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Dove. Ser bonita é fazer bonito.

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Trabalho de planejamento estratégico e criação, apresentado no curso de Redação Publicitária, da Miami Ad School, em 2009. Vencedor do Top Dog de Criação.

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Dove. Ser bonita é fazer bonito.

  1. 2. Challenge • New Campaign for Dove • Deployment of the “Honest Beauty” Brand Concept
  2. 3. Insight There are women who become more beautiful after you know them. Just as there are women who become less beautiful after you know them. Real beauty is also found in attitude. From plain to pretty, all can become more beautiful.
  3. 4. Concept Dove. Being Beautiful is Doing Beautiful.
  4. 5. Objectives • Revolutionary behavioral change. • Create a “Female Task Force” • Spread beauty around. • Pass on the beauty of good deeds: to do the right thing is to “do beautiful.”
  5. 6. Plan of Action Manifesto TVC Print Ads Daily Banners Web Site Dove “Do Beautiful” Stamp Dove “Do Beautiful” Day TVC 2 Second Phase
  6. 7. Manifesto TVC
  7. 8. Manifesto TVC Open on sequence of black and white of revolutionary women. (Princess Diana, Erin Brockovich, Stella McCartney, Angelina Jolie, Diane Fossey, Evita Peron.) With emotive music in BG. Next, the VO comes in (OVER): Being beautiful is doing good. And doing good, is to spread beauty. And the beauty of doing good, infects. Transforms. Being beautiful is more than having a good reflection in the mirror. Being beautiful is an attitude. It can change the world. It can save lives. Yes, beauty is this force. And this beauty does not end. It is immortal, eternal. The more well-practiced (CUT TRACK), the more your beauty appears. Dove. Being beautiful is doing beautiful.
  8. 9. Print Ads
  9. 10. Diana does Beautiful. Dove. Being beautiful is doing beautiful.
  10. 11. Erin does Beautiful. Dove. Being beautiful is doing beautiful.
  11. 12. Stella does Beautiful. Dove. Being beautiful is doing beautiful.
  12. 13. TVC 2
  13. 14. TVC 2: Translation on Next Slide
  14. 15. TVC 2 Show the day of an unknown woman who does beautiful.   • Open on image of a WOMAN waking up at dawn, with alarm. (EMOTIVE TRACK, UNDER AND THROUGHOUT.) Super: 5:00 AM   • Open on image of the same WOMAN preparing a batch of sandwiches. Super 5:30 AM   • Open on WOMAN walking down the street, carrying several bags. Super: 6:00 AM   • Open on WOMAN standing in an overcrowded boat going up a river. Super: Amazon River, 7:00 AM   • Open on WOMAN teaching, in a very poor classroom, several native children. Super: Classroom, 12:00 PM   • Open on WOMAN handing out the sandwiches to her students in a small hut. Super: Dinning Hall, 2:30 PM   • Open on WOMAN. Night has fallen and she is returning home. She enters and sits on the sofa. Super: Home, 9:30 PM, Sunday.   (TRACK OUT) (FADE to BLACK)   TITLE: Maria da Gracia, Volunteer State Teacher, does beautiful.   Dove. Being beautiful is doing beautiful.        
  15. 16. Web Site
  16. 18. Daily Banners
  17. 21. Dove “Doing Beautiful” Day Promotion There will also be purely promotional print ads to announce the event.
  18. 22. Dove “Doing Beautiful” Stamp of Approval
  19. 28. Dove “Doing Beautiful” Day
  20. 29. Dove “Doing Beautiful” Day Great show of thanks and tribute to all women who are doing beautiful with their lives. The event will take place on the same day in different parts of the world. All attached to a social cause.
  21. 30. Phase 2
  22. 31. Creamy Soap To help you do beautiful in life, we had to do our part.
  23. 32. Thank you!