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Opening presentation of TEAC14 in Zagreb

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Welcome speech by Mara Jakobsone at the opening of Telecentre Europe Annual Conference (TEAC) in Zagreb

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Opening presentation of TEAC14 in Zagreb

  1. 1. TELECENTRE EUROPE ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2014 MARA JAKOBSONE Chair Telecentre Europe Zagreb, 25th Sep 2014
  2. 2. TELECENTRE EUROPE TODAY Membership non profit association representing digital empowerment "intermediaries" – centres that support people with training, certification and employment opportunities by providing access to computers, the Internet and other digital technologies. Europe wide network of 43 member organizations from 29 countries and we are growing! An inclusive and vibrant community of more than 600 telecentre practitioners that collaborate and share experiences, developing common initiatives, and fostering digital empowerment throughout Europe
  3. 3. 5-PILLAR STRATEGY EDUCATION & TRAINING  Development of new digital literacy programmes  Capacity building training  Competency testing  Dissemination of best practices ADVOCACY & CAMPAIGNS  Digital agenda for Europe  Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and Local Coalitions  Innovation partnership on active and healthy ageing  TE summit and conferences  Get Online Week  eSkills for Jobs RESEARCH & INNOVATION  E-inclusion surveys  Research of best practices in digital literacy programmes  Needs analyses in digital inclusion and empowerment  Development of innovative problem solutions in local communities COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT  Support stakeholder involvement in the policy process  Encourage cooperation with other EU networks / NGOs  Strengthen the capacity of the organisation and its national members, including their knowledge of relevant EU matters. SUSTAINABILITY & FUNDING  Grow to a level that allows operating sustainably  Funding sources diversification  Expert staff team able to manage a number of member/partner projects  Ensuring that projects are member driven
  4. 4. ROAD TO ZAGREB Riga 2008 Istanbul 2009 Budapest 2010 Brussels 2011 Warsaw 2012 Zagreb 2014 Malta 2013
  5. 5. GOALS OF #TEAC14  Evaluating our progress, challenges and achievements  Sharing and multiplying the efforts of our networks and countries  Finding ways to promote the importance of “ e-facilitator “ profiles and support e-Inclusion and Digital empowerment intermediaries  Committing ourselves to new policy initiatives, projects and campaigns Thank you , Croatia, for hosting this event ! www.telecentre-europe.org