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  1. EXPANDING CONTRIBUTION IN EVERY ROLE (हर भूमिका िें योगदान का विस्तार) CPDP B.Pharm. V Semester Winter 2021
  2. BENEFITS OF THIS TOPIC • Students will learn how can explore many roles they in their life e.g. role of student, role of manager, role of a project site engineer • The potential of a role is in the individual’s hands. • This opens their mind to an alternative way of career growth.
  3. 1. Start with something small • Efforts should be making a difference, it doesn't mean doing something that's going to change the world. • Do things that can make a difference to yourself, your family, friends or society. • Do not think how big or small it is. • We are making an effort to make someone’s life little better and to make people happy. • Remember, small work can make difference, may be you will be inspiration for many.
  4. EXAMPLES • Plant a Tree • Blood donation • Feed the hungry • Donate your books, toys and clothes • Make somebody literate • Aware somebody about disease prevention/vaccination
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Blood donation
  7. Feed the hungry
  8. Donate a book…. Earn a smile
  9. Make literate
  10. Awareness program
  11. 2. Help your local charity raise funds • We can raise good funds for a charity. • People would appreciate your efforts and they feel happy to help you. • To raise funds, you may host events like birthday party or holiday celebration where you may ask guests to bring items to donate to your charity instead of presents. • You may set up a donation box in your society to bring a small change in the world around you. • But you must tell the objectives of collecting donation to the people.
  12. 3. Encourage education • Education empowers. • By education we can decrease or prevent global poverty. • We can contribute to increase the nation’s literacy rate by educating more and more people. • We can teach our maid, her kids, and others who wish to learn. • By educating illiterate people around us, we can make a huge difference in the society.
  13. 4. Volunteer • Volunteering connects us with our community to work on an issue we care deeply about. • We can aware other people about the work so that more and more people can come forward to support us. • This effort can make a real difference to the lives of millions around us. • We can also reach out to organizations and express our interest in learning from them and helping out.
  14. 5. Join with experienced activist • It’s really beneficial to work with an experienced person who already works for an issue which we are concerned about. • It will help to connect with that issue in more effective way. • An activist will act as a role model who inform us about various opportunities to put our efforts in the right direction. • The fact is, everybody want change but the question is who will initiate and who will come in front?? • If everyone in this world undertakes at least one social responsibility then our world, our earth, our ecosystem will definitely be like a heaven. • As student, our initiative will set an inspiration for others.
  16. • Bottom line impact (ननचला रेखा प्रभाि) • Productivity (उत्पादकता) • Positivity (सकारात्िकता) • Reliability (विश्िसनीयता) • Creativity (रचनात्िकता) • Diplomacy (क ू टनीनत)
  17. Bottom line impact
  18. Productivity
  19. Reliability
  20. Creativity
  21. Diplomacy
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