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How we received 59 biddings in one weekend

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This is a presentation about how we got 59 biddings in one weekend. In the follow-up I am going to show you how you can do the same.

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How we received 59 biddings in one weekend

  1. 1. How we received 59 biddings in one weekend (and how you can do the same)
  2. 2.  We did an open house at Freyjaplantsoen 98 in Almere  A nice maintained decent house  Owner wanted to sell the house on short term  She also needed advice about National Mortgage Gaurantee  A perfect math for my system  My system succeeds in attracting a lot of buyers in a short amount of time Open house
  3. 3.  No one in the Netherlands has more experience in mortgage debts than we do  That is why you see me sometimes on RTL 4 or TROS radar broadcasts  If they need a broker who sells quickly for market value  And has expertise about residual debt, they call me Open house
  4. 4.  We started the marketing and saw promising results  Statistics looked good, but attendace was even better  We received 59 biddings in one week  An hour and a half on Saturday and Sunday  When we were done we counted 59 bidding forms Marketing
  5. 5. If you put all the forms on a table it looks like this
  6. 6. We counted 47 biddings in Den Haag and 27 in Rijswijk
  7. 7.  I am not showing this to brag  I show this to open your eyes for the possibilities  59 Biddings is exceptional  In the same weekend we had three other open houses: 24 biddings, 19 biddings and 17 biddings  But with traditional brokerage the lowest outcome of 17 is nearly impossible The reason I show this
  8. 8.  In my next slideshow I will tell you how you can do the same  You will be surprised by the results if you do everything right Next up: the secret