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Breitling Watch Collections - A Label Of Luxury

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Here is a fantastic presentation that will give you short overview of Breitling Watch Collections. With watch collections you may grab few interesting details about Brand Breitling. Breitling is a world famous Swiss watch manufacturer design elegant timepieces perfect for aviation professionals and chic people. 100% Swiss Made Breitling watch adorn your wrist and it symbolize your luxury as well.

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Breitling Watch Collections - A Label Of Luxury

  1. 1. A Label Of Luxury Watch Collections
  2. 2. B=Brand=Breitling Known For Precision-Made Chronometer Useful For Aviators Since 1884 Head Quarter : Grenchen Switzerland Ranked 3rd Market Leader In Chronometers With 156773 Movements Certified By COSC Ranked 38th In 50 Most Valuable Swiss Brands By Interbrand Official Time Keeper Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014
  3. 3. Super QuartzTM Movement Case Made From Top-Class Metals Diamond Polished Hand Tested By Quality Experts Highly Sophisticated Dial Best Service Worldwide 7 Reasons To Buy BreitlingWatch
  4. 4. Colt Emergency SuperOcean Tranocean
  5. 5. Navitimer Collection Since 1952 Official Time keeping instrument of AOPA- World’s largest group of pilots Selfwinding chronograph Available in Leather Strap only
  6. 6. Avenger Collection COSC certified Chronometers Water Resistance up to 3000 meters Originally Part of Aeromarine Line of watches
  7. 7. Chronomat Collection B01Movementfeaturefirsttime inChronomat Authenticateinstrumentsfor professionals
  8. 8. Colt Collection Redesigned in 2011 SuperQuartz™ Movement Available in Rubber & Metal Strap
  9. 9. Superocean Collection Popular Diving Watch Series Sophisticated Touch With High Degree of Accuracy
  10. 10. TransOceanCollection Vintage Style Watch Series
  11. 11. Galactic Collection Introduced in 2010 Selfwinding Mechanical Movements
  12. 12. Breitling For Bentley Dedicated Series To Automobile World Specially to Bentley symbolized by a winged B signature
  13. 13. Montbrillant Collection 1940 Best Sellers Datora is a part of MontBrillant Elegant Design & Colours
  14. 14. Thanks Presentation Designed By www.thbaker.co.uk Data & Image Source: www.breitling.com www.breitlingsource.com