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Proposal for creation of mhadei tiger reserve by rajendra kerkar

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Presentation on the proposal for creation of Mhadei Tiger Reserve by Rajendra Kerkar.

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Proposal for creation of mhadei tiger reserve by rajendra kerkar

  1. 1. Proposal for creation of Mhadei Tiger Reserve Rajendra Kerkar
  2. 3. Solye - Quepem Dongurli - Sanguem Gaodongari - Canacona
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  9. 15. Goa has the 700 sq. km Western Ghats with six wildlife sanctuaries and one National Park having the richest and luxuriant forest cover with the varied species of flora and fauna. On April 13, 2009 at Vadyer in the cashew plantation of Keri – Sattari at the foothills of Vagheri, the hill of Sahyadri known to be the abode of tiger, has proved beyond doubt that tigers are there in Goa. The Wildlife Census conducted by Goa Forest Department in 1993 indicated the presences of three tigers, in 1997 five tigers and in the last census of 2002 four tigers have been reported . The government having nexus with the powerful mining lobby, have purposefully failed in providing protection to tiger by not recognizing the notifications of the Mhadei and Netravali wildlife sanctuaries issued in June 1999.
  10. 16. The book, a frame work for identifying high priority areas and action for the conservation of tigers in the wild by WWF International, US Fish and Wildlife Services and Wildlife Conservation Society – New York lists the Western Ghats areas in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka as a level 1 Tiger Conservation Unit with 55 points, second in India after Sunderbans (65 points) and 8th in the world as the finest Tiger habitats in the entire world.
  11. 17. There are many places in Goa named after tiger which clearly indicate the presence of tiger in the area. These areas are: Vagus (Usgao), Vagal (Keri-Ponda), Vagali (Kamurli), Vaghdongari (Shiroda), Vagapeth (Satore, Shiroda), Vagus (Pale), Vaghurme (Savoi-verem), Vaghkolomb (Harmal), Vaghator (Caisua), Vaghapeth (Bori), Vagheri (Sattari), Vaghapedi (Bhati – Sanguem), Vagbil (Pali-Sattari), Vaghpet (Satre – Sattari).
  12. 24. Thank You