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Text Messaging Reference - Mosio's Text a Librarian Info Presentation

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Mosio's Text a Librarian is a web-based text messaging reference solution enabling libraries to set up cost-effective SMS reference solutions for patrons.

This presentation contains information about the service and how it helps libraries extend their outreach to patrons by embracing and enabling text messaging reference.

For more information and to contact us regarding buying Text a Librarian, please visit our website:

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Text Messaging Reference - Mosio's Text a Librarian Info Presentation

  1. 1. Mobile reference simplified. www.textalibrarian.com
  2. 2. What is Mosio’s Text a Librarian? Text a Librarian is a web-based text messaging reference solution enabling libraries to set up cost-effective SMS reference solutions for patrons. Patrons text questions. Librarians type answers. + Librarians respond via a web interface, no mobile phone is needed. + Works with existing email and IM/chat systems (Meebo, Jabber, Pidgin, etc). + Secure and mobile carrier certified on over 250 million U.S. mobile phones. + No hardware, downloads or mobile technology expertise required.
  3. 3. Text Messaging Reference: Developed Specifically for Libraries Text a Librarian was developed by taking Mosio’s award winning mobile questions & answers technology and consulting with reference librarians to find out what would make it useful, accessible and affordable for libraries to use. • Winner, Mobile Category, 2008 SXSW Web Awards • OnHollywood 100 Mobile Nominee
  4. 4. Mobile Reference Simplified: Easy to Use, Secure and Reliable Easy to Implement, Easy to Use - From setup and training to educating patrons, Text a Librarian makes it easy for you to get started. There is no hardware to buy, no software to download. Secure & Reliable - Text a Librarian was developed with end-user security and privacy in mind, utilizing mobile carrier approved technologies. Patron information is private and anonymous.
  5. 5. SMS Reference for Libraries: Collaboration Friendly, Not a Hack Text a Librarian is not a hack - We applaud the effort of workaround systems developed to put text message reference in libraries, but many come with elements of risk and little or no technical support. Collaboration - Whether accessed from a single reference desk or across several branches, Text a Librarian provides an efficient way for multiple librarians to answer patron questions and communicate with each other.
  6. 6. On-Demand Software as a Service (SaaS): Cost Effective, Excellent Reporting Cost Effective - Text a Librarian offers ease of use, collaborative features, security, and technical support at a competitive price. Reporting - Libraries can quickly and easily generate numerical and graphical data reports for statistical analysis of their text message reference services.
  7. 7. Library 2.0 Friendly: RefStart - Virtual Reference Simplified RefStart is a web-based reference application giving librarians customizable one-click access to reference tools, search, web 2.0 sites and popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. As a standard feature of Text a Librarian, RefStart enables librarians to make the most efficient use of time while receiving and responding to patron inquiries.
  8. 8. Library 2.0 Friendly: Text a Librarian Features Text a Librarian's feature-rich mobile messaging system is a comprehensive, web-based interface (called a "Microboard"). Carrier certified and accessible by over 250 million U.S. mobile phones, librarians can log on and service patrons on any computer or mobile device with internet. Microboard features (explained in detail on our Features page): + Private & Anonymous Patron Experience + Multimodal Notification System + Intelligent Auto-Response Delivery System + Authentic SMS Experience + Communicate and Collaborate + 800+ Term Text Speak Translator + Live, Searchable Message Archive Love your iPhone? So do we. + Quick Response Answer Templates Answer patron questions from any computer or mobile device with internet. + Comprehensive Reporting Features + Customizable Marketing Collateral A mobile device is not required, but if you like using yours, you can and others don’t need to. + Promote Your Library Using SMS Footer
  9. 9. Text a Librarian: Featured Featured in American Libraries Magazine, March 2009 (click on image or visit www.ala.org/ala/alonline)
  10. 10. Text a Librarian: Featured Text an Ambassador @ ALA Annual 2009 in Chicago (powered by Mosio’s Text a Librarian service) ALA Annual 2009 Wiki - Text an Ambassador page
  11. 11. Twitter & Facebook: Buzz about Text a Librarian
  12. 12. Libraries Using Text a Librarian Our client list includes public, academic, medical and law libraries.
  13. 13. Review Mosio’s Text a Librarian: See it for yourself. Find out how Text a Librarian can help you extend your outreach by reaching patrons anywhere and increase efficiencies in receiving and responding to reference questions. We offer regular webinars/demos showcasing how the system works, giving you the ability to ask questions that will help you make an informed decision. Sign up for a free webinar.
  14. 14. Thank you!