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Taliyah cobbp.2timeline

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Taliyah cobbp.2timeline

  1. 1. Computer Applications IIComputer Technologyof the hard disk driveBy: Taliyah Cobbperiod 2Emery high schoolEmeryville caWith Mr.Burns
  2. 2. 1956The first diskdrive wasintroduced bythe IBM as acomponent1968Memorex isfirst to ship anIBM-plug-compatible diskdrive1973In 1973 IBMintroduced anew of HDDcodenamed“Winchester”
  3. 3. 1980By the late 80stheir cost hadbeen reduced tothe point wherethey werestandard on allbut the cheapestPC1999IBM releasesthe micro harddrive in 170 MBand 340 MBcapacities2002137 GBaddressing spacebarrier broken
  4. 4. 2004First 0.85 inchdrive releasedby IBM withcapacity of 2gigabytes2006First 200 GB2.5” hard driveutilizing2009First 2.0terabyte harddrive
  5. 5. Resources• Wikipedia• Hard disk drive• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_disk_drive• Pingdom• Hard disk drive• http://royal.pingdom.com/2008/04/08/the-history-of-computer-data-storage-in-pictures/• Anti-forensics• Hard disk drive• https://www.anti-forensics.com/disk-wiping-one-pass-is-enough/