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Bravespace #2: relationships/brave love

What kind of bravery do you need to enter, stay and thrive in a relationship?

Living through a pandemic has shown us more than ever that relationships are complex. Great relationships demand that we show up in different ways for each other. Our lives can only converge with each other if we actively listen, find creative compromises, and cheer each other on as we grow.

Relationships are commitments: to ourselves, our partners, our children, our families, our purpose. And the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of love - the oxygen of a successful trajectory through life.

But love, commitment, and relationships can be hard.

So on Sunday February 14th, we embark on a brave exploration together to unpack, show up and understand:
"What kind of bravery do you need to enter, stay and thrive in a relationship?"

This is a love fest for all of us: dedicated singles, singles looking for love, seekers of all forms of new love within or outside, couples, throuples, married or not; you name it.

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Bravespace #2: relationships/brave love

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