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Building your own social media presence and connections (tips, tools and techniques)

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includes tools like Feedly, Rapportive, Followerwonk... and other cutting edge tools to find, follow and connect with the right people

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Building your own social media presence and connections (tips, tools and techniques)

  1. 1. 10 Secrets of a Super-Connector and How to Use Them for Max Success T.A. McCannT.A. McCann VP of Product Strategy @Blackberry Founder of Gist.com @tamccann
  2. 2. Why invest in your own social media presence?• More connections and leads• More credibility• New solutions and tools• New ideas• Fun to know more people• Synchronicity – future things you cannot predict now
  3. 3. Connect with the connectors
  4. 4. Align your values with others
  5. 5. Share with the community
  6. 6. Experiment with tools, process and content
  7. 7. Make yourself “public”People want to follow those that seem interesting, but they can’t find youunless you take advantage of the following opportunities to build your publicpresence: • LinkedIn and other social networking sites • Speak at events on your expertise • Volunteer for related organizations Focus on a few key areas of expertise, supported by your background and content @tamccann
  8. 8. Optimize your digital environment • Chrome (tabs) • Timely • Rapportive • Cardmunch • FullContact • TextExpander • Yesware • RivalIQ • Linkedin • Tweetdeck • Followerwonk • Feedly • Re-follow @tamccann
  9. 9. Produce social content and give creditGenerate content according to the “5:3:2” rule: • 5 posts about your space/industry/peers – help make other people smarter • 3 posts about your product/success – demonstrate the role you play in your industry • 2 personal – give people something to connect to by sharing your personal side @tamccann
  10. 10. Social5:3:2 @tamccann
  11. 11. Establish yourself as a “thought leader”Use your content and connections to help people get toknow what you’re about and where you can be most helpful: • Twitter and Twitter lists • Blog (Wordpress) • Video/audio interviews (youtube) • Retweets of other key content @tamccann
  12. 12. The new influencer• Usually has a day job, writing for passion• Well connected and socially enabled• Selling to other influencers as much as customers• Easily co-opted with “first looks” and attention• Leverage your own influence to gain theirs @tamccann
  13. 13. Influence the influencers
  14. 14. Make valuable introductionsContacts shouldn’t be hoarded. Everyone benefits whenintroductions are made, so don’t hesitate to do so when you feelone of your connections could help another. • Email, Twitter, LinkedIn • Include why and how (contact) and what • understand success – money, jobs, status… • Rely on trust and integrity • For key contacts, join the first meeting “Connecting people who can benefit each other is the most useful skill you can have […]” via @jaltucher @tamccann
  15. 15. Go to conferencesHow to maximize your participation: • Have a 30-second “elevator pitch” explanation of your work • Review attendee and press lists so that you can schedule meetings in advance • Watch and contribute to Twitter streams during the conference (for example, #WorkConf) • Ask to meet up with interesting people you encounter (ex - “@tamccann interesting thoughts on #workconf. Want to grab a coffee and chat?”) • Take key contacts to dinner @tamccann
  16. 16. Experts and Advocates Customers Sharing Sharing info info Influencers @tamccann
  17. 17. @tamccann
  18. 18. Bonus Tip – Buy drinks for friendsYou know that guy at the bar who’s always surrounded byfriends and contacts? Be that guy! • Follow important people on Twitter and when you are in their towns, invite them out for drinks • Invite another person who these digital contacts should all meet • Host a themed dinner (e.g. Defrag dinners) that they’re sure to remember @tamccann
  19. 19. Learn new things Experiment Have fun