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video analysis

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music video work

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video analysis

  1. 1. Wicked Games Parra for Cuva ft. Anna Naklab
  2. 2.  The music video opens in a shot stating the name of the song and the artist’s name in bold letters.
  3. 3.  The music video follows a male and a female through their friendship and then relationship through the years.
  4. 4.  Shots are used to show emotion in the eyes of the two people when they are spending time together. The video shows that for their whole life they have spent time together and have been very close. The shots in the music video also show a lot of green and trees in the background of most shots.  The girls eyes are used a lot in shots when she is happy as later on in the music video she will not be and you will see the difference.
  5. 5.  They are shown as a couple of kids who like to play together and spend all of their time together. No cheating and there is a sense of equilibrium in their friendship/relationship.
  6. 6.  They are shown as adults as well as children and are still very happy
  7. 7.  Throughout the storyline there are beautiful scenic shots used in the music video.
  8. 8.  The video then shows the boy lead cheating and most shots after are shots of the childhood couple but instead of everything being okay, he is shown to cheat in everything they did and the girls eyes suddenly aren’t as happy as they previously  were.
  9. 9.  I love that they tell a story through memories and after something bad happens, the memories have to be rethought and seen whether that’s what the male was always like or if it just came upon him.  A lot of different types of shots were used (lots of close ups) and most of the locations were similar to the shot before.  The artistic shots in the music video went with the emotions that the two main people were feeling.  The video didn’t follow Andrew Goodwins Music Video Theory in that no one performed the lyrics of the song throughout the video.