation. The process may be complex andtime consuming but the benefits are equally as great for both the adoptee and theadoptive parents. A child gets a forever family and a couple gets a child.Adoption is a wonderful thing. Remember the story at the beginning? About thelittle boy? Well that little boy is now my brother. From the moment my family wasintroduced to him we immediately loved him. I know it sounds crazy but He was thefinal piece to our family puzzle. He’s the brother I though I’d never have and thelittle boy that my parents had been dreaming of. He’s healthy, happy, a little spoiledbut most of all he’s ours.