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How To Use Social Data Analytics To Win At Everything

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Digital marketing is a complex sphere with lots of interconnected elements, often managed by different teams. Whatever parts of the digital marketing mix you’re responsible for, you can use social media data analytics to work smarter, this presentation explains how.

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How To Use Social Data Analytics To Win At Everything

  1. 1. How to use social media analytics to win at everything Roy Jacques, UK Managing Director, Sysomos @royjacq @sysomos
  2. 2. The digital marketing universe Digital SEO Content Influencer SEMMobile Email PPC
  3. 3. Hindsight Foresight Descriptive Diagnostic Predictive Preemptive Insight social intelligence continuum
  4. 4. See more, understand more
  5. 5. Content is
  6. 6. Understand your audience
  7. 7. What excites baking fans? Free stuff!
  8. 8. Content discovery
  9. 9. Content’s magic circle …great content… ...gets shared more... …which means more links… …so SEO improves… …driving more traffic to your…
  10. 10. Identify influencers
  11. 11. Fine tune sales strategy
  12. 12. Analyse multi channel ad performance – John Lewis
  13. 13. What is Topic Data? Sysomos Scout: Capture insights drawn from millions of posts, likes, comments, and shares across the entire Facebook network – all in a way that keeps personal information private. Topic Data is anonymous and aggregated content data about specific activities, events, brand names and other subjects that people are sharing on Facebook.
  14. 14. What you can see VS. what you can’t • Women vs. men mentioning a hashtag • Top links that people aged 20-30 share the most in the UK • Which cities mentioned a campaign the most • Search for all mentions of events, subjects, and activities (i.e. The Olympics, identify top topics) • Find individual user names • Reply to users directly • View photos or read private information of an individual user • Get information on minors (under 18) • View individual posts • Collect data from the past
  15. 15. ●17 5Ways to Tap Social Intelligence Understand not just what your audience is saying, but learn why they’re saying it and what they care about. Conduct real-time, ad hoc search of the entire social web, right now. Identify relevant moments and resonance of messages in real-time, as they’re happening. Learn the fabric of your communities, who is connected to whom, who wields true influence in the topics you care about, and what they have in common. Shape your content and social engagement strategy to mirror your customers’ needs. Guide your product and service strategy based on knowledge of your customers’ expressed needs, not guesswork and inference.
  16. 16. Thank You