Marangal na dalit ng katagalugan

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Marangal na dalit ng katagalugan

  1. 1. Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan
  2. 2. Let’s have some idea………. • Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan, the first Philippine National Anthem, which was composed by revolutionary musician Julio Nakpil. • Julio Nakpil, composer of the Katipunan,married Gregoria de Jesus, widow of Andres Bonifacio. This tune "Marangal na dalit ng Katagalugan" could have become our National Anthem instead of "Lupang Hinirang" (aka Bayang Magiliw) had history taken a different turn.
  3. 3. Life of the composer Julio Nakpil  Known as J. Giliw in the Katipinan, Julio Nakpil is known more as a composer than as the commander of all the Katipunan troops in the north. At the request of Andres Bonifacio, Nakpil composed "Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan" as the national anthem that is also known as the Himno Nacional of 1896.  Julio Nakpil's original Tagalog lyrics of Himno Nacional (1896) uses the word "Sangkapuluan", indicating that the word "katagalugan" in the original title "Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan" refers to the whole country and not just the tagalog regions. At the time the Katipunan was founded, the term "Filipino" referred only to the Spanish born in Las Islas Filipinas. In his unpublished memoir, “Ang Paghihimagsik ng 1896-1897” (The Revolution of 1896-1897), Carlos V. Ronquillo explained the term "tagalog":
  4. 4.  Example of the “Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan”
  5. 5.  Sino ang sumulat ng “Marangal na dalit ng katagalugan”?  Sino ang naging asawa ni Julio Nakpil?  Sino ang nag-utos kay Julio na gawin ang “Marangal na dalit ng Ktagalugan”?
  6. 6.  Julio Nakpil  Gregoria de Jesus  Andres Bonifacio
  7. 7.    Ano ang pangalan ni Julio Nakpil sa Katipunan? Ano pa ang isang tawag sa “Marangal na dalit ng katagalugan”? Ang “Marangal na dalit ng katagalugan” ay tumutukoy sa Buong bansa hindi lamang sa ____________?
  8. 8. Answers for hard questions  J.giliw  Himno Nacional ng 1896  Katagalugan
  9. 9. NAG GAWA Group 2  Hans Banaticla  Augem Mercado  Frins Velasco  DenMark Dimalibot  Borj Ventura  Rick Natividad  Janairo Taruc 