Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck

Enterprise Digital Marketing Consultant at Salesforce em Salesforce
27 de Jul de 2017
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck
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Salesforce for Marketing Overview Deck

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  1. Talk Track: Hi Everyone, my name is ___________ and I’m a ___________ at Salesforce. Today I’d like to talk about Salesforce for Marketing. Technology has created new and exciting opportunities for marketers. It’s also brought with it new challenges. Today we’re going to explore how the modern marketer can solves today’s toughest challenges with the smartest CRM for 1-to-1 Customer Journeys.
  2. Talk Track We're thrilled with the success we've achieved together with our customers, partners, and success community. We're proud to be called “Innovator of the Decade” and humbled to be named one Fortune’s “Best Place to Work” eight years in a row. But what we're most proud of is how our customers are innovating – they're disrupting markets, transforming industries, developing new business models and much, much more. Together, we've built an amazing company and community that will contribute almost 400B in GDP impact and create 2M jobs by 2020. Key Message Our success is a reflection of our customers' success. We couldn't have achieved any of this without them. Customers don't just buy Salesforce. They join the Salesforce Ohana. Customers take our platform and make amazing things happen everyday – This is an opportunity to thank them again. Pro Tips Be humble!
  3. Key Takeaways: Salesforce is a Global CRM Leader 8 industry leading apps Talk Track: Salesforce is the global CRM leader with industry leadership across the Customer Success Platform both in terms of market share and customer success.
  4. Key Takeaways: Customer Trailblazers are supercharging success Companies of all sizes and industries are experiencing success with Salesforce Talk Track:
  5. Key Takeaways: Technology is creating opportunities for marketers Cloud, Mobile, Social, AI are the new world order Talk Track: Let’s first talk about how customer expectations have changed and why marketing continues to evolve. Just as Radio and TV provided new ways for marketers to broadcast their messages, and then email and the internet provided new ways to connect to customers digitally, today, there are four revolutionary advances in technology that are helping marketers create 1-to-1 journeys: cloud computing, mobile marketing, social media, and artificial intelligence. You can spin up campaigns in a matter of seconds at massive scale, you can engage with customers wherever they are, you can connect with customers in new ways through identify based social networks, and with AI, you can now automate and predict best content, time, and place for your marketing messages and campaigns. Customers now expect 1-to-1 experiences from the companies they do business with. Which means physical, digital, and even departmental lines are blurring. Customers don’t care if they’re opening an email, engaging with a product, or talking to a sales rep or service agent, they want experiences that are relevant and consistent. And companies agree. 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. It’s now ahead of price and product in terms of competitive differentiation. Customer Experiences is the new competitive battlefield. In the Age of the Customer, great marketing is about combining your products, your marketing, your sales, your service and your physical locations into amazing 1-to-1 journeys. Companies like Philips, Uber, fitbit and Amazon are leading the way.
  6. Key Takeaways: Marketers struggle to meet customer expectations Siloed data, siloed departments, and siloed channels are keeping customers away from companies Talk Track: But despite their intent, marketing struggles to deliver the experiences that customer expect. Marketers must search across disconnected data sources and departments to get a complete picture of the customer, and navigate disparate tools to execute multi-channel campaigns. And these issues are causing customers to think twice when engaging with customers. In fact, 77% of customers are not engaged with companies. So the question is, how do marketers connect their data, departments, and channels to deliver the 1-to-1 journeys and experiences that customers expect and grow their business?
  7. Key Takeaways: Salesforce for Marketing delivers the smartest CRM for 1-to-1 customer journeys. Talk Track: Salesforce for Marketing, unlike any other solution, is the Smartest CRM for 1-to-1 Customer Journeys. It’s a complete CRM for sales, service, marketing, and apps. Marketers can use journey mapping and real-time marketing to build 1-to-1 journeys across the entire customer lifecycle from awareness and acquisition to retention and advocacy. Connect with customers on every channel and any device including email, mobile apps and messaging, social media, ads, websites, IoT, in-store, sales and service reps, and communities. Make your marketing teams faster, smarter, and more productive with integrated data, tools, and ecosystem. And because Salesforce for Marketing is built on the Customer Success Platform you can trust that your customer data is secure, scalable, and available 100% of the time. The Smartest CRM for 1-to-1 Customer Journeys. That’s Salesforce for Marketing.
  8. Key Takeaways: Salesforce for Marketing helps build 1-to-1 customer journeys across the entire lifecycle. Talk Track: At the center of Salesforce for Marketing is the Customer Success Platform which includes: sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, commerce cloud, community cloud, analysts cloud, app cloud and IoT. We help marketers manage every stage of the customer journey, from awareness and acquisition to engagement and on-boarding to retention and advocacy. We do this by giving marketers the tools they need to manage advertising, sales reps, digital commerce, email and mobile messaging, mobile apps, connected products, social media, communities and support agents.
  9. Key Takeaways; Smarter targeting to drive awareness and acquisition Talk Track: Capital One, a top 10 US bank, and a company that is the same age as Amazon, has always been innovative with their digital strategy and marketing. They were founded as the Internet was beginning to take off with consumers and have always had a deep analytical and data-first approach to their initiatives and that includes new customer awareness and acquisition. They know that the best way to find your next great small business customers is starting with what you know about your best small business customers today. So Capital one created seed audiences of their best customers in Marketing Cloud and securely synced these to the biggest digital advertising channels like Facebook and Google. Combining what they know with the rich data of channels like Facebook, they were able to create loo Capital One: Journey Builder, Mobile, Ads, Sales Cloud How Capital One gets new customers: Targeting & reach Small business is the US Engine of Growth, contributing to 42% of non-agricultural GDP and 50% of total US employment. SMBs also make up 99.7% of all US enterprises! Capital One realized this was a huge opportunity for their market and knew they had to target this massive group of people the smart way to better find, understand, and target audiences and get the most out of their marketing dollars. - the answer was using first-party CRM data combined with identity-based advertising networks - target known audiences - expand reach with lookalike audiences
  10. Key Takeaways: Only Salesforce delivers true sales and marketing alignment with marketing automation and CRM unified on a single platform. Salesforce makes marketers and sales reps more successful by delivering the capabilities they need to engage prospects in personalized ways throughout the buying cycle. Talk Track: Pardot and Salesforce work seamlessly to create a strong partnership between marketing and sales. Customers use our solutions to fill their pipeline with more high quality leads, to improve engagement with prospects and customers pre and post sales, and to accurately measure results in real-time. We help customers drive a higher volume of high quality leads through the top of the funnel. We make it simple to capture customer information at the point of engagement, segment your customers based on what you know about them, optimize your content for your audience, and deliver the most relevant content to the target buyer. We can grade and score your customers based on how they interact with your content, and deliver them to sales at the exact moment in the selling cycle when they are most likely to buy. And finally, if you are managing your customer lifecycle in Salesforce from lead generation to closed-won deal, you will be able understand the impact of every marketing dollar spent. Never before have sales and marketing been able to work so closely to get deals closed! Together, those teams will drive more revenue than ever before! About Stanley Black and Decker $11B manufacturer of tools and storage solutions You’ve surely seen their tools at Home Depot or have maybe used them for some projects in your home. But Stanley B&D is not just a provider of tools to consumers. They also have a B2B division that does 2 things: 1) sells tools and storage solutions to commercial businesses and 2) sells franchises so individuals can set up their own businesses selling Stanley B&D products. Business Challenges: With a diverse set of customers and solutions, Stanley needed: A way to understand each prospective customer – what they care about, what problems they’re trying to solve, where they are in the sales cycle A way to use that insight to tailor the marketing content and messages each prospect receives to their specific needs and interests And importantly, a way to know when a lead is sales-ready so they can pass it to the right sales rep at the right time The Pardot Solution Stanley B&D chose Pardot because it was both intuitive to use and would allow their marketing team to get up to speed quickly, and offered a depth of functionality that would allow them to run their entire B2B business on the platform. They use Pardot segmentation rules to group prospects by interest and stage Each prospect is added to a nurture program tailored to their interests And because they’re measuring all prospect activities and interactions (website visits, page views, email clicks and opens, etc.) they know when a prospect is engaged enough to be “sales ready” and they pass leads to sales only at that time. That allows their sales reps, a valuable resource, to focus on the most qualified leads that have the highest chance of turning into sales. Results: Reduced the sales cycle for industrial storage and automotive by 30% in the first year of Pardot implementation, and another 25% in 2nd year Majority of leads (60%) determined not to be sales-ready so sent to nurture instead. Only passed when they score high enough. Allows sales to focus on the leads they can close.
  11. Key Takeaways Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the #1 enterprise commerce cloud platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers retailers to unify the shopping experience for customers across all channels - web, mobile, social, and in-store - and deliver a 1-to-1 experience to the customer anywhere, and anytime. Talk Track: Digital empowers retailers to transform the digital consumer experience across all digital channels including web, in-store, mobile and social. Digital provides a rich set of capabilities – including marketing, merchandising, content, promotions, customer service, fulfillment and predictive intelligence —built to engage and convert shoppers across every digital channel. An open development environment enables retailers to easily customize or extend commerce anywhere, from buy buttons and branded mobile applications to in-store endless aisle and clienteling applications. Convenient shopping options, including reserve, buy, pay, fulfill and service anywhere are easily enabled with the Digital solution. Store delivers point-of-sale and store operations capabilities enabling retailers to execute real-time transactions and manage in-store operations. With our Store solution retailers can perform transactions, sales, returns and exchanges without fear of losing connectivity because our resiliency capability means the POS is still running even in the event of a lost connection. Commerce Cloud Store is seamlessly upgraded multiple times per year, delivering a steady stream of innovation without disrupting day-to-day retail operations. Predictive intelligence driven personalization is part of the Commerce Cloud, allowing retailers to weave personalization into the fabric of the unified commerce experience through predictive recommendations on the Web and email. The Retail Practice team provides strategic and tactical guidance post-launch, helping to drive shopper engagement and conversion. The Customer Success team monitors client deployments and identifies ways to improve day-to-day business operations. Furthermore, beyond these services, retailers can expect top-caliber technical and operational support. Salesforce users are part of a large community of peers they can turn for the ideas, insights and inspiration to help them keep up with consumer expectations and ahead of the competition. Since every client and every partner works with the same version of the software – the current version – the community shares actionable insights that are useful to others. All of this helps leading brands like Adidas, Carter’s and L’Oreal deliver an engaging, personalized shopping experience for their customers.
  12. Key Takeaways; Salesforce is a leader in email Salesforce allows customers to execute intelligent campaigns faster, across any device, at massive scale Talk Track: Salesforce is the leader in email, delivering over 370 billion messages a year. The platform is sophisticated enough to execute highly personalized campaigns at massive scale, for the largest B2C marketers in the world, while being intuitive enough for every marketers to create personalized campaigns, using predictive and dynamic content blocks for effective emails, all without the need to code. We make the simple thing simple and the complex things possible.
  13. Key Takeaways: Mobile Marketing delivers a unique touch point with your customers and complements other channels like email, web and social Delivers time-sensitive messages such as reminders and alerts keeping your brand top of mind Drive app engagement to keep customers coming back Targets customers with location based marketing to surprise and delight Talk Track: Salesforce powers mobile marketing to reach customers wherever they are on the world’s most unified device. Connecting the physical and digital worlds with SMS/MMS, push notifications, and group messaging to ensure your brand is always top of mind. Delivering real-time alerts using personalized data stored on the customer success platform to have a single view of the customer. Bottom line is, mobile marketing is the closest customer touch point to have 100% reach.
  14. Key Takeaways; Salesforce is the leading platform for building engaging customer applications. Salesforce empowers developers to rapidly release and iterate on rich customer engagement via web and mobile applications that are tightly connected to their systems of record. Talk Track: Salesforce is the leading cloud application platform, and is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrants for application PaaS and Mobile Application Development Platforms. With Salesforce, customers can build rich, engaging experiences that are delivered as mobile and web apps, unlocking customer value and empowering direct and personal experiences that bring customers back again and again.
  15. Key Takeaways: Make Marketers faster and more product with employee apps like Quip, Chatter, AppExchange,, Salesforce1 Mobile App, and the Marketing Cloud Mobile App. Talk Track: Dunkin’ Brands has earned the No. 1 ranking for customer loyalty in its category for nine years running, and it’s out to make the guest experience even better. Technology has transformed the way Dunkin’s customers interact with it, and the marketing team knows that customer expectations are higher than ever. The team at Dunkin’ knew that improving the customer experience needed to start internally. Dunkin' began by building an internal franchise approval process on Salesforce and has grown into multiple other applications built on the Customer Success Platform, including apps for their media buying team and legal team. Plus, Dunkin’ has transformed the process for someone signing up as a franchise owner. The application
  16. Key Takeaways; Data from connected products can enhance customer experience Salesforce is uniquely positioned at the intersection of devices and customers Our mission is to make complicated IoT processes easy and accessible to marketers Talk Track:
  17. Key Takeaways: Listen, analyze, publish, and engage with your customers on social media. Single platform to manage all social interactions and natively connected to the Salesforce platform for marketing, sales and service. Mobile app to manage campaigns on the go. Over 1500 customers use Social Studio. Talk Track: Companies such as Nestle Waters use Salesforce Social Studio to manage their global social campaigns and presence. Social studio offers: Social Listening Analyze social conversations from millions of different sources with social media monitoring software. Discover what customers are saying about their brand, products, and competitors. Social Publishing Plan, schedule, publish and promote social posts across multiple accounts and networks. Create and approve content, route for approval, and publish relevant messages at the right moment. Social Engagement Respond to social posts, connect with prospects and customers, and measure social activity. Customers use workflow and social automation to drive efficiency. Marketing Command Center Create company wide awareness around customer experience, brand and campaigns with multiscreen displays of customer feedback, social conversations, and digital marketing activity. Customers choose Social Studio because: Adoption Focus: Drive enterprise wide adoption with a complete suite that is easy to deploy, easy to use, and mobile first Connected: Extend social with native Salesforce social features and integration to third party apps. Efficient: Leverage automation and intelligence to maximize the people investment in social Secure: Trust an enterprise solution from the leading cloud platform to manage social accounts. Nestle Waters: Nestle uses Social Studio globally to manage millions of social interactions across 100s of brands in dozens of companies. Nestle Waters uses social studio to manage their content marketing efforts, drive traffic and leads to their ecommerce business and create amazing customer experiences through social engagement. They also have a Command Center that tracks their brands, customer interactions and campaigns. They use this Command Center to create alignment across their teams and collaborate with their retail partners on campaigns,
  18. Key Takeaways: Build and launch a mobile engagement hub in days. Create a community of action by intelligently guiding customers to the experts, articles, and support they need to increase customer satisfaction. Develop advocates by highlighting and rewarding your most active members. Personalize content, products, and services to improve retention. Talk Track: Communities have become a business differentiator and one of the most important channels for marketers. Companies like Sea Ray recognize that connecting their system of record to system of engagement to provide customers with an immersive experience with their products and brand is key to improving customer satisfaction and retention. Community Cloud helps marketers meet today’s customer expectations, by: Providing stellar service. Intelligently guide customers to the experts, articles, and support they need to increase customer satisfaction. Developing advocates. Recognize and reward you most valuable members with customizable badges and leaderboards. Increase retention. Deliver personalized content, products, and services in a visually stunning, branded environment. Marketers must be able to do all this from any device to keep pace with today’s mobile customers. When done effectively, businesses can drive engagement and increased sales from their current customer base.
  19. Key Takeaways: The lines are blurring between marketing, sales and service. To be competitive in today’s world, you have to be able to build seamless customer experiences, across every touchpoint with your brand. With the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, you have the power to easily connect experiences across Marketing, Sales, Service and beyond.   Talk Track:
Service has been referred to as the new marketing. By breaking down the silos and driving customer success journeys, you have the ability to differentiate your brand, increasing customer satisfaction, and developing customer advocates. Customer satisfaction — historically, the domain of service teams — is the number one success metric for marketers today. This is further evidence of the blurring lines between marketing, customer service, and sales. Marketing is more about building and sustaining customer relationships than merely lling the funnel. Personalize every interaction with real-time knowledge of each customer. Cultivate 1-to-1 relationships at scale and provide seamless experiences. Monitor customer activity throughout the lifecycle and automatically respond with highly customized communications based on each customer’s history, preferences, location and actions and phase in the lifecycle. American Express Story: Focus on the customer and be a customer centric company.

Today, American Express is transforming service for the Digital Age, with Salesforce as a key partner. “American Express wants to take service into the 21st century by redefining what it means,” said Susan Sobbott, president of Global Corporate Payments. “The way we redefine it is by being so real time and so in the know, that we can actually anticipate what customers need.” For the Digital Age, that means using data to help customers solve problems and make key business decisions. “The power for us is the information we have, the trust we have with our customers, and our employees’ ability to deliver on that,” said Greg Keeley, EVP of Global Corporate Payments. “Salesforce enables us to connect these dots.”
  20. Key Takeaways: Salesforce for Marketing delivers a wide spectrum of integrated data and tools for marketing Talk Track:
  21. Key Takeaways: Gartner says that 89% of companies plan to compete on customer experience. This means that companies can no longer be delivering siloed customer interactions. Brands need to make sure they’re delivering seamless customer experiences across channels and across areas of their business. They need to ensure the customer is receiving relevant, personalized experiences, whether they’re opening an email, seeing an ad or on the phone with a customer service representative. Adopting a customer journey mentality is the way to do this. And Journey Builder from Salesforce is the platform to deliver these experiences. Talk Track: There are four key components to delivering relevant, personalized customer journeys. First, we need to put the customer at the center of everything we’re doing by listening to what they’re telling us by their behavior. Journey Builder listens for key customer events - like abandoned carts, form completes, purchases, and channel engagement - and then allows the marketer to react in real-time. The second piece is connecting the experience. With Journey Builder, marketers can present customers the information they need in the channel they prefer. They can connect the experiences across email, Web, ad and mobile. In addition, with natively integrated Sales and Service Cloud activities, brands can incorporate interactions across their business into the journey. For example, brands can listen for a case being closed in the Service Cloud and send a follow-up survey. If the response to the survey is negative, Journey Builder can automatically re-open the case, so the customer receives a follow-up phone call. Listening to how customers are interacting with your brand and offering these connected experiences across channels is the ideal state - and it needs to be done at massive scale, for every single customer. With Journey Builder, brands create these interactions and then the platform does the heavy lifting. Marketers are able to react to customer engagement or lack of engagement, test to see which channels perform the best and route customers down different paths in the journey based on their data - automatically. The last piece is analysis. Marketers must constantly be assessing what is working and then have the ability to change their strategy to meet customer needs. Journey Builder allows marketers to set a goal and monitor how customers are progressing toward that goal and also see in-line engagement metrics to understand what channels and content are performing best. Berkshire Hathaway Story •Use Marketing cloud to recruit and onboard third-party sales reps •When a potential sales reps visits the website and signs up to learn more, Journey Builder triggers an email outlining various Berkshire Hathaway benefits •Once they sign up to sell Berkshire Hathaway products, onboarding kicks in with by keeping the reps up with new products and training Sales Process Simplify •Onboarding 14k Agents through automation series •FOR ONBOARDING, WE SEE A 300-400% IMPROVEMENT Company Profile A while back we realized something. Somewhere between the carbon copy and the fax machine, travel insurance had given up. It stopped looking for new ways to make giving and getting help easier. Worse, it forgot that helping people is what travel insurance is all about. Confusion and inconvenience are no ways to make a buck. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is different. Our proactive claims processing is revolutionary in the industry. And we’re determined to give travelers the coverage they need in simpler and smarter ways than ever before. We can’t ignore how technology and travel have changed each other. Why would we want to? Together, they make the world a bigger place. Use Case Employee recruiting and onboarding: Berkshire Hathaway uses Journey Builder to: recruit sales reps as soon as they show interest, onboard them to get them up and running as soon as possible and engage them to stay top of mind. When a potential sales reps visits the website and signs up to learn more, Journey Builder triggers an email outlining various Berkshire Hathaway benefits. When the recruit interacts with the email, a Sales Cloud opportunity is opened and the individual receives a personal phone call from Berkshire Hathaway to discuss the benefits of selling their products. Once the sale reps joins the team, the onboarding process begins. Because these reps sell many different products, Berkshire Hathaway stays top of mind by sending regular emails and SMS messages about new products and training opportunities. Berkshire Hathaway also continues to stay engaged with new hires, by sending status updates, on what they are accomplishing and how well they are performing against their goals Sales Process: This was an entirely manual process. The Sales Cloud integration with Marketing Cloud allows them to automate this process by pulling records from Sales Cloud and putting them into journey’s using Marketing. BHTP has contact data for 1500-2000 individuals; they set up journey’s to break up the contact records into 10% increments so reps don't get hit by everyone responding at once. The biggest impact is efficiency, and that helps them and their customers. They are saving months of phone calls for our sales team. Unfortunately, insurance gets complicated. They try and eliminate the complexities, but getting an agent registered and licensed to sell insurance took us time and lots of manpower. With the automation series FOR ONBOARDING, WE SEE A 300-400% IMPROVEMENT….the amount of agencies that our entire sales team can do in one entire week. There are roughly 14K travel agents in just the United States. They would never be able to call upon all those in one year. And those are never a one-touch call resolution. It requires several calls and exchanges of emails to get all the information collected before they can start selling. What they demonstrated using Journey Builder, DocuSign, and Salesforce will save over 2-3 months of effort for our sales-team. Signing on hundreds of agents at one time. “With Salesforce, we are connecting sales, service and marketing interactions to create a cohesive and differentiated experience for each customer, based on how they're interacting with the brand,” Brad Rutta, VP of Marketing. Results Berkshire Hathaway is taking sales reps on a journey that connects human resources, sales and marketing. Berkshire Hathaway is not only increasing its number of sales reps, but also taking these employee down a journey to build a long-term, successful relationship.
  22. Key Takeaways: Trust is our number one value All customers benefit from a shared investment in speed, security and reliability We are enterprise grade Talk Track: We are the worlds most trusted enterprise cloud focused on these five elements of trust. Trusted security, availability, performance, a global presence and enterprise compliance. We’ve seen just staggering growth rates as customers continue to succeed using our platform. Look at some of these numbers: 79% increase in transactions and now consistently averaging over 3.5B transactions a day across a growing, global presence of data centers. This is the technology model we have strived for, and is the foundation of our new Business model, a business model focused on one thing, your success.