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Crisis Communications Webinar - June 10

  1. “ Staying Ahead of the Game: The Steps to Effective Crisis Communications Planning”
  2. Building Effective Crisis Communications Plans
  3. A crisis should not come as a surprise
  4. Anne Sceia Klein President, Anne Klein Communications Group, LLC 856-866-0411 [email_address]
  5. Crisis Management Exercise Or, Are You Ready ? Why, How and When? LippService, LLC Wilmington, DE
  6. “ We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” --Benjamin Franklin Golden Rule #2
  7. Spokesperson Training Effective Delivery of the Message G. Irvin Lipp, Principal, LippService LLC (302) 652-2385 This is just the highlights. WE OFFER one-day and two-day courses on this subject. Made even more critical by today’s SOCIAL MEDIA AND HOW TO RESPOND. ASK MARS CANDY…140 CHARACTERS CAN GET YOU IN TROUBLE.
  8. The Crisis
  9. The Crisis
  10. The Reaction
  11. The Reaction
  12. The Reaction
  13. The Crisis
  14. The Reaction
  15. The Crisis
  16. The Crisis
  17. The Reaction
  18. The Outcome
  19. David Weiner Senior Account Supervisor PR Newswire [email_address]
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