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teaching in a     MESSYclassroom:  the role of design in virtual learning spaces                                    tinash...
agenda• 5 min intro• 15 min slideshow• 10 min questions & answers
about   me.
mathwith a focus on:• project-based learning• hands-on activities• technology             & a lil’   “lagniappe”
pollDo you have:a) a blogb) a wikic) a Moodled) another type of sitee) I do not have a website!
would you                            work                    like this?img src | http://www.roxannejoffe.com/wp-content/up...
img src | http://theawesomer.com/photos/2009/06/060809_wiki_1.jpg
what can you               do?                     img src | http://rumplo.s3.amazonaws.com/images/tees/0001/6778/16778-0....
img src | http://www.tekspertise.com/images/frustrated.gif
read text they canimg src | http://www.tekspertise.com/images/frustrated.gif
relevant contentimg src | http://www.tekspertise.com/images/frustrated.gif
clear                                                             organizationimg src | http://www.tekspertise.com/images/...
1. content is   king.
typicalfaculty meeting!
2. know your   audience.
or   that?
3. be clear.
3. be   clear.
4. learn your   tools.
5. less is   MORE
my           s:•   Google fonts•   mnmlist wordpress theme•   goAnimate.com•   newschoollearning Moodle themes•   Instruct...
the   end.                    tinashe blanchet                  @mrsblanchetnet  mrsblanchet.net | blanchetblog.net
img src | http://theawesomer.com/photos/2009/06/060809_wiki_1.jpg
img src | http://theawesomer.com/photos/2009/06/060809_wiki_1.jpg
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