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Adult Manifesto

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Old evaluation and value system are broken. Most of us are educated as a cog to think, perform according to standard. We don't need that much standardization in current fast changing market. How can we survive in modern and fast companies? How to make ourselves indispensable?

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Adult Manifesto

  1. 1. D A N I E L T E N G @ O D D - E
  2. 2. / D A N I E L T E N G • / @ Hong Kong • (Awakener) @ Odd-e • Start-ups • • • • Certified Enterprise Coach & Certified Scrum Trainer • AHA Scrum Coaches Retreat
  3. 3. FA C T O RY
  4. 4. D E A D E N D
  5. 5. FA S T C O M PA N I E S
  6. 6. http://www.valvesoftware.com/company/Valve_Handbook_LowRes.pdf
  7. 7. T O P 1 0 O D D - E N E V E R - D O E S • Never controls ideas • Never forgets the original hacker culture • Never does performance evaluation • Never sells software development tools • Never optimizes only for profit or growth • Never has others control your schedule • Never makes it too busy to spend time with family • Never forgets to have fun • Never gives up writing code together • Never hires people just because we have work • Never limits our thinking to one perspective
  8. 8. S U R V I VA L S T R AT E G Y @ FA S T C O M PA N I E S Adult Manifesto
  9. 9. FA C H I D I O T n. (Germany) Someone who knows a lot about a particular field, but very little about anything else. Liberally “subject idiot”
  10. 10. T- S H A P E
  11. 11. S E R E N D I P I T Y ( )
  12. 12. T- S H A P E B E AT S FA C H I D I O T • Make time to Learn something Different • 20% of time and 80% of passion • Bring • Connecting Ideas and People • Attending meet-ups • Attend • TED
  13. 13. TA K E A C T I O N S
  14. 14. S H O W E R B E AT S T E L L E R • SHOW, Don’t Tell • Never Say MAYBE • FAILURE is count as DONE • Don’t Ask for Permission, Ask for Forgiveness
  15. 15. G O O D
  16. 16. I V Y R E TA R D AT I O N
  17. 17. S TA N D O U T T O B E T H E W E I R D
  18. 18. A R T I S T
  19. 19. W E I R D B E AT S G O O D • STAND OUT • Share Information, Share Opinions, Share Ideas • Wechat/Blog/Facebook/Mailing Group/Meetings • Work as Artist • Dare to LEARN IN HARD way • • Make small MISTAKES
  20. 20. S T O C H A S T I C S S E L F - S I M I L A R I T Y
  21. 21. T H I N K B I G
  22. 22. A C T S M A L L
  23. 23. B R O K E N W I N D O W S
  24. 24. S M A L L B E AT S B I G • Pay Attention to Broken Windows • 5-Min Room Clean Up • Offer Help and Ask for Help • Show Appreciations
  25. 25. A D U LT M A N I F E S T O Small beats Big Shower beats Teller Weird beats Good T-Shape beats Fachidiot https://www.facebook.com/ tengzhenyu