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Growth Hacking for Startups

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Freelancer's VP of Growth gave a talk to INCUBATE about Growth Hacking and what that entails for their team.

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Growth Hacking for Startups

  1. GrowthWithData-ScienceWillix HalimVice President of Growth & Analytics You are hereFreelancer.comemail: willix@freelancer.comtwitter: @willixh
  2. This talk is compiled from posts by Andrew Chen, Mattan Griffel, Noah Kagan, Dave McClure,Matt Barrie as well as my own experience
  3. Hotmail There was HOTMAIL
  4. Hotmail Sabeer Bhatia & Jack Smith set up Hotmail on July 4, 1996
  5. Hotmail And so IT WAS BORN $300,000
  6. Hotmail But the initial growth was marginal • Billboards • Radio Ads • TV Ads
  7. Hotmail What about???
  8. Hotmail “PS:  I  love  you  .  Get  your   free e-mail  at  Hotmail”  at   the bottom of each-email
  9. Hotmail
  10. Hotmail 3,000 new users each day 6 months -> 1 million users
  11. 5 weeks later -> 2 million user mark
  12. Hotmail 1.5 years after launch, 12 million users ~$400,000,000 acq. *70 million internet users at the time
  13. Hotmail HOTMAIL is not OUTLIER!!!
  14. Viddy & Social Cam
  15. Growth Scale • 350m users in 6 years • 800m users in 8 years • 100m users in 45 days?!?
  16. Many More
  17. Growth Hacking!!! SO WHAT IS GROWTH HACKING???
  18. Growth Hacking!!! A Growth Hacker is a person whose true north is growth – Sean Ellis , Startup Marketing Blog Growth Hacker are a hybrid of marketer and coder – Andrew Chen Growth Hacker is the new VP of Marketing – Andrew Chen
  19. New VP of Marketing GROWTH HACKER IS THE NEW VP OF MARKETING Growth hackers are a hybrid of marketer and coder, one who looks  at  the  traditional  question  of  “How  do  I  get  customers  for   my  product”  and  answers  with  A/B  tests,  landing  pages,  viral   factor, email deliverability, and Open Graph. On top of this, they layer the discipline of direct marketing, with its emphasis on quantitative measurement, scenario modeling via spreadsheets, and a lot of database queries. If a startup is a pre- product/market fit, growth hackers can make sure virality is embedded at the core of a product. After product/market fit, they  can  help  run  up  the  score  on  what’s  already  working.
  20. AirBnb Growth Hacker Andrew wrote about AirBnb Growth Hacker Invented Airbnb “Post  to  Craiglist”  feature NO API!!!
  21. Matt’s  Quote GROWTH HACKING IS BLEEDING EDGE - Matt Barrie The  bleeding  edge  today  is  Growth  Hacking  &  Data  Science,  and  it’s  where   statistics, computer science and marketing meet. Growth hacking quintessentially looks for platforms that provide one to many relationships (one to millions), and develops smart ways to harness them quickly. Tech companies are literally hiring rocket scientists to exploit these channels and acquire customers quickly before they get crowded and the advantage fades as they get costly or restricted. I have a VP Growth, but no VP  Marketing.  The  HBR  calls  Data  Science  “The  Sexiest  Job  of  the  21st Century”
  22. Growth Hacking!!! Ok……And  Growth  Hacking  is??? =Virality =Landing Page Optimization At the end of the DAY, =SEO Engineering it is all about =Email Marketing =Customer Resurrection GROWTH =Customer Acquisition hence =Firehoses Integration =Behavioural Analysis THE =Competitor Analysis =Machine Learning Application REVENUE =Gamification =AdSales / Affiliate Program / etc =Funnel Optimization =A/B TEST =Data Analytics
  23. Freelancer.com Growth Team- Stanford Graduate And THAT is a Growth Team- 4 University Medalists- All HD Average - Product Development- 50% Phds - Data Science- Quantum Physicist - Fraud Detection- Mechatronics Engineers - Customer Experience- Software Engineers - Online Marketing- Machine Learning Expert- Mathematician & Statistician- Electrical/Electronic Engineers
  24. Growth Hacking!!! Some Growth Hacking Stuffs @ Freelancer.com!!! Covering 234 countries, regions and territories 7 Million Users
  25. Funnel Visualization Don’t  just  track  topline  and  bottom-line metrics!!! FUNNEL FUNNEL FUNNEL FUNNEL