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New Learners are Game Designers: Video Game Design with Scratch

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Who has a hyper-linked mind that processes information in parallel with a “need for speed?” The New Learner! Engage your students by transforming them into game designers, using Scratch 2.0, the free online software. No downloads required, just sign up for a Scratch account (scratch.mit.edu) and start creating. Learn how to use, teach, and integrate the software by following along as we build a simple game. Furthermore, see how Scratch promotes collaboration by sharing, downloading, and remixing other users code then posting revisions to the gallery. In the end, you will gain a basic understanding of Game Design without getting lost in the complexities of programming syntax. [Note: Scratch 2.0 requires Flash Player.]

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New Learners are Game Designers: Video Game Design with Scratch

  1. 1. New Learners are Game Designers Sophie Idromenos ELD 2014
  2. 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubwlSuJs1m8
  3. 3. Exploring Scratch ● Interface ● Basic Example ● How to make things move ● Advanced techniques ● Questions? Let’s play!!!
  4. 4. Further Information http://gmsitech.com/gds/