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SlideShare culture

I gave this speech at a Prestashop board meeting in Stanford University and a second time for While42 San Francisco #3.

I speak about coding culture, interview process, Lean and Agile methods, how we handle outage and DevOps philosophy.

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SlideShare culture

  1. Culture @
  2. Whatabout me?•Operations Engineer @SlideShare since 2011•Fan of system automation•Living in San Francisco since 2009•@SylvainKalache on Twitter
  3. Plan: 1. What is SlideShare? 2. Development culture 3. Interview process 4. Lean culture 5. Outage management 6. DevOps philosophy
  4. What is ?
  5. SlideShare is the world’s largestcommunity for sharing documents
  6. 60 Millions unique visitors/month 3 BILLION slide views/monthTop 150 most visited website in the world
  7. 2 Locations•New Delhi •35 developers •3 Ops•San Francisco •5 developers •2 Ops
  8. Development
  9. Culture code•Simple code•Comments•Respect syntax
  10. Old code•Disable unused feature•Code refactoring
  11. Code review != blame•Educate developers•Consolidate knowledge for reviewers•Build a strong code culture•Long term win with solid code
  12. Pair programming For tricky task
  13. Interview
  14. Interview•We want fast learner•Solid coding bases•All employees participate
  15. Foosballis part of the interviewing process
  16. Lean/Agile
  17. Scrum every morning•No more than 2min/person•What we are working on•Ask for help•Take quick decision
  18. Continuous deployment•Deploy as often as possible•Easy and fast process•Measure impact of change•Can fix bug fast
  19. BuildDeployMeasure Learn
  20. Communicate over the world?•EOD email reports (end of day)•Weekly phone meeting•Code review between 2 offices
  21. Outage management or Validated Learning
  22. 5 Whys
  23. 5 Whys•Create by Sakachi Toyoda in Toyota factories•Tool to explore cause-effect•Goal is to find the root cause
  24. Outage management•Document the outage•Make sure it won’t happen again•Create fixing tasks
  25. DevOps
  26. DevOps•Ops and developers work together•Ops review developers code•Developers work on minor system task
  27. Automation •Infrastructure as code •Versioning •Secure •Easy and fast to scale
  28. Thanks !