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Secure CRM Management

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Questioning the secure database management in CRM systems - vendors should do more.

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Secure CRM Management

  1. 1. © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com Secure Databases? Security Factors in CRM Thom Poole CIO - KlugTech
  2. 2. An enterprisewide business strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue! and customer satisfaction by organizing the enterprise around customer! segments, fostering customer-satisfying behaviours and linking processes! from customers through suppliers A combination of software and a customized software process to help companies! gain a competitive advantage in either sales, marketing or customer service MondoCRM A comprehensive business model for increasing revenues and profits by focusing on customers An application used to automate sales and marketing! functions and to manage sales and service activities in an organization © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com What is CRM? A way to identify, acquire, and retain customers, a business’ greatest asset Martin Walsh A widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions! with customers, clients, and sales prospects
  3. 3. © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com BUT… …so far, so good No mention of personal data/behaviours No mention of security No mention of a responsibility on the data ‘holder’
  4. 4. © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com Data Management • People and companies entrust sensitive data to others, but if data management is insecure… • Recent breaches include some big-name companies • So who can we trust?
  5. 5. © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com The Challenge
  6. 6. The price we have to pay for money is sometimes liberty © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com Robert Louis Stevenson … but who is earning the money, and who’s liberty is at risk?
  7. 7. What do we expect from CRM vendors/developers? What Customers Want © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com
  8. 8. Collect only what you need Too many companies collect" too much information Should systems require justification for! collection of certain data lines? © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com
  9. 9. Divide & Conquer © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com Why should all the data be held in a single database? Swiss banks don’t keep all the access information in one place! for a private bank account – why should a CRM system?
  10. 10. All [too] Powerful Does a single person really need access to the whole database? © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com Limit access Prevent database downloads
  11. 11. Safe Harbour? © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com Do companies actually create ‘safe harbours? Data in the US must be held safely – is it? Do ‘home’ companies hold data safely?
  12. 12. Principles of Safe Harbour Notice - Individuals must be informed that their data is being collected and about how it will be used. Choice - Individuals must have the option to opt out of the collection and forward transfer of the data to third parties. Onward Transfer - Transfers of data to third parties may only occur to other organisations that follow adequate data protection principles. Security - Reasonable efforts must be made to prevent loss of collected information. Data Integrity - Data must be relevant and reliable for the purpose it was collected for. Access - Individuals must be able to access information held about them, and correct or delete it if it is inaccurate. Enforcement - There must be effective means of enforcing these rules. © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com EU Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of personal data
  13. 13. With great power comes great responsibility Take Responsibility © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com Voltaire Knowledge is power Francis Bacon
  14. 14. What do we expect? • Secure, encrypted customer databases • Limited, relevant access to all data • ‘Safe Harbour’ – everywhere, for all data © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com
  15. 15. The Security Expectation Use the 4 key identifiers • Something you KNOW • Something you ARE • Something you DO • Something you HAVE © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com
  16. 16. Security Management • We are too trusting of people • Rely on a single factor – Something you KNOW • Intelligence is flawed • Trust must be restored © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com
  17. 17. What’s Stopping You? • Take security seriously • Split up your databases • Use encrypted, multi-point security • Limit data access • Keep parts of your system clean & free from all outside influences • Work with your customers © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com
  18. 18. © 2014 KlugTech www.klugtech.com KlugTech • KlugTech was created to address the usability and security of the Internet of Things • We have created a modular approach to securing your systems, but with a single, safe interface • Domestic Solutions • Enterprise Solutions • Transport Solutions • Healthcare Solutions • Public Sector Solutions • Smart Power Solutions • Venue Management Solutions • Retail Solutions • Delivery/Logistic Solutions • Education Solutions • Smart City Solutions • Agricultural Solutions • Security Solutions • Database Management Solutions www.klugtech.com