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What is a talent community and how to build one effectively

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A talent community is an online community where recruiters engage with candidates and build relationship with them by sharing relevant knowledge. Learn everything about Talent Communities and how to build them successfully in this 6000 words comprehensive guide meant for all HR/recruitment professionals. - https://www.talentnow.com/talent-community-build-effectively/

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What is a talent community and how to build one effectively

  1. 1. Recruit Smarter. Faster. What is a Talent Community and How to Build One Effectively
  2. 2. What is Talent Community? Introduction 4 Why Do You Need a Talent Community? 7 Different Types of Talent Required to Build a Strong Candidate Talent Community 12 Talent pool v/s. Talent Community: Which one is better to build an engaging employer brand16 6 Things to consider before deciding to build a talent community 9 Best practices to build a talent community 14 CONTENT
  3. 3. Different Types of Talent Communities How to build a talent community? 19 Conclusion 35 Benefits Derived by Your Organization After Building a Talent Community26 Tips to Grow your Talent Community in the Year 2018 30 23 Reasons Why Talent Communities Fail? 28 Building a talent community through video : An upcoming trend 33
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION With the emergence of technology, it has become easier for recruiters and talent acquisition teams to accumulate and store data. But unfortunately, the data accumulated is rarely analyzed and taken into consideration for future recruitment. Everytime the recruitment process starts from scratch with little to no effort devoted to reviewing previous applications to determine whether one of the individuals who was not able to crack this interview would be fit for another opening. When was the last time you conducted a thorough analysis of your talent database and utilized it in your future openings? The number one frustration in the minds of any candidate, once the recruitment process gets over, is never hearing back from the recruiters. This frustration doubles when they hear statements like this from the recruiters:“Don’t worry, in case you are not successful in this interview we will add you in our database for future consideration”but never hear back from them. In today’s recruitment environment, it is extremely critical for hiring managers to provide a positive candidate experience during the hiring process. With so many automated tools, the least recruiters can do is to send an email or text message to candidates in case they are not selected so that they are aware of the fact that you may consider them in near future. In a talent crunch situation, recruiters and hiring managers concentrate their efforts on filling open slots. But this approach will give you only a limited scope when it comes to screening candidates who could possibly be the right fit for other roles. Today, more than ever, it is extremely critical for organizations to shift from a requisition style talent strategy and adopt candidate-centric recruiting models. www.talentnow.com 4 Recruit Smarter. Faster. You’re not looking just for the gold medalist for a specific position; you’re building talent communities and pipelines and finding ways to place those silver medalists, too. If you get too refined in your selection process, you might not be fast enough to win the gold or silver candidate, or even the bronze. -Kurt Heikkinen, CEO of Montage
  5. 5. If you are sitting on a virtual mountain of resumes it can make you miss out on great opportunities to select the best talent. But, with the help of a competitive recruitment software, now it is possible to dig out relevant information which can be extremely useful while selecting a great individual. The key is to identify the core-skill sets required and the roles you are looking for so that a proper analysis can be done with the data. Once you have identified the right talent, develop relationships with them so that you can slowly but gradually shift your talent database into a talent community. In case, if an individual does not fit in the mix now or in the future, send them a polite regret communication. Although, they will be disappointed with the end result, it is better than being swallowed by the recruitment black hole. Building relationships with the candidates who did not get selected during the interview will help you grow your talent community that you can tap into when the need arises. According to Krista Allen, branch manager of finance and accounting at Addison Group,“Relationships matter. Use technology to keep in touch with these people so you’re ready when a hot job comes in — then you’re not scrambling and reactive.” www.talentnow.com 5 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Relationships matter. Use technology to keep in touch with these people so you’re ready when a hot job comes in — then you’re not scrambling and reactive. -Krista Allen, branch manager of finance and accounting at Addison Group
  6. 6. What is a TALENT COMMUNITY? A talent community is an online community where recruiters engage with candidates, employers and their representatives. It allows the members of the community to freely exchange ideas and information pertaining to a wide range of topics from career advice to feedback on employment opportunities through different social media networks. It works as a talent pipeline for the HR managers through which it is possible to find great candidates for open positions. It also provides an opportunity for the members of the community to discuss their ideas about professional development, share interesting contents and opportunities on the horizon, etc. A talent community is not: A resume database or recruitment software A talent pool with one directional communication A talent community includes: Two way communication between your organization (including recruiters, employees, etc.), and candidates; A common interest (depends on your industry) for the recruiters and the candidates to join the community; A platform that allows you to share valuable content & information and communicate with the community; People who are members of the community and eager to communicate. While it may take time for getting positive results from talent community engagements, chances are the new hire that emerges from the talent community makes a game changing contribution to your organization. www.talentnow.com 6 Recruit Smarter. Faster. It works as a talent pipeline for the HR managers through which it is possible to find great candidates for open positions.
  7. 7. Why Do You Need a TALENT COMMUNITY? The current“war of talent”is forcing recruiters to try different things to hire talented candidates. Talent communities are the key when it comes to adopting these changes. But still there is a divided opinion amongst people about the need for a talent community in the recruiting field. The great advantage of building a talent community is that it provides learning opportunity to the candidates wherein they can ask relevant questions to the recruiters and learn about the employer brand. It also gives an opportunity for the recruiters to draw out the application process and fully evaluate whether a candidate is a good cultural fit for the organization. There are a couple of more reasons to build a talent communities. www.talentnow.com 7 Recruit Smarter. Faster.
  8. 8. Passive candidates are everywhere If you look across your office, chances are you will see people falling in the category of passive talent. It has been found that about 35% of employees quietly look for a new job within weeks of joining a new organization! Your co-worker who is happy in his/her respective position and is not looking for a new opportunity is also considered to be passive candidate today. Do you think if they come across a great opportunity, they would not be open to hear about it? Today, due to the candidate driven recruitment market, almost every employee is part of the“passive talent”category. This group often includes those talented employees who are real game changers for an organization. To attract this group of talent, you need to make an extra effort by doing something different like building a talent community. With the emergence of a talent community, the hiring process becomes more of a relationship building exercise. You can divert your attention to the top talent and let them know the exciting things that you are doing in your organization. Although, it requires lot of time investment, you may end up with a more engaging hiring process which is the best strategy in today’s extremely competitive market. To grow your talent pool Recruiters have the psyche of following a rigid pattern during the hiring process. If a candidate fulfills all the requirements, they are hired. But, if they lack some specific skill set, they are never answered back. This perspective needs to change for the better. If a candidate does not get selected in the interview for a specific role, do you give them another opportunity for a different role that suits their profile? With the help of a talent community, it is possible for a recruiter to determine whether a particular candidate fits in the organization without considering their designation. This logic has been applied by Zappos. They have removed job positions from their application process. Now, if someone applies to become a Zappos insider, the organization decides what roles is the candidate most suited for. Remember, by forming a talent community, you are giving the power back to the recruitment team which makes the best efforts to ensure that the best talent does not slip through the gaps. www.talentnow.com 8 Recruit Smarter. Faster. It has been found that about 35% of employees quietly look for a new job within weeks of joining a new organization!
  9. 9. Things to consider before deciding to BUILD A TALENT COMMUNITY www.talentnow.com 9 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Before building a talent community, it is important for the recruitment and the talent management teams to be on the same page. To ensure that, understand the current openings and predict the volumes and types of talents required in the period of two to three years. Once both the teams are clear about the path to strategic growth, a tactical plan can be formulated for best results. The very first thing that needs to be done is to see your talent in terms of volume, type/- categories and locations. Segregate the talent through these segments and send targeted messages to the passive candi- dates. The messages can be transmitted through viral distributions to other candidates in the form of job distri- bution, video, text messages, etc. Once the distributions start gaining momentum, develop a database of the candidates’ opt-in mediums. Also, consider the following questions.
  10. 10. Who is my target audience? This is one of the most important questions to address before building a talent community. Understand who you want your target audience to be? Is it going to be social media marketers, mechanical engineers, JAVA programmers etc.? Once you have found the answer to this question, it will help you to select the platforms you will use and the content you will concentrate on. www.talentnow.com 10 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Q 1 A 1 Where is your target audience right now? After identifying your target audience, the next question is what communities is your target audience part of? Ask your employees and Google to find out the most popular communities in your industry. Then, analyze the communities that are doing wonderfully well and the scope of improvement in these communities. It is possible that you may find a niche in your industry that has not been identified till now. Q 2 A 2 Who are the most active members in the communities you find? The next task is to find out the most active members in the communities you find and ask them to join your community. Also, try to find out the different gaps in terms of content and conversation in their existing communities. This will help you build a talent community by taking improved steps into practice. Q 3 A 3
  11. 11. How do you plan to provide value to the talent community? Since, your community is just starting up, it is important to provide valuable inputs through relevant content so that the candidates are encouraged to not only join but also share and engage themselves with it. Try to find out the content that will work for your community. It can be news, opinions, conversations, educational information, etc. Once you select the content that you would like to share and start getting positive response from the members, ensure to produce more of that content by analyzing the trends and insights. Hopefully, in the near future, your community members will take over and share your workload in terms of producing relevant content. www.talentnow.com 11 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Q 4 A 4 What is your platform of choice? In order to run a talent community, you will need technology support. By platform we mean technology. Since, everything today is run online, whichever platform you use, ensure that it is simple to use for both of you. This is your chance of creating a good impression in the minds of your community members so select the best one. The platform that you select needs to be fully integrated with your career site and it can be accessed even on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. By career site integration, we mean your career site visitors should be able to easily see the talent community and opt to be a part of it through your career site. Q 5 A 5
  12. 12. Different Types of Talent Required to Build a Strong Candidate Talent Community www.talentnow.com 12 Recruit Smarter. Faster. In order to build a strong candidate talent community, recruiters need to send invitations to specific types of talents for allowing them access. Let us look at these talents that most recruiters would like to have in their community.
  13. 13. Talented candidates The regular application process is one of the key ways to encourage people to join your talent community. There may be certain candidates who impressed you a lot during the initial interview rounds but did not make the cut. Although, they were not extended with a job offer, they still impressed you a lot, which makes it important for you to stay in touch with them. Invite these individuals to your talent community by engaging and nurturing them for future openings. Employee and candidate referrals The power of an employee referral can never be undermined, especially, when it comes to building a successful talent community. It has been observed that the referred candidates stay for a very long time in the organization and are extremely successful in their tenure. employee and candidate referrals you can increase the visibility and interest in your talent community. Candidates screened through social media platforms Talent profiles that are maintained on social media networks like LinkedIn are frequently referred for open positions. While convincing the candidate to join the organization for a particular job opportunity, recruiters can ask them to join their talent community, even if they do not show interest in the current profile. University students In case, you participate in any type of on-campus recruiting events, do not forget to add high potential students to join your talent community. ATS legacy databases Certain ATS providers promote that they support talent communities, but, in fact, they are only maintaining basic resume and contact information of the candidate. There are still loads of individuals in the ATS database who can be extended an invitation to join your talent community. Past alumni You can send invitation to your company alumni to join your talent community. Do this by explaining the value of the community and ask them to refer other professional contacts who may be interested in working in your organization at any point of time. www.talentnow.com 13 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 1 4 5 6 2 3
  14. 14. www.talentnow.com 14 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Best practices to BUILD A TALENT COMMUNITY Some of the best talent communities have certain things in common. Let us look at some of the best practices that can optimize your talent network.
  15. 15. Create group rules and make it mandatory for all the members of the community to read them Once you have built a talent community, it is important to lay some ground rules for the entire group. Make it mandatory for the entire community to read them. Always be flexible and revisit the rules from time to time. There may be times when you abandon some rules and institute others to ensure that they are in the best interest of the entire community. Welcome every new member to the community Once of the basic ways to make a new member feel like an integral part of the talent community is by sending them a welcome post. If you know someone who is joining the community, but does not make the regular member criteria, introduce them with an introduction reasoning out their selection in the group. Tag every member of the community so that they can get the notification of the post. Chances are that the newly added members will respond with a thank you comment for letting them in the community which will encourage two-way communication. The existing members will also have the opportunity to interact with the newly added member. Create events within the group to encourage more people to join the community Although, you want as many people to join the event as possible, by allowing only group members to see the details of the events gives incentive for other people to join the community. Manage the group activities in a synchronized manner One of the basic rules for building a talent community is to have an admin to manage the group activities. Recruit a person who knows when to delete a post by messaging to the group explaining them the reasons. Also, the person should have proper understanding of the rules or the changes that can be incorporated in the near future like when to ask someone to edit post. The admin has to be someone who is quick in responding to the activities in the group. For example; if you don’t allow job postings in your community and yet someone posts it in the group and if it takes you a couple of days to delete it, members might take advantage of your leniency and spam the community with jobs. www.talentnow.com 15 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 1 2 3 4
  16. 16. TALENT POOL vs TALENT COMMUNITY: Which one is better to build an engaging employer brand www.talentnow.com 16 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Talent Pool is just a database of candidate resumes where as Talent Community is an online community of candidate which not only has a database of these candidates but also facilitates communication between then and the organization. The table below further explains the difference between the two.
  17. 17. www.talentnow.com 17 Recruit Smarter. Faster. TALENT POOL TALENT COMMUNITY A database of people with relevant information No conversation with the candidate The information collected gets outdated quickly so getting back to it has little to no relevance No impact on the employer brand No engagement whatsoever with the candidate Full of low quality and inaccurate data An online platform that allows members to share common interests It is based on the concept of shared conversation Provides up-to-date information that can be used to source talented candidates A high level of engagement with the community from an employer strengthens the employer brand Members become brand ambassadors of your organization by sharing their interests and showing appreciation towards your organization Full of high quality accurate data
  18. 18. A talent community holds an important role in creating a competitive advantage in the talent acquitision space. It assists in creating brand awareness, cultivate positive emotions and identify quality leads. Engagement is the key factor when it comes to building a great talent community and powerful employer brand. Although, it requires lots of time, commitment and resources, the end result helps to achieve strategic objectives that no other recruitment method can match. By building talent communities and involving the members, you will be able to attract lot of high quality candidates. www.talentnow.com 18 Recruit Smarter. Faster.
  19. 19. How to build a TALENT COMMUNITY: www.talentnow.com 19 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Every recruiting process needs a metric to measure the time and cost incurred while procuring a talented candidate. But the most important business metric that needs to be considered by recruiters is the top-line revenue. To understand this further, it is important to look at the stats related to time-to-hire. On an average, it takes approximately 43 days to fill an open job. This means that your open positions are empty for more than a month while you search for the right candidate through social media, job boards and talent pools. With each passing day, these empty seats are delaying revenue and growth. It has been estimated that for every empty seat, you are missing out on up to $ 2,000 in revenue each day. For organizations that have hundreds or thousands of vacant positions it means that they are delaying revenue growth in millions. Let us now look at some stats about cost-to-hire. According to a research conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management, an organization with more than 1,000 employees spends approximately $ 4,285 per hire. These organizations hire around 550 employees on a yearly basis, which means roughly $ 2.4 million is spent on recruiting. One way for organizations to save their time and money in the recruiting process is by building a talent community. Let us look at some basic steps of creating a great talent community. According to a research conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management, an organization with more than 1,000 employees spends approximately $ 4,285 per hire. These organizations hire around 550 employees on a yearly basis, which means roughly $ 2.4 million is spent on recruiting.
  20. 20. Build your exclusive personas Before getting started, develop the type of personas you want to target in your talent community. These personas are generalized characters which are fictional by nature that relate to the objectives, needs and the observed behaviors of your target audience. By building these exclusive personas, you can identify your core segments, understand the objectives of your target audience and create content that matches their need. It also means to concentrate your efforts on the most relevant channels, speaking the language of members in the community and establishing relationships. A good example for this is the talent community for military personnel - Military Connect. Their content concentrates on three different types of personas: people who are planning to leave the military, people in the transition phase from the military to civilian life and last but not the least veterans who have made the transition but have not found their dream jobs. Select the right platform There are two options available to you: Invest in a recruitment software and build a native community or create groups on social networking sites. While on third party websites, you can create groups on Linkedin and Facebook and start inviting users to join. If you are planning to use a third party website for creating your community, ensure that there are enough members of your target audience there and you can target them easily. www.talentnow.com 20 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 1 2
  21. 21. Share relevant content As mentioned in the earlier section, it is extremely critical for you to engage your group with relevant content about your organization or industry. You can do this by: Emailing your organizations news and milestones on top of the regular new job alerts that will keep your group interested in your community and they will keep coming back for more; Circulating interesting articles about trends affecting your industry; Encouraging the group members to discuss their opinions by sharing their thoughts; Posting a smart comment about an important industry trend can initiate out-of-the-box ideas and top-quality thinking about the topic at hand; Hosting contests to ensure maximum participation by the group members; Sending them a weekly or monthly update email with new product releases, interesting things that your employees did recently, job fairs or other job related events that your organization is hosting / attending; Encouraging the members to share the interesting posts on their social media networks; Ensuring that there is a regular communication with the group members so that they remain engaged with your community for a long time. Posting a smart comment about an important industry trend can initiate out-of-the-box ideas and top-quality thinking about the topic at hand www.talentnow.com 21 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 3
  22. 22. Review the talent at disposal After building a talent community, you cannot just sit on it and let it turn into the recruitment version of a slush pile. Periodically review the people in the community and see which one best fits for the latest positions in your organization. Once you see the right talent, send the job to the person through email and ask them to apply for the position. The right person will thank you for your time and effort to reach out to them. This will give you much better applications in return. Always make it a point to check on a regular basis if a person is qualified enough for your latest opening. www.talentnow.com 22 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 4
  23. 23. Different Types of TALENT COMMUNITIES www.talentnow.com 23 Recruit Smarter. Faster. When people hear about the term “Talent Community”they perceive it to be a group on a reputed social media networking site that is dedicated to the recruiting function of a particular organization. While branded communities are a part of the valuable engagement channel, there are two more talent community types that you should know about.
  24. 24. Branded Talent Communities It is an official talent community where people join to connect with your organization and learn more about the working environment. These talent communities encourage two-way interaction. They are primarily created to showcase the career and organizational culture. Some of the popular branded talent communities include: Intel jobs and Life at Amazon. The great thing about these talent communities is that members expressively opt in to receive communication from you about your organization and your open jobs. So, you can directly concentrate on developing content that is targeted towards the promotion of your culture and jobs. The negative aspect of these communities is that they consist primarily of those talents who are already aware of your organization. Hence, branded talent communities consist more of active candidates than passive candidates. Unbranded Talent Communities These talent communities are not company branded nor do they promote themselves as a recruiting channel. They consist of members who share common interests, but are not necessarily looking for a new job or looking for new recruiter contacts. These communities mostly target passive talent. These communities have a generic name that does not include the name of the organization or any mention of jobs. Some of the popular unbranded talent communities include: Developer Daily, SaaS Sales Professionals, and HCM Digest. www.talentnow.com 24 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 1 2
  25. 25. Internal Talent Communities IIf you are trying to build and engage talent communities for a specific target audience, then internal talent communities are a great option. The candidates who join these communities are mostly passive and employee-driven, which results in a higher response rate than recruiter-to-c andidate engagement. For example; if you want to recruit Java developers, connect with all Java developers that are currently working in your organization. You can also search for them through prevailing internal groups or run a keyword search on LinkedIn for people currently working in your organization. Contact them through Chatter, Yammer, Slack or email and ask them for any references. The best way to partner with the internal community is by providing them with relevant content and ask them to share it through social media networks. Assist them to connect with people in their network to share the content. Educate them on how to submit referrals and follow up with each and every one. Most of your employees will help to share the content and even partner with you in the identification and engagement process. www.talentnow.com 25 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 3
  26. 26. www.talentnow.com 26 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Benefits of building A TALENT COMMUNITY With the emergence of recruiting software and talent management platforms, it has become possible to build talent communities with ease. By including tracking capabilities across multiple social media networks along with job posting forums and recruiter platforms, talent management solutions assist organizations to keep an open line of communication and nurture top talent on a continual basis. Here are some of the benefits of building a Talent Community. Talent communities are a form of an inbound marketing for attracting candidates.
  27. 27. Promotes two-way communication with valuable insights With the help of a good talent community, you can engage top talent in two-way interaction. This way you can pitch both active and passive candidates. They can connect with your community and learn about your organization as a whole, corporate culture and experience your employer brand. The other great benefit of this is that once they are hired through a talent community, they will have adequate knowledge and insight about the culture and values of your organization. The more transparently you showcase these values in the community, the better your chances of getting the right fit candidate for your organization. Increased engagement levels Engaging passive candidates is one of the basic objectives of building a talent community. After bringing passive candidates in the talent community and engaging them with great content you give yourself an opportunity to convert them into active candidates.. Reach a wider spectrum of audience through referrals Talent community aids in expanding the reach of your organization through referrals. It enables community members to share your content and jobs with their relevant peers which assists in promoting the overall value of your organization. Thus, it makes you save thousands of dollars on recruitment costs. www.talentnow.com 27 Recruit Smarter. Faster. 1 2 3 The other great benefit of this is that once they are hired through a talent community, they will have adequate knowledge and insight about the culture and values of your organization.
  28. 28. www.talentnow.com 28 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Reasons Why TALENT COMMUNITIES FAIL? Although, there are lots of benefits of building a great talent community, there are only a few organizations who are able to execute their plans effectively while building their talent communities, while the rest end up failing. Let us look at some of the reasons that cause talent communities to fail. ...there are lots of benefits of building a great talent community...
  29. 29. Mistake #1 Only posting job descriptions This is one of the major reasons for the talent communities to fail. Your prime target audience, passive candidates, who registered on your talent communities did not come to see your job descriptions. They are looking for interesting information that can make them come again and again to the community. Post content related to interviews, careers, etc to make passive candidates come back to the community again and again. Mistake #2 Not segmenting your communication Most of the organizations fail in this department while sending community email campaigns by ignoring segmentation. Each candidate persona is different, so the email campaigns need to be according to the needs of the target audience. Sales people will be interested in different form of communication than women in the tech or veterans. Always take this into consideration while posting content for the talent community. Mistake #3 Not adding the applicants to your talent CRM Even though organizations have list of applicants from meet ups, career fairs, etc. they are not added to the talent CRM which makes the effort wasted. So, always add the applicants to your talent CRM before you start communicating with the members of the community. Mistake # 4 Not measuring the final outcome Organizations fail to measure the total candidates obtained through the talent community. This makes it difficult for them to quantify the ROI for their efforts. If you are not able to find out the number of candidates who opt into your talent community, total percentage of applicants, total visitors on the career site, number of people who converted to applicants and in what time, your talent community will be a wasted effort. Mistake # 5 Not making use of automated tools The organizations which are not able to use automated tools to optimize the time their HR team spends on building the community tend to fail in building a great community. Building a talent community is serious work and automation helps immensely. www.talentnow.com 29 Recruit Smarter. Faster.
  30. 30. www.talentnow.com 30 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Tips to Grow your TALENT COMMUNITIES in the Year 2018 Lots of organizations have tried building a great talent community, but they have not been successful in growing them after an extent. Follow these tips to grow your talent community exponentially in 2018.
  31. 31. Tip # 1 Add“Join our Community”button in every job description It has been estimated that only 11% candidates apply to your job while the rest 89% are passive by nature. This makes it appropriate to target the 89% asking them to join your community. If you have 500 job openings in your organization in a year and even if 5 people join your talent community from each job description, you will have a total of 2500 people in your community by the year end. This is not a small number considering you didn’t have to do anything to get these 2500 candidates. Tip # 2 Only ask for name and email for joining the talent community There are organizations that ask for lot of details to enroll in their talent community. These include address, phone number, resume, etc. What they don’t realize is that people are not going to fill in so much information just to join your community. Only ask for name and email address to improve your talent community conversion. For example; look at this sign up information fields to join the talent community at BMC. Tip # 3 Add“Can’t find what you’re looking for?”to your job search results page There are thousands of candidates that search on your company career site and come up with no results. The best thing that you can do is to include a link at the bottom of the search results by asking the people to join your talent community if they can’t find the“right opportunity”from the search. www.talentnow.com 31 Recruit Smarter. Faster. If you have 500 job openings in your organization in a year and even if 5 people join your talent community from each job description, you will have a total of 2500 people in your community by the year end.
  32. 32. Tip # 4 Place“Join our Talent Community”link on your career page Take a look at FirstEnergy career site and ensure that you also include your link to the talent community on the career page in a similar way. Keep the link in the“above-the-fold”content. There might be candidates who come to your career site and not scroll down. The best strategy is to capture their attention before they leave. Tip # 5 Even microsite pages should have a call to action link for joining the talent community If you have a microsite landing page specific to your departments or locations, include a talent community call to action link there. For example; SSM Health has a“join our talent network” hyperlink on their career hiring process page. www.talentnow.com 32 Recruit Smarter. Faster.
  33. 33. www.talentnow.com 33 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Building a talent community through video: An upcoming trend Video has taken content marketing to a new pinnacle. High quality video content has become the backbone of the digital media. According to a research conducted by i-impact Group Inc, a 60 second video has the same value as 1.8 million words. It is a bold statement which has been authenticated through multiple advertising campaigns. Google is one of the prime examples of taking full advantage of video. When you go to the career page of the premium search engine, with the help of a convincing video (which includes employee testimonials, exciting work projects and a glimpse of the unique benefits) you are sold the idea that Google is the place to work. By telling your ideas through videos you are giving yourself a chance of selling a compelling story which resonates with your organization. Videos work the best when you are selling a lifestyle, opportunities and your culture to a potential candidate. This feat cannot be accomplished with a 500 word job description. One of the best videos of Google’s employer branding archive is“interns first week”. This 5 minute video has been viewed 3.4 million times and shared 12,000 times and has resulted in 14,000 YouTube subscriptions.
  34. 34. The next time you plan to use video as a part of building your talent community follow these simple steps: www.talentnow.com 34 1 2 3 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Create a sharp and engaging video. The key is to tell a story that brings out emotions and makes your organization feel real. Share your video on your website, video channels and social media networks for maximum exposure. Amplify your video to new audiences through different paid media channels like in-banner videos, social promotion and programmatic video advertising.
  35. 35. CONCLUSION Talent communities have become the real game changers for social recruiters today. Not only do they provide a warm, inviting place to the recruiters to connect and communicate with the candidates, but also assist in sourcing high-quality candidates. But, there is a major difference between a talent community and career site. Career sites provide an entry for the candidates to know about your employer brand. They get to learn about the basics of the organization, apply to a job and get an opportunity to join your talent community. While your talent community is a platform that assists you to build relationships with community members, engage people to stay involved in your brand and share valuable content. Both career sites and talent communities are necessary for effective recruitment process in today’s time. Talent communities assist in driving traffic to other social media networks where candidates can interact. www.talentnow.com 35 Recruit Smarter. Faster.
  36. 36. To derive maximum value out of your talent community, it is important to implement the following three“Rs”: REDUCE www.talentnow.com 36 Recruit Smarter. Faster. Communicating with members of the community on a consistent basis can help you reduce your costs on advertising jobs. You cut the middle man by sharing the job opportunities directly with the candidates. The greater your relationship with high quality candidates in your community, the less you will be required to source from outside. This will in turn result in saving your time in finding candidates and thereby reducing the time to hire. Shorter time to hire will mean that you will have less vacancy costs. For candi- dates, it is an excellent opportunity to interact directly with the recruiters by clearing their doubts before applying for the job. REUSE With the help of talent communities, you can stay in touch with past candidates who were not hired, but can prove to a qualified talent now. Segment your community by geography, industry, career interest level and / or skill set and track the people who applied for a position earlier. Reach out to them and inquire whether they are interested in applying again. Building a community on the basis of segmentation will help you target specific demographics for ongoing opportunities. You will also be able to keep them in mind for future opportunities. RECYCLE There are candidates who do not get recruited in the first instance. But, by being a part of the talent community, you can engage them by providing quality content that goes beyond the regular job alerts. Try to include holiday postcards, invitations to job/career events, chats, meet-ups, etc. You want the candidate to be a part of the community in such a way that there is an everlasting relationship and not a one-time interaction. By using these three“Rs”, you can maximize the long term effectiveness of your talent community and grow your organization effectively.
  37. 37. Recruit Smarter. Faster. What is Talentnow? Talentnow is a technology leader in recruitment software domain and has helped several leading organizations seamlessly manage quality manpower recruitment. RecruitX is a SaaS based ATS product from Talentnow which is built exclusively for recruitment agencies and staffing companies. sales@talentnow.com 079 6712 6666www.talentnow.com