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Personal Branding Presntation - 10/29/2014 @ Solo Founders Unite

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A talk on how I utilized personal branding alongside technology to pursue my own goals, including content on key points to focus on when developing your own personal brand.

Personal Branding Presntation - 10/29/2014 @ Solo Founders Unite

  2. 2 introduction JOE MAINWARING Since 2002, I have leveraged personal branding to accelerate my own goals, both personally and professionally. Most recently, that goal was becoming a full time software developer in the startup industry.
  3. 3 facebook 2002 2008 TIMELINE 2004 2009 Linkedin theaccordance Twitter 2010 blogging Dribbble 2012 2011 2013 domains Github 2014 2015 ??? speaking
  4. 4 Definition Personal Branding describes the process by which individuals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves and stand out from a crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition, whether professional or personal, and then leveraging it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. - Jeff Bezos Founder of Amazon
  5. 5 Famous Personal Brands dave grohl Rock Legend elon musk Real Life Tony Stark jimmy fallon Comedic Figurehead
  6. 6 Why?
  7. 7 it matters 93% search first Recruiters Customers Founders
  8. 8 Made With positioning strategy personality imagery
  9. 9 Positioning What you stand for Specifically you want to make sure that you provide something unique, fresh, and highly valuable to your audience.
  10. 10 Strategy Authentic No matter how much people try, they can't avoid projecting who they really are. Consistent There is no crime in being unpredictable per se, but most people like some level of dependability among friends and colleagues. Harmonic People with strong personal brands mak e del iberat e decisions about their time, activities, and the people around them.
  11. Competence 11 personality Sincerity Excitement Ruggedness Sophistication Relatable Human Traits Your audience is more likely to interact with a brand if its personality is similar to their own.
  12. 12 imagery per ception association differentiation Everything you do to market your brand depends on how your audience perceives it. Attributes which come into the audience’s mind when your brand is talked about. What separates you from your competition in the minds of your audience?
  13. 13 EVOLUTION of my personal brand sm adventurer 2008 it pro 2010 freelance dev 2012 mean developer 2014 ??? 2015
  14. 14 Brand Name
  15. 15 options TRUE IDENTITY (Tony Stark) DUAL IDENTITY (iron man)
  16. 16 elevator pitch
  17. 17 Examples Simple Direct and to the point. @JohnRoa CEO @AKTA. Founder @DigitalHope. Speaker. Angel investor. Travel addict. Poker player. @BarrettAll CEO @StatusCreative | @Forbes Top 50 | Writer @HootSuite | @BusinessInsider #1 Ad Exec | Once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. @Robblissgr Viral Video Director, @WashTimes Columnist, Professional Speaker. #Advertising and #Creative. Serious title followed by a period. Contextual Relevant to your positioning and target market Creative Stand out by being unique
  18. Branding Page 18 Branding Pages allow you to showcase who you are, what you’re about, and ultimately how you can help others with your products, services, and smile.
  19. 19 Blog
  20. 20 Portfolio
  21. 21 Landing Page
  22. 22 social networks
  23. 23 which ones? social networks Countless social networks exist today, each serving a unique purpose for content curation, communication, and collaboration. You don’t have to be on all, focus on the networks relevant to your goals.
  24. 24 My focus
  25. 25 Content curation
  26. 26 Strategy Content Curation Having a strategy for content curation will allow you to maximize the impact of your personal branding. Focus by sharing content relevant to your positioning. Scheduling allows you to publish content during peak times to maximize impact Analytics provide valuable feedback on how well your content is being received.
  27. 27 Community is about building real relationships with people within your networks that will help you and your business be successful. COMMUNITY It takes a village…
  28. 28 Los Angeles London Washington D.C. Beijing Dallas world map Hawaii Sydney Budapest
  29. 29 HAVE FUN