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IT Project FAILURE! How to Avoid this Fate

  1. Trey Crowdus July 9, 2014
  2. Excellent Choice; you are still here! What do you do now? You may need to assess any of a number of areas that can be adding to the problems on the project.
  3.  Personnel  Requirements  Use Cases  Test Plans  Budget  Schedule  Vendor  Status Reports  Change Management  Technology  Infrastructure  Technical Specs  Communication  External View  Executives Working through this list is, indeed, a tremendous amount of work – So what's the next step?
  4. Two key components of SUCCESS: Requirements Communication
  5. Requirements are Two Things Only The Fundamental building blocks – for the deliverables from the Project Team. The Definition of success – for your enterprise strategic IT Project.
  6.  Therefore: Solving communication issues can be the greatest obstacle in a project.  In a project turnaround, sides or cliques may be established and communication may be non-existent between the client and the vendors.  And authentic communication between all groups will lead to the ability to collaboratively resolve all issues, which leads to a successful project.
  7. Budget Schedule Scope Quality And your Project can start to move back on track.
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