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PowerPoint Presentation on Golden Ratio



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Golden ratio
Golden ratio
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PowerPoint Presentation on Golden Ratio

  2. 2. WHICH RATIO IS CALL GOLDEN RATIO Golden ratio, also known as the golden section, golden mean, or divine proportion, in mathematics, the irrational number (1 + √5)/2, often denoted by the Greek letters τ or ϕ, and approximately equal to 1.618.
  3. 3. WHICH LETER IS USED TO DENOTE GOLDEN RATIO. Greek letters τ or ϕ is used to denote golden ratio.
  4. 4. WHEN DO WE SAY TWO QUANTITES IN GOLDEN RATIO. Two quantities are in the (state of the) golden ratio if the ratio between the sum of those quantities and the larger one is the same as the ratio between the larger one and the smaller (one).” This may be a difficult concept to grasp, so let’s use a picture.
  5. 5. WHAT IS THE APPROX VALUE OF GOLDEN RATIO. The approx. value of golden ratio is :-
  6. 6. WHERE DO WE USE GOLDEN RATIO. Golden ratio is used in the following :- *Architecture *Painting *Book design *Nature *Aesthetics *Perceptual studies
  7. 7. WHAT IS GOLDEN TRIANGLE. A golden triangle, also known as the sublime triangle, is an isosceles triangle in which the smaller side is in golden ratio with its adjacent side: Golden triangles are found in the nets of several stellateing of dodecahedrons and icosahedrons.
  9. 9. WHERE DO WE FIND GOLDEN TRIANGLES IN A PENTAGRAM The pentagram, also called the five-point star, pentacle, pent alpha, or pentangle, is the star polygon . It is a pagan religious symbol that is one of the oldest symbols on Earth and is known to have been used as early as 4000 years B.C. It represents the "sacred feminine" or "divine goddess" (Brown 2003, pp. 35-37). However, in modern American pop culture, it more commonly represents devil worship. In the novel The Da Vinci Code, dying Louvre museum curator Jacque Sauntered draws a pentagram on his abdomen with his own blood as a clue to identify his murderer (Brown 2003, p. 35).
  10. 10. WHAT IS MEASURE OF THE VERTEX ANGLE IN A GOLDEN TRIANGLE. If you mean the golden rectangle then each of its 4 interior angles measures 90 degrees but if you mean an equilateral triangle then each of its 3 interior angles measures 60 degrees.
  11. 11. WHAT IS THE RATIO OF ANGLES OF A GOLDEN TRIANGLE. Also, it is the shape of the triangles found in the points of pentagrams. The vertex angle is equal to Since the angles of a triangle sum to 180°, base angles are therefore 72° each.[1] The golden triangle can also be found in a decagon, or a ten-sided polygon, by connecting any two adjacent vertices to the center. This will form a golden triangle. This is because: 180(10-2)/2=144 degrees is the interior angle and bisecting it through the vertex to the center, 144/2=72. The golden triangle is also uniquely identified as the only triangle to have its three angles in 2:2:1 proportion.