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Be a ROCK STAR - Personal Branding 101

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Step by step to effectively develop your personal branding

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Be a ROCK STAR - Personal Branding 101

  1. 1. Everyone has a chance to stand out Everyone has a chance to learn, to improve and to build their own skills Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark ~Tom Peters
  2. 2. URPOSE Your name means ?
  3. 3. •Go-to person? •Really good at ________? •A “pain in the butt”? •Mr./Ms./ negative? When someone hears your name, what do you want them to think ?
  4. 4. ROPOSITION BRAND Essence
  5. 5. Spirituality Sensuality Creativity
  6. 6. Your Proposition is Your Core Competency You’ve Got to Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
  7. 7. Social Media Evangelist Marketer, Educator, Public Speaker Community Strategist World Web Savvy Librarian A Proud Momma Organization Reinventer
  8. 8. ACKAGING What’s My Brand ?
  9. 9. What’s my brand?
  10. 10. What’s my brand?
  11. 11. How are we perceived ? Visual 55% Voice 38% Verbal 7%
  12. 12. In 1 Second • A man or a woman • Attractive or unattractive • Age range • Attitude or mood • Anything unusual In 30 Seconds • Economic level • Educational level • Social position • Level of sophistication • Level of success In 4 Minutes • Trustworthiness • Reliability • Intelligence • Capability • Friendliness • Confidence
  13. 13. Give your brand a voice that communicates who you are through every touch point: Appearance Voice Body Language Resume Blog Social Network
  14. 14. Create Multiple Stream of You !Who Am I? Publishing Online Presence Trademarks Weblogs Networking Resume CV Inventory Speaking Enterprise 2.0
  15. 15. 35% of employers decided not to offer a job to a candidate based on the content uncovered on a social networkingsite 45% of employers questioned are using social networks to screen job candidates Effectively Manage your Social Systems
  16. 16. Write, Photograph, Share, Give
  17. 17. •Remarkable value not personality •Achievements •Social organizations •Professional picture •Recommendations •Work of art
  18. 18. •Your landing page •Update with productive activities •Be cautious with your post
  19. 19. •Place to share ideas for free •Market the content through other social media •Showcase your expertise
  20. 20. •Be yourself, not your business •Link to your business or blog •Contribute value •Introductions in Twitter, connections offline •Be strategic
  21. 21. EOPLE Individual competitiveness = what you know x who you know
  22. 22. Two-Way Street •Sharing information •Sharing contacts •Introducing people •Doing favors •Asking for help •Acknowledging support
  23. 23. RESERVERANCE Coming back from the hard times
  24. 24. “3Cs” of Perseverance: (1) Clarity (about who you are and who you are not) (2) Consistency (in your message about who you are) (3) Constancy (continual visibility to your target audience)
  25. 25. A personal brand will not cover up incompetence
  26. 26. A personal brand will not get you to your goals by itself