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Ray Cavole's Javita "Weight Loss" Experience

Have you ever thought that retirement would be a piece of cake? Ray Cavole opened a new business and wound up working harder than ever! Find out how Javita Coffee Company not only helped him loose weight, but create delicious Javita weight loss Recipes for his major sweet tooth.

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Ray Cavole's Javita "Weight Loss" Experience

  1. 1. Racior “Ray” Cavole’s Testimonial
  2. 2. Hello, my name is Racior “Ray” Cavole, and I want to share my Javita experience with you. I’ve been using the coffee for a little over a month, and I’ve lost 6 pounds. This may not sound like a lot, but, mind you, this happened with no consistent change in my eating habits or exercise routine, which is practically nil at this point. www.myjavita/lifebrew.com
  3. 3. Like most people, I want to be healthy and control my weight, especially, since I have high blood pressure. And, given my daily schedule, finding time to really work out is problematic. You would think being “retired” would give me all the time needed to get healthy and maintain good weight control. However, since I have my own business, I am more active, doing more, now, than when I had a daily 8-to-5. www.myjavita/lifebrew.com I feel blessed to own a successful business inVallejo, CA.
  4. 4. Since hearing about this “fat- busting” Javita coffee, going to a presentation, doing my own research on the benefits other than losing weight, I said, “Let’s give it a try.” I did! Now, I’m a distributor. With anything, I believe if you are consistent, make a plan, stick to it, the benefits are there. www.myjavita/lifebrew.com
  5. 5. The great thing about this coffee is the ingredient Garcina Cambogia. Even though I gained a little weight back, my clothes still fit as if I had not gained at all. Then I remembered muscle weighs more than fat, so, I’m still able to fit my same clothes as before. Cool, huh?
  6. 6. By the way, I’m NOT a coffee drinker. Since I wanted the benefits of Javita I found other ways to use and get it’s benefits. I put the coffee in: protein shakes, smoothies, fruit drinks, ice cream and waffles. Yes, “ice cream” and “waffles”. Javita Burn+Control really works! I have detailed photos of great recipes I would like to share with you, as well. Just visit the WordPress link below! www.myjavita/lifebrew.com StrawberryWalnutWaffles Javita Iced Coffee Javita Fruit Drinks Nutty Ice Cream Dessert
  7. 7. Wow, I started at 212 pounds and I’m currently at 206 pounds (8/13/13). My goal is 195 pounds and I know I’ll get there. I hope you’ll stayed tuned because I’ll keep you posted. Remember, you have nothing lose but the weight! www.myjavita/lifebrew.com Javita Lemonade with fresh strawberries!
  8. 8. Would you like to find out more about Javita? Contact Me: “Ray” Cavole at: raybear01@sbcglobal.net Or visit my personal Javita website to order your coffee and more! www.myjavita/lifebrew.com Thank you for hearing my story and have a great day! www.myjavita/lifebrew.com