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Swan powerpoint

  1. Quality Family and Cosmetic Dentistry To keep your smile healthy and bright
  2. Meet the team Our Dentists Richard Bannister Henry Donaldson BDS MSc BDS
  3. Emma Megginson Practice Manager Gill Kenyon Receptionist/Dental Assistant
  4. Shirley Spink Dental Hygienist/Therapist Kerry Barnett Lead Dental Assistant
  5. Lydia Gall Dental Assistant Carole Jones Dental Assistant
  6. Ask us about our DVD glasses now available for those longer appointments
  7. Help! My tooth is broken......what can I do?
  8. We can restore most broken teeth with a white filling or an onlay If there is a large break, the tooth may need a crown
  9. White fillings Great aesthetics Mercury free Bond to teeth
  10. Crowns Improve the strength and appearance of teeth
  11. My teeth are discoloured..... what can I do?
  12. Home Tooth Whitening True Laser Whitening Internal Whitening
  13. Home Tooth Whitening Custom made trays
  14. Special whitening gel formulation Superb results in 3-4 weeks Can top up in future
  15. True Laser Whitening With our Picasso Laser Unit Achieve great results in one session
  16. Internal Tooth Whitening Great results for single darkened teeth after root canal treatment From this..... ....To this
  17. Ask us about our DVD glasses now available for those longer appointments
  18. My teeth are crooked.... What can I do?
  19. Before After
  20. Before After
  21. Before After
  22. Before After
  23. Before After
  24. With advances in alignment, bleaching and bonding, you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost of traditional veneers whilst preserving healthy tooth tissue
  25. My fillings are old and silver.... What can I do?
  26. Old silver fillings can easily be replaced with modern, beautiful alternatives White composite restorations
  27. Beautiful, longlasting porcelain crowns or onlays
  28. Ask us about our DVD glasses now available for those longer appointments
  29. I have missing teeth.... What can I do?
  30.  Partial denture  Bridge  Implants
  31. Strong Highly Aesthetic Metal Free
  32. Traditional Chrome Dentures
  33. Traditional Chrome Dentures Strong Long Lasting Aesthetic
  34. Acrylic Full Dentures
  35. Beautiful Lightweight Strong
  36. Minimally Invasive Resin Bonded Bridges Beautiful Conservative
  37. All porcelain bridges Beautiful Exceptionally strong Long lasting
  38. Implants
  39. Implants can replace: Single teeth
  40. Several teeth
  41. Edentulous (no) teeth
  42. Snoring problem?
  43. We can help with a custom made anti-snoring device
  44. Ask us about our DVD glasses now available for those longer appointments
  45. When I chose Invisalign I was unsure of what to expect I found the whole experience straightforward and easygoing Now I’ve got my smile and my confidence back!!
  46. After years of dental dramas and disasters I thought my situation was beyond hope Now I have beautiful teeth, my confidence is restored and I can smile again. Thank you so much!
  47. Thank you for the new bridges to disguise my gaps. I wish I'd had them done before my wedding photos were taken! I don't need to do a 'narrow' smile anymore.
  48. For years I was too embarrassed to smile because of my teeth. Now I have my smile and my confidence back! Thank you very much!
  49. Please ask any member of our team for further information