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Gannett NJ Social Media Workshop

A Social Media Workshop held at the Asbury Park Press on Wed., Jan 20, 2010. Presentation originally created by Jodi Gersh of ContentOne at Gannett

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Gannett NJ Social Media Workshop

  1. 1. Presented by Ted Mann, @turkeymonkey
  2. 2. Ways we used social media at Gannett NJ in 2009 Live Coverage of Election Getting Sports Fans Contests via Flickr,YouTube
  3. 3. Live Video/Tweeting Election 2009
  4. 4. Facebook Fan Pages
  5. 5. Feeding Twitter to Homepage
  6. 6. YouTube Video Submissions
  7. 7. Flickr Photo Contests
  8. 8. Answering Questions from the Internet
  9. 9. We can use Social Media more in 2010 To help gather news as it happens To help tell news as it happens To promote the journalism we are doing
  10. 10. To help gather news as it happens Des Moines and #iagaymarriage
  11. 11. The Register’s creation of #iagaymarriage is notable because while Twitter is all the rage among news organizations, most still treat the platform as something to be observed — as in, here’s what people are saying about this topic on Twitter. The Register, on the other hand, could rightfully boast: Here’s the conversation we helped organize on Twitter. It’s the man-on-the-street quote taken to a massive scale.
  12. 12. To help tell news as it happens
  13. 13. To promote the journalism we’re doing Reno’s Coverage of annual Burning Man Festival
  14. 14. RGJ’s Highest Referrers came from Twitter.com
  15. 15. Topic pages
  16. 16. Social Media as a Tool Use it to enhance the Use it to search the gathering and ‘Real-Time’ Web for dissemination of Trending Topics news. Use it to build your Use social media relationship with to find leads and the community. sources for Become a vital stories asset.
  17. 17. Example: Haiti and New Media “When you tell people you're working on something and you ask them a specific question, people will come out of the woodwork to help you” - Andy Carvin, NPR
  18. 18. Social Media as a Weapon? Don’t tweet or post Be careful! anything you wouldn’t want to see published in your local newspaper (or a competitor’s site) Remember to remain un-biased. If you join a Republican group for research, also join a Democratic one. There is usually no obvious context on social networks, you won’t necessarily have a way to explain your affiliations. Image courtesy of Etsy: Frail Whale
  19. 19. Remember: Our Social Media Resource Site http://sps.gannett.gci/areas/contentone/socialmedia
  20. 20. Ways Social Media is changing •  Real Time Web 2010 •  Location Based Applications •  Mobile Mobile Mobile Trends •  Tablets/E-Readers •  Public is the new default!! (source: Techcrunch) How  will  tradi+onal  media  embrace  these  new  technologies  and  trends?  
  21. 21. All-in-one Dashboard
  22. 22. Location-Based Social Networking
  23. 23. Ask/Answer on Steroids
  24. 24. What else?