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Jfk powerpoint


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Jfk powerpoint

  1. 1. The Life of John F. Kennedy
  2. 2. Early Years • Born in Brookline, MA, May 29, 1917 • Eight siblings, including three sisters and five brothers • Parents were Rose Kennedy and Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
  3. 3. Schooling • Attended Choate School in Connecticut • Enjoyed tennis, basketball, football, golf, and reading • Subscribed to NY Times • Headmaster said he had a clever mind, noting him best student in school
  4. 4. Harvard • Attended Harvard where his brother Joe was already a student, continued to play football • Although grades were average, was an active participant for history and government clubs • Became interested in European politics, and became even more involved in history and government at school to keep up with current events
  5. 5. WWII • Joined the Navy right after college along with his brother Joe • Suffered numerous injuries after being attacked, and malaria after returning, including back pain he would face for the rest of his life,
  6. 6. Pre-President Political Rise • At just 29 years old, JFK was elected to US congress • Served three terms in the US house of representatives • Elected to US Senate in 1952 • In 1956 attempted to become Vice President but narrowly lost
  7. 7. JFK’s Family • JFK married Jacqueline Bouvier September 1953, in Newport, Rhode Island • Together they had four children, Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., and two who died in infancy Patrick Bouvier Kennedy and Arabella Kennedy
  8. 8. JFK Elected President • JFK took office from January 20, 1961 to his death in 1963 • Took actions for the civil rights movement, also wanted to get America moving again • Economic plans launched America into largest expansion since WWII • "Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country.”- JFK
  9. 9. JFK Alleged Affairs • Some of the darker sides of JFK’s life include affairs with other women while he was married • These affairs include celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe • The affairs have never been proven, and the family elects not to comment on the issue
  10. 10. JFK assassination • JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963 • Was in a motorcade preparing to speak, waving to an excited crowd • Bullets were fired striking JFK in the neck, head, and chest • November 25, 1963 President Kennedy was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery
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