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Mis Outline

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MIS Two Full Day Training for Corporates

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Mis Outline

  1. 1. Managing Information Systems TALHA ASIM GHAZI Staying in touch: Name: Course Description Talha Asim Ghazi The evolution of technology, most notably With the help of this course participants telecommunication and computers, has made IT will be able to understand the true Email: talha.ghazi@khi.iba.edu.pk (Information Technology) the towerblock of meaning, application, merits & how to modern enterprise. successfully manage Information Phone: 0333-3685-385 Technology. The course is practical in nature is modeled after Course: the current E-commerce environment which has MIS 01 replaced the rigid hierarchical, multinational MIS 02 corporation. This course is designed to provide the participants with a comprehensive overview of current trends and technology, applications, and real world cases. Lectures, assigned and other readings will form Inside this Issue: the backdrop for this exploration. Course Goals Participants are encouraged to add to the Course Schedule Assessments dynamics of the course by providing additional From the Instructor resources such as articles or websites of interest. About the Instructor Required Text(s): This text is a primer for the course. Additional materials will be added to PageOut for your use. These materials will help to update lecture materials and demonstrate the use of IT and its applications in the modern enterprise.
  2. 2. Course Goals • Conduct a basic needs assessment • Recommend integrated solutions for identified requirements • Complete work consistent with current trends in e-Business • Enhanced business communications Course Schedule Level I - Basics to Intermediate Business Information Systems: An Overview Fundamental & Expanding Roles of Information Systems Information Systems Types & Functions Information Technology in Business: Hardware Information Technology in Business: Software E-Commerce: The Internet, Intranets, and Extranets Value Chain & Strategic Information Systems Building a Knowledge Creating Company Data Resource Management Level II - Intermediate to Advance Telecommunications & Networks Electronic Business Systems Enterprise Business Systems Electronic Commerce Systems Decision Support Systems Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems Planning Information Systems & Systems Development Change Management Developing Business / IT Solutions Security & Ethical Challenges Enterprise & Global Management of IT
  3. 3. Assessments Assessment in the form of MCQ's, Acronym, True & False and are others required as part of this course. These elements are designed to test the participant’s mastery of lectures, readings and theory related to the disciplines of Managing Information Systems. The following question formats will be used on exams: • Fill-in-Blanks or Short Answer • Multiple Choice Questions • Acronyms • Case Studies From the Instructor MIS is a difficult subject to master in a single session; hence I have designed it in two levels. Reading provided material will help increase your mastery of associated theory and practices. About the Instructor A young trainer and high motivational speaker, who is looking forward to inculcate his knowledge & skills to the corporate world, with a recipe of knowledge of the corporate, topical humor & practical approach which is easy to understand. Talha received his MBA education from IBA & PAF KIET, Karachi with majors in MIS, Finance and Training. A firm believer in continuous learning, he has attended numerous personal and professional development programs from leading trainers and Institutes. Talha is currently working at FBL as Assistant Manager Projects. He brings with him a very unique experience of working in the corporate sector in highly pressurized and rigorous positions in an illustrious career which has started a few years back. His previous work assignments have been in Oil Marketing, Brokerage, Manufacturing, Banking and Education sectors. Talha is also interested in associating with prestigious business schools as Visiting Faculty Member and Corporate Trainer. He has given trainings / presentations in the disciplines of Marketing, Strategic Management, Information Technology and Human Resources. He has also conducted training / presentations on soft skills areas like Change Management, Leaders Vs Managers, Power of Positive Attitude, Time Management- to name a few.